Sunday, June 30, 2013

"It's a Day for Faeries"

"Mother Nature’s Sons"

I could never understand why the sight of boys kissing puts fright into so many. I remember the first time I saw two teen lads kissing. I was 16, and wandering around Central Park.

There was a gleefully confused Anti-War gathering/Be-In going on. Mind you I wasn't a full fledged Hippie at the time. I couldn't afford the costumes, drugs, communes or upper middle class background that supported all that. 

Class resentments aside.

I drifted onto the Sheep Meadow, and saw several high school boys laying on the grass kissing. I tried to be hip, and pretend this was no big deal. After all this was 1966!

Gimme a break! That sort of thing can 'still' get you bashed or worse. Still the sight of it made my heart flutter. There they were peacefully embracing in Manhattan's green oasis. 

In the shadow of urban mayhem Mother Nature's embarrassing step children were at play in the fields of the Lord.

My passionate desire was to be able to do the same with my high school heart throb,..."X".  

Nice that, "X", sort of what a sweet 19th century Vermont lady would call a lover in the novel she was secretly writing.

Btw I once wrote an "R" rated story about that fumbling, and intermittent affair. One day before I kick the bucket I mean to make a little video about it.  I plan to use dolls, and puppets. 

Anyhow seeing happy perverts going at it is where so much of the murderous rage of the bashers, and haters comes from. 

The sight or even the thought that this is going on fills them with killing rage, and for some secret desire. Life love desire hate rage quite a stew.

I think this is at the core of what makes bullies drive Queer youngsters to their deaths This is the engine that drives the wicked, and cruel to do their evil work.

Just the thought of such a simple tender scene drives these wounded angry souls to madness.

Fear is the true root of all evils.

More later.


"Yes I play with Dolls"

"Fag City"

"Queer Town U.S.A!!!"

Wow the Emerald City is crawling with QUEERS! You can't throw a lemon lime cream pie without hitting one in the butt. Everywhere I look there's buff guys, and hot Dames!

I was on the local coming into the studios today when this kid comes on wearing Angel wings, and almost nothing else. What do you say to a naked Angel?

Beside that interesting vision there's gleeful Queers of every variety walking, and fluttering up, and down the streets, and avenues. I was thinking how sweet it is to be amongst one's own sort.

So often I have the feeling of as scripture puts it of being, " the presence of mine enemies."

Queers are bashed, and killed all the time. That, and who knows how many more Queer kids, and teens will die at their own hand or the hands of their tormentors.

A Queer 12 year old just took his life. The note he left said, "...I can't live in a world that accepts me only one day a year."

 " the presence.."

However on that "one day" we can at least see who we are. The masks are off. Yes "our sort" are always around in the same numbers, but on this special weekend the disguises are left at home. 

Interesting what would the streets be like if 'everyone' of all orientations, and interests secular sacred or profane dressed as they really were?

Imagine that for a moment.

I mean beside the huge "Star Trek" uniform contingents things would look interesting indeed.

I'd mostly wear cowboy/Civil War uniform drag. That's when I wasn't done up as a Nun or Geisha. Just think of it folks feeling free to explore all their pent up visions. Yeah it would make the commute much more interesting.

Bless that Angel boy,...who somewhat looked like a lad I had a crush on back millions of centuries ago in high school. Bless all the Fags, Dykes Queers Straight-gays, and assorted weirdos as they take to the streets to celebrate 45 years of fighting back!

Also bless that Tribe that loves Boys.

There's swell Sufi scripture that celebrates that.

Stay Tuned,

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Christian Right View"

"Art of Jon McNaughton"

"Blessed are they who have not Seen, but Believe,...kinda"

 The following are posts I entered onto Jon McNaughton's blog. Jon is a Conservative Christian artist. He does classical realist works on the politics of our times. He don't like Obama big time! Anyway I like his stuff  it has Heart albeit from a view that drives me nuts it's truly a surreal romp through the Culture Wars.

Check out his site:

(The below is in response to Jon saying he's inspired to do a painting about the Supreme Court's decision on Queer Marriage rights. As you can imagine this decision has profoundly freaked out the Christian Right.) 

"So what's wrong with folks loving, and marrying? As far as I know your Lord never said anything about Homosexuals. As for Leviticus it also said you could kill your wife, and kids if they disobeyed you,...your slaves too. So it isn’t about religion. Some just don't like these gay folks is all. I guess they never will. Despite my heresy I actually like, am moved by your art. It shows the humanity of the conservative Christian point of view. It's spokesmen fail at that terribly."

