Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Earth Wind, and Fire"

I've been walking through the wreckage of southern Brooklyn. It's not far from my digs. One I get how blessed I am living on high ground, and how fragile our city is.  People have lost 'everything' I mean just that, ...Everything.

That, and some still don't have power. Especially out on the Island. Today is very cold rainy, and snowy. This is nuts.

There's talk of building a great dike at the Verrazano Narrows. Right in front of the bridge I guess. It'd be similar to the one at the mouth of the Thames in the U.K. It's going to be needed. Storms like Sandy are going to be a regular occurrence in our neck of the woods from now on it seems.

Even the Governor sez we're having a "Storm of the Century" every year to 18 months now. That, and how the cities of the Northeast are infrastructures of 19th, and 20th century design that just can't take the new climate, and they 'have' to be re-built.

Good news for construction outfits, and workers so at least that's something.

Anyway I'm just meditating on how the world is changing, and our slow reaction to that. The Antarctic ice sheet break-ups were big a warning. The sever storms of this century were more warnings. The great heatwaves, and droughts. What more does Nature have to do get get our attention?

Friday, November 16, 2012

"...these little worlds I love"

"...as time goes by"

Recently as the storms rampaged through the Emerald City. I had nothing to do, but wait. Wait till the waters receded, and the winds subsided. To past these days I took pictures of a four inch Barbie Christmas figurine.

I was in bed she was on the night table, and the rest just happened. I mixed her with various pages from picture book, and here she is. I love little worlds. The lands of the tiny. Maybe it's because I wanted to make safe places.

Small strange interesting, but safe places.

"...small joys"

"Real, and Imagined"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Slippery When Wet"

The Emerald City’s Lord Mayor Daddy Warbucks declared all subway rides free for the duration of the Apocalypse. …oops, check that. Free for three days then a fare increase. He really did this. Oh, and wasn’t the Marathon fun?!

Btw this is our first day back in our building. The East River invaded to the second floor. Our gleeful radio station wbai.org is still digging out of the mud. We're putting new  lines to the transmitter at the Empire State Building up. Takes time this sort’a thing. Still it’s good to be back in our familiar digs again.

All of Wall street, and the general lower Manhattan area is a wreck. Everything covered in grime, mud, and that mysterious stuff from the bottom of the river. Comrades we were actually under water for a time around here.

The surge plus tide put the neighborhood under 20 feet of toxic semi-sentient water. It took out the lower levels of all the iconic skyscrapers in the area. 

Splattered piles of trash most buildings still dark because of salt water in the vitals. There’s giant light, and heat generators parked everywhere. It was near freezing, and below in parts of town these few daze. This after a sudden warm up to about 70f which let loose a wildfire of mold, and other fun stuff.

The whole shebang stinks of rot.

Truly this reminds me of the awful smell after 9/11. A frightful mixture of burnt plastic, and rotten meat. It lasted till spring as I imagine this will as well.

Speaking of which the consensus of the proles is that this was worse than 9/11, and will last much longer. I have to agree. Thank the G-ddess not nearly the body count because of the storm warnings. Also the memory of Katrina helped many not do anything too stupid.
However it was still a Giant Muth’a Bleeper that kicked the living crap out of this town!

As for myself I’m fine. 

Compared with what happened to hundreds of thousands I came off with hardly a scratch. Just lost power for a time. It’d go intermittent then off for a time. It stabilized after a few days. Also I live on one of the few hills in the area so no real flooding. The drinking water stayed good in my area, and just a quarter of the trees down.

That, and rats.

Yeah nobody thought about that one. The damned City was sinking, and guess what these little bastards do when that happens. Yeah they made for the dry high ground. So now we all have new pets.

 Yes Obama will get the second part of his eight years. 


He ain’t the guy I thought he was, but he beats the conga line of nut jobs that tried for the job this time ‘round.
Hell he might even earn that “Peace Prize” he was prematurely awarded a few years back.
We’ll see.

Also as I posted about a year or so ago. The American Culture Wars are actually over. The Nazi end of it is rapidly aging away. The Demographic equation of our swell land of da free has tipped.
It’s been tipping for decades like global warming, and like global warming there’s now no going back. The angry old white guy vote is now outnumbered by everybody else. Women young folks the educated, and what we used to call racial minorities.

Here’s a fun fact. In the year of our G-ddess 2012 more non-white babies were born in the U.S.of A. than white ones. So if was any doubt about the viability of the old Southern Strategy, using fear/hate of the un-white the un-straight the un-male etc., etc., to get elected that clinched it.

That evil 20th century Nixon designed plan is now as dead as a bag of rusty nails in a grave yard on a cold night during a grave diggers strike.  The Republican leadership, with the exception of Karl Rove knows it.

Using code words for Nigger Bitch Spic Fag etc. to get elected is not operative on the National political scene anymore. Two Presidential losses by those extremists  who used them prove this.

To get the White House back the right wing has to find a reactionary Black Latino Lesbian Sioux Rhodes Scholar Trans-sexual that likes to off shore jobs is against education infrastructure new energy has secret Swiss bank accounts, and wants to start wars w/Iran Russia, and New Zealand.

Find this person, and they might have a slim chance.

Well a chance if everybody that’s going to vote first drinks a gallon of LSD tokes up on that legal pot from out west, and is hypnotized by multilayer political ads. With all that, and bribes of a million bucks each, in gold,..yeah they ‘might’ have a very slim chance.

More later I'm having an attack of the vapors at the moment.