Monday, November 30, 2015

"Simon Loekle 1953~2015"

Simon Loekle, and I were close friends for over 30 swell years. There isn't the space on any page for all the adventures we, and the "Early Morning Radio Alliance" of the former WBAI got up to. Including noted radio productions of the works of Shakespeare, personal pharmaceutical research huge feasts in China Town, those walks around the ledge of the Empire State Building. 

'But wait there's more!

Which I can't tell you the laws being what they are. Still it was a great adventure in living life to the full! Simon was in the middle of it all. Bless him a thousand times over.

In my final daze at WBAI before the "Great Purge". 

Simon's show would come on just after mine. He would often sit-in, and share the last five to ten minutes of my deranged program with me. We had fine Laffs! Aw gee swell times. 

For those that didn't know him or never heard him on the air. 

Go here:

Oh Simon..oh my dear dear friend. 

Goodbye, and "Happy Trails"

Stay Tuned.

Goodbye Old Friend.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

"I Love a Parade"

Our old pal "Bob the Bunny" at the "Macy's Thanksgiving Parade". Here we see Bob in the middle of all the fun, and balloons. He really enjoys this American tribal ritual.

One in which we institutionally 'deny' responsibility for Genocide against the Indigenous Peoples of the continent.

Also there's Bob in front of the "New Jersey National Socialist" parade contingent. This is their first time back after 70 years. Let's give'em a warm New York welcome!  

Stay Tuned.

"End Of Daze"

Russian SU-24 shot down by Turkey. Putin sez "Stab in Back!" Just in....pilot 'may' have been alive after crash. Some reports say he was beaten to death by either Isis or Turkish soldiers. Note gleeful maniac kneeling over the body.

The photos look bad.

This was Turkey supporting Isis in a back door sort of way. They hate the Kurds, and are very happy that Isis is exterminating them. Something Turkey would like to do it's it native Turkish Kurds. like the did the Armenians a century ago. The Russian plane looks like an SU-24. 

War is hideous no matter whose fighting. Putin called this act, "...a Stab in the Back". It looks like the "Guns of August" again. ( that title.)

The slow move from incident to incident politics getting more, and more cold, and sinister. National pride mixed with the desperate need of resources plus our old friend Mass Stupidity. Before anyone knows it troops are on the move. This has to be responded to,...and and and.

'And then we get what we wanted all along.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Greetings comrades. For those interested there are a few more Pod-programs up on my media page "Uncle Sidney".

Go to:

Yes there's swell existential fun for the whole family there. Go tune in, and be sure to tell you affinity group.

Amazing you can actually set up a radio station on just part of your dining room table! 

What'll they think of next. 

Perhaps toasters that work 'under water' or cigarettes that 'never' go out. That or french fries that are 'all' the hard salty crunchy kind we really like.

Stay Tuned

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"From Russia with Love!"

Turns out that bleeping maniac Putin was the man for the job after all. Our hero Obama whereas a nice guy is just not a War-Time leader. Sure being a "Peacenik" that was fine with me till Isis showed up slaughtering, and demolishing everything, and everybody in sight!

Them Russian maniac bastards have done more damage to the Nazi Isis fucks in three daze of heavy bombing that the so-called "Coalition" has in a year!


Here Here for the Red Air Force!

Whoever thought 'them' guys would turn out to be the "Good Guys" in any conflict?! I say pour it on guys fry the fucking hell out'a them!!

It's so bad for them Isis butchers that they're actually for the 'first time' deserting in numbers from their posts, and running for their lives. This tells me that we that the west were 'never' really interested in blowing Isis away.  

Ah man what a twisted fucked up world.

Putin the Good Guy, and Obama the fucking Pussy?!

No offense to my dear gal comrades, but ya see what I mean. This whole thing the last decade has been like the "Superman-Bizarro World" that.

'But never mind Bomb them Isis Nazi Shits way back to the Jurassic!!!

"Red Santa" on the Ground Hunting Isis Butchers. HO-HO-HO-HO!!!

Naw he don't look at all happy 'this' year. Guess he checked that "List" more than twice this time, and found some 'really' Bad Boys!

Yep blowing away Isis Nazi's gets my Queer Pacifist Blood Good'n Up!!!

Angels forgive me.

Anne Frank was right "People are Good". 'Mostly'. It's them 'few' others that's the problem. Which it seems we're finally doing something about.

