Saturday, December 28, 2013

"...And Another Thing"

"And another thing...the Big Guy sez leave the Queers alone He likes them.

"Homeless Jesus Sculpture"

I posted this some time ago. This piece was "Homeless" in more ways than one. Seems the original Church bosses that commissioned  the statue found that it was a tad too close to reality. It might upset their upscale parishioners.

So this true to life Jesus as Homeless item was out in the cold..literally. Eventually it was taken in by a seminary where it currently lives.

"Be Still My Heart!"

I'm pretty sure this is a Boy...though these days ya just don't know till that last moment.

"Blood'n Iron!"

 I'm of multiple minds these days. I still have all the love compassion rejoice in the wonder of living crap. However these times I sit around thinking how much fun it would be to have a no quarter take no prisoners class war in this country.

Kill'em all'n let Satan sort'em out.

'Had a deranged war  fantasy last night. It was swell fun. Platoons of the Peoples Army tearing through gated communities shooting them places to hell!

Everybody dies!

Plutocratic cats dogs babies grandpa's grandma's the works!! Aw man it was fun! Burn everything! All them rich boy toys burn it! Blast open the banks, and burn the currency too!  Lay waste the museums, and galleries! A clean sweep. 

Pol Pot, and Robespierre would be proud!

Damn then I snapped out of it...yuck. Naw I wouldn't make such a good blood splattered avenger of the masses after all. They say you should have to eat all you kill. Well gee comrades I just ain't that hungry.

Aw hell I guess it's long term reform politics as usual.

Still it was fun dreaming about chasing them yuppie fucks down with crazed pit bulls burning the Met to the ground, and throwing all that gold at the Fed into the river.

Yep a good time was had by all.

Stay Tuned.

(Graphics are from "DMZ" a comix from a few years a ago about our coming Second Civil War.)

"Sherlock Meets the Doctor"

"Fan-made Mash-up"

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Be a Scout!"





(...the more things change the more they stay the same.) .


Yup!! Take it from ya old Ukie Syd. Eat'n dead animals is good, and good for ya. Why just the other night I ate me up a giant ass rack of juicy ribs! Well yeah sure I was sick as hell after, but every pleasure has it's price.

Sort of like when I thought that doing up them 12 grams of Cocaine at one go was a swell idea.

Hey how was I to know that was fatal?

Aw man though like them swell ribs it was great going down,...till the part where I was freaking out, and dying.

So boy'n girls if ya willing to pay the price eat meat, and do vast quantities of hard drugs. I did, and by sheer stupid dumb luck survived!

...and went back for seconds.

(The above is a cautionary tale please don't eat meat or do hard drugs. Esp. 'not' at the same time. Wow that was an event!)


Yes boys never mind all that oral hygiene crap. That's for Communists, and the French! Candy's where's it at! It's a proven stepping stone to glue sniffing, and Heroin!

Be like ya ol' Uncle Syd eat all the damned candy you can get your sugar over dosed shaky hands on!  To hell with your medication! To Hell with teeth...who needs'em!

If it's got more than 90% sugar in it CHOW DOWN!!!

Remember what your Unkie Syd always tells good little boys.

"Look ya little rug rat life's short harsh brutish, and vile!"

"So get as many goodies into ya while ya can!"

"Ya won't be sorry!"


"Chipmonks Roasting on an open Fire!


Man I just hate it when this happens. There's usually company over too. I mean there ya are. Ya just hosed where Grampa Puked up them six turkey salad sandwiches, and eight beers. 'Next thing ya know ya butt's sticking out.

One of my wise guy nephews yells, "...Hey Unkie Syd you ain't wearing no draws!"

"...and your lipstick smeared."

"Hey thanks for paying attention!" I sez.

"Ya wanna pull this damned thing from up my ass so I can finish snorting the Christmas Meth ya Mom got me!"

Aw home for da Holidaze!

"Star in the East"

I waited up all night, but no "Wise Guys" showed up at my digs with gold Frankenstein, and or booze. So I guess I'm not anybody's savior after all. Still I took a photo of the star in question just in case.

Okay yeah it don't look like much, but I took the shot from real far away.