"In my life I've had great spiritual events happen. This is why I believe in the Divine. In my case the Divine has no name is not human is vast, and humble at the same time. Also is not angry can't be. That's what we do. All the religious wars, and anger between folks is the human part of faith. We're human we hate, and kill. The Divine does not. As I see it at the bottom of all faiths is this feeling that G-d is leading us guiding us to be a better species. ...and that's that. All the raging emotion about the overturning or abusing of this or that custom is humanity having fearful tantrums. G-d is leading us to love each other, and the creation we're blessed with. I think it's that simple. Everything else is just us afraid, and raging."

(This below is an example of the responses to my post.) 

"See Romans 1: 25-32: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever!" (...this went on for a while)

"Marriage is Gods watch and Judgement see what happens at the Pearly Gates." (...this one too.)

" The country has CANCER! We allowed the left to slowly brainwash our children."


Gotta luv'em though. They're likely the last of their kind. The American Culture Wars are over. 

The national demographics of the 21st Century has won. 

Stay tuned.

"Hot Stuff!"

Paula Dean, and the "N" word Incident"

Paula Deen the TV cooking show Queen got snagged big time for using the ever popular "N" word. Heck I use it all the time so do all 10 billion Hip Hop maniacs.

Eh sadly for Paula she ain't of Color, and as far as I know not a Hip Hop DJ. So she's fucked. See the demented mutated racial customs of this country now say only the victims of certain words are allowed to use them.

I'm still trying to figure that one out. If I do there's a book deal, and an HBO series in it for me.

As for Ms. Dean we'll actually I feel sorry for her. 

When it comes to white folks of a 'certain' generation one has to take things into consideration. These folks grew up in an era when everyone that wasn't white was in a free fire zone.

White people back then, and still in a few places could say or do anything they wanted to Niggers.  ...oops. There I go using my dark skin privilege to use the forbidden word.   

Anyway if you're a History Channel buff or watch any Ken Burns stuff you know the deal. Colored Folks got Royal Bleeping Hell before during, and after Slavery. ...I'm here to tell you!

So whites who grew up in during Jim Crow had certain habits they later had to drop or at least hide. Now they have to think before they speak,...not easy for some as we've seen. 

That generation of whites from their point of view have had to come a very long way. It hasn't been easy for most.  I have Compassion for them. They're trying. So I'm not angry with Paula Dean. I guess it's that Buddha Jesus thing. Love those that Despise you.

Mind you that don't mean I'm buying lunch for the Nazi's that burnt a cross on my lawn. However it does mean I'm obligated to try to understand how they got to such a state. 

...not easy nor fun, but a worthy effort.

Stay Tuned.

"We Stand on a Knife's Edge"

"Meeting of the WBAI Radio Staff"

"Charlie, and Pals"


"Tower Bridge",...on a table

Ya know if I'm mustered out from the Foundation I'll likely spend more of my time reading writing weird stories drawing comix books about cute Queer Angels. That, and building weird scale models.

Well okay I'll be drinking heavily taking drugs, and doing life endangering stunts about town.

'But on slow days it's model building. London's Tower Bridge is something I knocked together about a year ago. 

At the moment in the middle of broadcast engineering traumatic Union meetings, and sleeping I'm building a replica of Saint Pat's Cathedral which is over on 51st Street.

I'll take some pixs for you when it's finished. It's about 3/4 done, but news of the layoffs, and possible shut down came, and things sort'a stopped at the construction site.

Though lately there's been some work so it'll be finished in a week or so. Hey okay not everyone's cup of tea like my adopting dolls, and my adoration of Boyish beauty.

However that's me, and besides admission here is free.

Stay Tuned.

"Where My Heart Is"

Friday, June 28, 2013

"From Radio Survivor"

Uncle Sidney’s take on the next WBAI

The  studio sneakers of Uncle Sidney
The studio sneakers of WBAI’s Uncle Sidney.
As we reported last week, everyone at Pacifica station WBAI in New York City has received layoff notices. The move follows a long spate of bad luck, most notably an unsuccessful marathon and Hurricane Sandy.
Here’s a guest blog post from long time WBAI programmer Sidney “Uncle Sidney” Smith, with his take on the situation:
Just when one thought that things couldn’t get weirder or more tragic…it does. In an insanely big way too. Just days after our dear friend, and co-worker Ibrahim Gonzoles passes away there was a double suicide at our radio station. Not actually in the studios, but two of our hosts committed suicide together.
John Littig, and Lynne Rosen who did a self-help positive living program apparently came to the edge, and went over. I could launch into my cynical feelings about all that feel good ‘new age noise’, but let it go.
I’m so very sorry they were quietly suffering. They gave no outward sign that there was trouble,..but then folks rarely do in these situations.
Shortly after that the entire staff of WBAI that’s the ‘entire’ working staff boss included gets a layoff notice from our National Office. Talk about a heart skipping a beat!
Since then we’ve been “Code Blind” as the say in the Navy. The management style of WBAI,, and the Pacifica Foundation which owns it is to say little to its staff. So all we have is speculation.
Not a good way to run a railroad.
This has been a seriously Hellish six week period at A station in a broadcast network, the Pacifica Foundation, founded by pacifists in the late 1940′s.
Locally here at WBAI New York we were seriously behind in our finances thanks to Hurricane Sandy, and years of programming inertia. Because of this double whammy we nearly lost our transmitter at the top of the Empire State Building.