Stay da fuck Tuned!

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Nuke da Fucks"

Well I'm for Nuking Isis. Only problem, being a Bleeding Heart Commie Queer, is the 99% of innocents they're hiding behind. So we'll have to do it the old fashioned way. Like the Marines did in the Pacific. Dig the fuckers out cave by cave. That, and try not to shoot the kids, and grandma while we do it. The Marines were on the whole, with some horrifying exceptions, good at that. See below.

Post from my Facebook pal,.....(Miguel Wilkins): 

How can "heroes" make horrifying exceptions? Goody guys don't become hired goons for the world's most prolific mass murdering machine of the last 70 years. It must be in the region of 20+ million killed or allowed to be killed in order to "protect the USA" by now, even though there has never been an existential threat to it.

If  "Isis" managed that amount, then they'd truly be a global threat.

My reply:

U.S. a "Mass Murdering Machine? In some ways yes, but it's not that simple. We're not doing it alone...never have been. Still if ya like okay...True. I mean "true" if you count all the proxy wars between the U.S. China, and Russia since 1945. 

It's worse than the 20million you mention. Actually I read that there are maybe as many as 30/40,000,000 dead in all of the Cold War conflicts. 1945 to now. All of the coups revolutions insurrections land wars dirty wars clan wars corrupted elections theft of resources ethnic cleansings assassinations internal social disruptions...the culture war the drug wars the race wars the tech wars. 

All inspired by the Bi-Polar Rivalry, and it's aftermaths. Still as for "Isis" perhaps the most deadly ideology since 20th century German National Socialism, and the so far worse blow back of western interference in the Mid-East. 

Ultimately regards Isis we'll have to dig'em out, and kill'em perhaps one at a time  like on Iwo Jima

Hence my earlier "Marine" reference. In short another long dirty type war. The alternative is what the French are doing in vengeance for the attack on their capital Paris. "Area" bombing killing the innocent with the guilty. This of course is what we'll eventually probably's faster than "Hearts, and Minds. That, and it makes good headlines. 

I just read the Russians want a "Worldwide Coalition" to obliterate "Isis" after the attacks today in Mali which killed a number of Russians. Them Isis maniacs are probably both too stupid, and too committed to fucking them "72 Virgins" to be saying "...Oh Shit!!" "We done it now!" 

We can only hope so.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Remember this Guy?'

Both the Tea Party, and far Left despise Obama. The far right want him on trial for subverting the Constitution. The far Left think he should be put on trial for war crimes.


You would have to have the leaders of most of the countries of the world standing with him in Court. It's not "One" villain doing the harm. Rather a whole "World Culture of Capital Power Greed, and Institutional Stupidity".

As it is Obama is the least guilty of that lot.

Even the most 'idealistic' assuming power becomes part of the problem. Because they're inheriting a Horrifying "Game in Progress". One that seems so far "Immune" to reform.

Though it's lots of fun, and easy to do...

It would be wise if we finally got over our simple gut "solutions" to immensely complex problems.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


All this my life this world is too dark. Too painful too confusing. I'm so weary so very very tired.

 Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"These Modern Times"

"Hi Mom I just cut my twin brother's head off. I never liked him much,...hope you don't mind. Oh yeah this Beast from Hell followed me home."

"Can I keep him?"

(Perhaps a *new "paranormal" doll series here on this page. Follow the adventures of "Billy" his 'new' pet, and his former brother's head.) 

*Actually no.  

No I won't do such a terrible thread. I was just letting one of my demented demon out for a walk. So many demons now. Such times such terrible times.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 16, 2015

"The Holy Option"

We're fighting this "War on Terror" as I say in the post below with all the tools, and tired strategies of the last several conflicts. So until we get wise to the dead end that is we're Fucked.

However, and this is my fervent hope. There's always the possibility of a "Wild Card" historical event. Some swell "Holy" person showing up, and leading the sweaty bunch of out of this self-made Hell.

I could see a lovely Lad surrounded by a Golden Aura good vibes showers of rose pedals, and all that other divine jazz. 

The Holy lad would show up in East L.A. Brixston Mexico City, maybe South Brooklyn Rabat or Kabul. He'd be preaching all sorts of rational wise cool Holy Shit, and leading the crazed Bloodstained lot of us...

Into the "Age of Peace, and Wild Parties".

This just seems reasonable.

                      show'em how it's done Kid!

