Monday, April 29, 2013

"...this just in!!!"

"Brother can you spare a line of Credit?"

Aw well here we go again. The esteemed institution that's employed me since the Carter administration is on the edge. The Pacifica Radio Network has been slamed pretty good between the eyes by the Second Great Depression.

Amazing it held up as long as it did.

Anyway we're having local deferred payrolls. That means they can't pay us on time. Reminds me of the Great Repression of 1982...thanks Mr. Reagan. That's the last time this sort of thing happened. We hardly got paid for months. It's centuries ago, but was such a trauma that old timers here remember it vividly.

Being commies we used to pool the tiny portions of the pay we did get. This way we all ate. Also some of the comrades took to living at the station, We had a vacant second floor that became a dormitory of sorts.

This made for..ahem, some cozy circumstances. Remember we were in our twenties, and stoned, and horny most of the time. However this time things may be a bit rougher. We're some of us  near or actual senior citizens grumpy easily annoyed, and need all sorts of meds. Not the fun kind neither.

Damn I put off paying my electric bill till this pay cycle.

Well looks like I may be reading by candle light for a bit. As for the rent....humm. I'll have to get back to ya on that. I may have to get ready to be houseless again. Aw rats I was just getting comfortable too.

If only Obama had got elected back in '08.

Stay Tuned.


Monday, April 22, 2013

" God"

"What the Fuck was this About?"

What a mess. The whole Boston Bomb shoot'em up Chechen teen terrorist affair. People blown to bits a city driven nuts. Paranoia anxiety fear mongering all the major food groups coming in at the same time.

It all ends on a boat in somebody's back yard. The surviving maniac all shot up, and bleeding to death, and probably wondering how the fuck he got into this whole thing.  

For my money the older brother was the brains of this duo. The kid a 19 year old slacker was along for the ride. He clearly had no real idea what the hell they had done. For Christ's sake after they did the deed he just went home, and took up where he left off.

Right the whole damned world is looking for these knuckle heads, and they're home watching TV. The younger one is back at class going to the gym, and kid parties like nothing happened. What the bleeping fuck was this all about what were they thinking?!

I never understood terror stuff. 

How the fuck does blowing up folks at a race in Boston help anybody in the profoundly cruel evil insane perpetual Chechen war? I don't get it. They disembowel blind maim folks that have nothing to do with anything, and they figure this will show Russia whose boss?

Anyway look I ain't trying to get the kid off the hook, but till he talks...if he can talk. It looks like he was along for the ride. By their actions post attack they clearly had no idea what they had really done. I'd say this is especially true of the kid.

So don't hang'em.

The death penalty is so 20th century as the youngsters say. Come to think of it I don't think Massachusetts has it anymore which is a good thing. Try'em try to get him to make sense for us why they did it then put him away in some nut house.

This is the best I can come up with for now. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Kiwi's Rule!"

New Zealand has passed Gay, and or Queer Marriage as Law of the land. If you're a Queer you can get hitched at the "Last Stop" as New Zealand is known to some. Good for them! Granted I'm not in the main stream of Gaydom having been kicked out decades ago with the other malcontents, and assorted perverts. 

Oh the beauty of Boys! 

Still as the commentator said I too got a bit misty when the New Zealand Parliament broke out in song on passage of this Bill or whatever they call these things down there. Yeah we're on the right side of history with this stuff. Ah the era of Queer "Ozzie, and Harriet's" is here.

Stay tuned for a new daytime program,..."Gay Divorce Court"

'But seriously comrades Well Done!

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Spring on Mars"

Springtime at last! Time for falling asleep on park benches, and planting this year's crop of cannabis. Well that, and wandering around out in the open more often. 

You know it's spring around here because all the garbage from the winter defrosts  at the same time. Filling the air with that traditional fragrance of bus exhaust, and rotten meat.

Spring is also that swell short period in the Emerald City between frostbite, and heat exhaustion.

Speaking of frozen fingers, and heat stroke I came across this seriously strange 1944 Brit film on YouTube.

  ..see below. 

It's seems to be some sort of spring ritual full of hints of pagan sexuality, and liberal do-goodness. Any Brit out there care to give us a clue as to what the hell is happening in this?

Actually I think it's sweet naively innocent, and cute.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Stevie Lee in 3D"

"Aviation Art by Romain Hugault"

"If Only..."

"Da Fuck?!!"

I just filed my taxes,...with the serious help of my dear pal Nurse Pickles, and the Rt. Rev. R.P.Martin. Swell folks them. Anyway seems the government owes me some dough. Dough which I will 'lose' because I owe for a few back years.