We ‘did’ lose our studios, and offices in lower Manhattan. We were flooded out.The waves came 21 feet high! To the second floor over the traffic lights, and wrecked the systems in not only our building, but most of the iconic skyscrapers of downtown.
We had to relocate far uptown to the campus of the City University of New York.
To put a cherry on the cake the staff went unpaid for a month all sorts of internal labor chaos plus fist fights over the need to radically change our programming.

What with the tragic deaths swimming uptown , and the usual on going mayhem. The local papers had a field day with us. Still any publicity is ‘good’ publicity. Especially if they spell your name right.

WBAI it’s spelled the way it sounds.

So what’s next. At it’s extreme Wbai goes dark on July 15th. January 10th 1960~July 15th 2013. Fifty three years, and some months. Struck down in mid-life by a combination of bad diet, and loud music.
On the other extreme it may be as some have suggested an internal Chapter 11. A grand re-organization of WBAI it make it a viable entity once again. Ya know WBAI was once the Flagship Station of the network, and affiliates. As for how this mess will shake out. Given the habits, and nature of the Pacifica Foundation it’ll fall somewhere in the middle.

The uniformed consensus is that the station will continue on in some limited fashion with a much reduced staff. We’re investing in a new building in Brooklyn, and planning yet another fund raiser for early July. So it seems we still have plans to stick around.
I’ll call in chits to find out what I can, and gleefully squeal on these guys.

As for myself well I’m one to the two longest employed staff members at Wbai. Perhaps in all of Pacifica. I came here in my late 20′s, and now edging into my mid-60′s.
Heck I even got into the movies the other day on a Senior ticket. I didn’t even have to ask the kid behind the counter just clapped eyes on me, and said, “…Senior.” Enjoy the movie gramps!
Which btw was the new “Trek” flick. It was loud confused, and mercifully quick. Hopefully “World War Z” will be slightly better.
Yeah it’s been real.
Stay Tuned.

"Yep it's Hot!"

"The 'Other' Ground Zero"

"Queers are just so Sweet"

"45 Years Since Stonewall",...I think

"Making Conversation"

Well I've been pretty nuts lately. Somewhat okay, but nuts. Must be the heat. Never was a summer person. Especially the New York heat which is humid, and tropical. Made all the worse by Climate Change.

Btw I hear out west they're having historic heat waves. Some places getting near 130f! Granted that's in Nevada where it's 90f in the winter, but still.

Anyway I'm mostly in the air conditioned comfort of my cute little apartment while I still have it. Even at that I'm getting cabin fever. I can't go out because of the heat, and when it's not 90f it chilly and raining,...Climate Change. So I just watch DVD boxed sets of series, and sleep.

I just got a Blue Ray player. I was in some store it was there I had a few bucks so bought it. Tiny thing it is too. I remember the first VCR's holy crap they were the size of a suitcase complicated, and only semi-reliable.

Still them things were the cat's Meow for near 20 years. Almost as good as drugs,...almost.

As for my future well not sure. The radio station I've worked for the past century or so is in financial reorganization. I may stay I may go.  If I go I'll probably travel. What with the $Zillions$ I'm supposed to get in severance.

Okay it ain't that much, but ya know.

Imagine a whole lifetime of work loyalty, and dedication ends. It's like the death of yet another loved one. Well like I say I'll travel, sleep, write, and build lots of scale models.

On the down side I hear about so many retired folks dropping dead after a year or two. The purpose of their lives gone they just slowly seize up, and kick the bucket.


Me I want to be cremated. I don't fancy the idea of being put in the ground all filled up with chemicals to make me look nice,...for who? That, and get dug up by some archeology grad student in 20,000 years who'll poke at my bones wonder at my bad teeth, and primitive digital implants.

Thank you no.

One thing though please make sure I'm for real really really "kicked the bucket" before anybody lights any fires. I'd hate for there to be a misunderstanding.  

On my immediate schedule I think I 'may' go the the straight-gay parade this year. I think it's 45 years or so since Stonewall. 90% of the folks marching this year weren't born when my pals were raising hell that night.

Still what with all the Court rulings letting the straight-gays marry, and have parties'n all maybe I should show up to represent the old goats that started this shebang.

I say "Straight-gay" because they are. 