Stay Tuned. 


Greetings Comrades. This a few days after the violent events in Paris on Friday the 13th 2015. 129 killed over 350 seriously wounded. Many tens of thousands traumatized.

This is yet another "Human Calamity" to be sadly filed with all the others we're piling up. This all this is part of the aftermath of our recent 100 years War.

This the second time in the last millennium we've done such a mad thing. In our case we called it WW1, WW2, and the Cold Wars. Now the final chapter of these events the "Terror War".

Basically a conflict between the 21st century, and the 14th.

Oh, and before anyone gets started "Isis" perhaps the most deadly ideology since German National Socialism. These maniacs have killed nearly 30,000 Muslims. That is Islamist that don't fit the very narrow brutal confines of their idea of Islam.

So keep in mind the ethnic battle lines are not sharply drawn.

Also I just read the people of Paris routed a demo by anti-refugee anti-Muslim French National Front Nazis. So it seems everybody still has their heads screwed on right.

War as we knew it especially the sort fought during our last 100 years game is over. This where vast armies battled across continents in the air, and on the sea. Victory coming when one of the belligerents capitals was in flames.

That's over.

Now it's hands full of trained or semi-trained revolutionary cadres or maniac demented killers...take your pick. Going after "soft" targets to kill as many ordinary people as possible along with themselves. 

Against this we employ aircraft carriers jet bombers, and the afore-
mentioned vast armies.

Which is why we're losing.

The forces of "Terror" are winning period. How? Because they're achieving their goals. Disrupt, and radically change life in their enemy's countries.

Go to my Pod-Radio site below for more on this.

Because of these folks, and the method in which we fight them we've lost many Freedoms. Our borders are in lock-down. Mild normally, but "hard lock-down" when Terror strikes. 

Our police forces are now militarized. Travel has become restricted. Also our citizens are subject to arrest being held without recourse to legal assistance for days. In some cases indeterminate periods.

Then there's the 'new' legal wrinkle,...Torture.

No matter what Obama said before the Joint House a few years back you "Can Be Tortured" now. You can now also be "Disappeared".

The "Age of Terror" has done this to us.

A few thousand maniacs with bombs AK-47s, and knives have won a serious Victory. They've distorted, and corrupted our Western Culture. They did it with a minimum direct action. They mostly just pushed us to fall on to our own worse instincts.

Trading most of our Freedoms for Security.

Now we have neither. So until we change how we understand, and fight the "Terror War". The guys with the guns, and bombs will continue to be on the Victorious side of this Long Conflict.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Two Daze"

 Well got up at 3:00am. Had a swell Anxiety Attack. 

My new Meds slightly worked because I got over it. Later did the laundry refilled my phone went to the East 15th Street Government Bunker about one of my cards fucking up. Everybody there was crazy dangerous very young or very old...I fit right in.

I talked with the Government Vampires, and assorted Cyborgs, and got the card thing fixed. 'Sat in the park had a hot dog, and watched the City stumble by. Bought some warm things to wear though it seemed to be about 80f today, and lastly got a haircut. 

 Next week I go to apply for Social Security, and my Half Price Old Guy Transit Card.

The "Social Security" event is as Big a Deal for me as when I went down to get my Draft Card for the Army in 1970. Who'd a thunk it I'm still here to collect "S.S.!"

Friday another Pod-cast program.
Sorry for the delay in getting more on the page. Hey my Meds knocked me out for near a week.

"The Next Morning"

Well mixed results on my new Meds "Prazosin". I still have 'some' Anxiety tho' now I can leave the house...that's an up.

 However the Nightmares are back..some what.

Just had a bad one last night. I was a kid again, and me, and a dream know the people
you know so well even love in your dreams, but vanish on waking.

Anyway we were being chased by deadly Queer Bashers around a college campus that was surround by barbed wire fences so no escaped. I was terrified in this dream. We saw what happened to those they caught so were running for our lives.

The Woman's Dorm took us in, and hid us for a while, but the Nazi bullies broke in beat up some of the co-eds, and we had to run again. My friend was caught, and beat bad...he told me to run!

I did.

I climbed the high razor fence, and fell to the other side.
I found myself in another dream.

My friend the bullies the campus had vanished. I was else-when, and else-where.
Despite this mayhem I'm still hopeful,...why I don't know, but I am.

Stay Tuned.