Evil bastards. Like our lives ain't fucked up enough as it is. Don't get me started. Bad enough that I just found out that I'm 'not' poor, but in fact Middle Class?!!  

When did that happen?! 

I went to get some of that "entitlement" stuff that the Tea Party wants to take away from the poor homeless, and destitute. Hey I've been to all those stops so I figured why not get a helpful hand from my beloved government.

I thought some food stamps, and perhaps help with the rent. That stuff is there to help us working stiffs in rough times or so I thought. So I goes 'round to the Feds to get my cut only to be told "...hit the road Jack! You're way too posh for any help!"


Yeah the lady looked at all my stuff, and said "...sorry you make some thousands too much for any official assistance."


I said "I'm poor as hell" I'm "working poor". Yeah she said, "and so am I." The guy at the next desk chimed in ..."me too." She explained that although years ago when these programs were started it was to help working people. Today it's only for "the absolutely destitute."

"If you lose your job, and your home we may be able to do something. However there are no current programs for people in your income bracket." I laughed, "...but I'm poor." She insisted "...not by your W2 form, and your other documents you're middle class."

Imagine my surprise. 

She suggested I try to get a part time job to supplement my income that's what most do. Swell. Eh I don't think so. The days of my working six or seven days a week are long past me. On top of that I'd lose half the income from a p/t gig to taxes. That's how the vultures set it up.

Hey I'm an old guy now, and need to sleep watch TV, and read crappy novels. Oh yeah I need to eat too.

Geez if only Obama had been elected. 

Stay Tuned.

"Terror Below!"

So there I am on the damned subway heading uptown the CUNY campus for another day of swell fun when all hell breaks out. You know the drill a sudden verbal outburst, and we're off to the races. Seems there was this insane lady spouting all this anti-Queer hate stuff. Homophobes these sort are called. The title always seemed like it was for folks that didn't like milk.

Anyway there she went saying how you damned homo's need to get "some pussy", and how  jebus was sending you "all to hell"...the usual. However the difference this time was that she was getting back as good as she gave.

I' dunno if ya noticed lately, but there's frigging Queers all over the place these days, and they don't take shit like they used to. On that point about being everywhere. I notice that Queers seem to be a mostly warm weather species. soon as the ice starting melting in the last few weeks I been seeing perverts coming out'a hibernation. Some still in the fall colors from before the snow. All bleary eyed wandering around, and looking for cappuccino.

'But I digress.

Well the Queer Boys had their dander up, and wasn't in the mood to eat this wacko's shit! The lady was out numbered, but kept at it. More shrill, and nuts than ever. She was firing the gospel at the Gay Boys like they was slugs, and the Fags was shooting back with howitzer shells!  Yep the Culture War had come to the #2 train as it cranked, and barked beneath Times Square.

The poor lady was on the losing side of not only this battle but of the whole War itself, and she knew it. Hence her demented desperation. Unlike the days of yore the Queers weren't backing down, and she was getting low on ammo.

Yep like the Tea Party, and that whole heartless culture of exclusion she was on a one way ride to that fabled "Trash Bin of History" that what's his name was always on about. 

Ya know I was almost sorry for her, and her cohorts for a moment, ..but just a moment. After that that I said bleep'em. Serves'em right for not being able to take a joke.

Well after a while the nutter gave up, and got off screaming as she went. Another christian soldier going as to war,...which they've lost. The rest of the trip was the usual steaming pile that all Emerald City subway rides are. I got to my stop alive.

Which is not something that can be taken for granted.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, April 12, 2013


"Oh these kids today..."

I thought it would be nice to have a few Queer moments. I'm mostly retired from all this happy noise, but sometimes I like to remember. Actually it was a fucked up mess. A fun mess, but fucked up too. 

I'm from them gleeful pre-Stonewall daze. 

Nobody was inviting us to the White House nor did we have sitcoms. I remember in my happy teen years being in a raid on a Queer cafe on Cornelius street in the West Village. That's back when it was a Queer Ghetto. In these enlightened times book stores, and Queer 'hoods are passe.

Oh Brave New World how totally full of Shit you are.

Still I'm amazed at what only 45 years of bleeding did. Well actually it's centuries, and centuries, but I'm too tired to do a Queer history rant. Suffice to say we been at this a long time. 

I'm not crazy about the mainstreaming. Alot of perverts got kicked out of the party to get all this surface acceptance. I'm a pervert. Word to the wise. We could lose all this stuff in a blink so watch ya backs,...get da picture?

Good, go out, and play.