The assimilationist bunch took the Queer Movement over after the worse of the AIDS Pandemic. They re-branded the revolution into something less threatening. My generation the Radical Movement had mostly died off. Those that were left didn't want to overthrown anything. They were orphans, and wanted to join society.

So they rebooted the scary Queer Revolution as the "We're just like you" movement. 

As opposed to the maniacs 'we' were that was saying "We want to blow up society! Blow it up bury it come back the next day, and blow it up again just to make sure!"

Granted not a media friendly way to put things, but then we weren't trying to be friends with a society they took great pleasure in torturing, and killing us.

Aw well,..amazing what 45 years can do. Revolutions never turn out the way you expect. Just ask Emma Goldman.

Did I mention ice cream?

Yeah a lot of that passing between my lips as opposed to other things. Oh, but back in the day....never mind.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"I Have a Secret"

I feel such a weariness these days. So many tragic events around, and upon me. Yeah it's my blog, and I'll cry if I want to. However to the point.

I have a Secret.

Rather a lot of them actually. In  my role as a performer writer maniac pornographer artist, and general layabout. 

I've shared so many intimate details of my life with you. Here on the air online in print sometimes on stage, and yakking in demented boring meetings.

Yeah the ongoing matinee of my life.

Yet I have secrets never shared. My very own Heart of Darkness. Well maybe not so "Dark" as all the mayhem going on outside your front door. That gate that keeps the monsters out sometimes.

Though still there's a Dark Heart within my unique twilight history. We are 'all' in our way Dark Angels though some of us yearn for the light.

As for the disclosure of my Secrets, time.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"More POWW!! for the Buck!!!"

"That's More Like It!"

Wow this is spreading like the clap in a 1910 Shanghai peg-house!

A comrade pal Chris who's a former Manager of Wbai, and a pal to the Workers. A swell artist too has added some spice to our new staff logo.

Take a gander above there,..not bad...not bad at all.

Stay tuned.



Well the Comrades at my dear employer Wbai radio,, have gone on the warpath what with layoffs, and folks dropping dead all over the place.

The long expected re-organization of this nut-house is underway with much shedding of blood which is to say many pink slips flying about.

Think the last scenes from the "Titanic" movies.

Folks trampling babies to get a space on the overcrowded life boats. Yeah ya see who people really are when the shit hits the fan from both sides at once. 


Btw that's our logo for the staff's Facebook page. 

Our Union suggested we start one a while back, and now's a good a time as any. 'Make a swell t-shirt for sure.

Anyway here I am playing viola as the rest of the station band does "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". This  as our ship slips beneath the radio waves. 

Is this the end of our '53 years' of getting on everyone's nerves,...not a chance.

You don't get rid of us that easy.

As the dead weight, and assorted reactionary commies get keel-hauled, and fed to the radio sharks I see opportunities for fun'n games. We'll see what happens when I chats with the head of the Foundation later this week.

Either I'm out on my butt or I'm sitting pretty.

Wish me luck.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Da Lawd"

"Lord of Hosts",...working overtime

Here's a snapshot of gawd.

At least one of the more candid shots of Him. There 'e is working in His office at night. What a sorry Bastard. 

I feel really bad for the guy.

He so well meaning, but nothing he does ever really works out.  He creates this end of the Mulitverse, far so good. Then he starts messing about with life. Next thing ya know there's sentient life all over the place.

Imagine a trainee chef with a million pots boiling over in the Celestial Kitchen! 

You know the rest. 

His pets the Angels start getting ideas of their own then we show up. 

Before ya know it Klingon's the bleeping Krell the Kazinti them weird Ring World Engineers Demons from that Hell he accidentally created,..and of course the Yeti, and all them other unofficial species that keep popping up.

Yeah if I was Him I'd be exhausted freaked out smoking, and drinking too much too.

There He is above working on us. 

Yeah he's always tinkering about trying to help us make sense of the crappy little lives  given to us. I'm on his table somewhere so are you. I think I see Napoleon, and Walt Disney in the background. 

What a mess. 

I hope He has better luck with the folks He's put on the other planets. Aw heck he's such a sweet guy I really hope it works out for'em, one day.

Stay tuned.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Kat Thread"

"Watch da Skies"

I plan to see that new "Superguy" film in a day or two. The last one fooled us mainly because of crafty posters, and careful trailers. It stunk like all the others.

However this one 'might' be a keeper.

Sort of like "World War Z" the buzz from regular folks as opposed to corrupt jaded reviewers is good. Humm..I'll take a chance. Mind you I'll probably get burned, but at least I'll have some popcorn.

I'll let ya know.

Stay Tuned.

"Okay my Doll stuff is getting on your nerves,...I'll Hold off After this One"