Amazing how many otherwise sane folks buy the Nativity story. If ya tell them all about the other Mediterranean mystery cults before during, and after that period they glaze over.

Faith is a serious thing.

The object of belief doesn't have to be real. However the human need to believe is. It's like the old saying there are two Christian faiths. The faith of the people, and the knowledge of the theologians. Believe me these two do not mix well.

The people live by all the wiz-bang, and high-jinks  of tradition. This with basically no understanding of the true history of their religion at all. Islam is the same way. Jews are another matter. These folks...the saner of them are nothing if not inquisitive about their history.

'Matter of fact some of their theologians just finished a decades long investigation into that 40 years in the desert thing. Ya know all that parting of the Red Sea action that was in that old movie a while back.

Anyway these guys came back, and said, "....ya won't believe it, but we couldn't find shit about shit out there!" 

"Looks like none of it happened."

To which the Judaic world said, " shit." 

"Aw well never mind. We still have 6000 years of other swell stuff to argue over."

Now imagine some Christian big shots saying, "...Eh guys look.. all that Christmas jazz the whole deal is baloney." 

"In fact we knew this all along, but didn't wanna "Scrooge" up your party." 

"We actually have no idea when the guy was born. We're only halfway sure he even existed."

Noise like that coming out'a the Vatican or televangelists shows might cause a tad of a stir.  Ya know whole cities burnt to the ground human sacrifices that sort of thing.

Theologians, and other assorted trouble makers know this so keep their mouths shut,...for now. who cares. Com'on whatever gets you through the night. long as ya don't bother anybody with your crap.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Christmas Night"

Christmas Night or the Eve of Boxing Day. Yeah like so many others I'm a mass of emotions. This time of year that's supposed to be so joyful is for a bunch of us anything but.

I'm surprised that Hallmark doesn't have a line of Agony Cards for this"Joyous" season.
Anyway here I am eating stuff that's somewhat deadly for me...a frigging big rack of Bar-B-que Ribs, and Cream Soda. Just the thing to get me calling 911 in a few hours.

Also all that phony rejoicing on TV that was recorded last summer. Especially the stuff done on the Coast. Sorry stuff that's clearly in some sunny seriously upscale background does not a humble Christmas make.

That make-believe crap really pisses me off.

I guess Christmas really 'is' only for children the religiously deluded, and the insane.

Me I'm just a regular guy trying to get by on much less than I used to. Ain't no happy shit falling out of the sky for the likes of us. I'm Blessed though. Seriously lucky to put it rationally.

I could be back on the street dying in some hospital hallway unattended because my insurance is crap shot blind stabbed starving in jail the Army or married.

Yeah all in all considering 'that' noise I'm doing okay.

So a Merry Holidaze to you all, and watch your bleeping back...this shit ain't Disneyland ya know.

"Out, and About Christmas Night l"

"Christmas Night Out, and About ll"

"I Have a Cat",...kinda


The hungry cat at the top is sort of my cat. She's also everybody on the block's cat too. There are a lot of former house cats that have been thrown out onto the streets. 

It's even been on local TV it's such a widespread thing.

My gawd even in hard times how can folks do such a thing? Anyway the locals are taking them in or calling the ASPCA.These are sad harsh times indeed.

I call my cat "Tick Tock" because that's how she speaks. When she see's me or one of the neighbors that feed her she does a sort of "...eckk,...eckk" instead of a meow.

I've taken to always carrying a can of cat food in my backpack in case I run into her or one of her many pals. Others I've found do the same. 

Mind you she doesn't seem to want to come back into a home situation. I guess she's adapted to the wilds. She's happy just to have her ears scratched, and be fed.

More on "Tick Tock" as the sightings continue.

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Happy Holidaze"


"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10


I had another of those dreams. I was far..I was walking so very very far. My feet hurt I looked down they were bleeding. I left foot prints of blood on grey concrete.

This place was bleak.

All seemed made of the same course grey stone. The road, and the low rise building on either side. Grey cold. I seemed to have companions, but could never quite see them. I was I think homeless wandering. I lived this once before though now it was in a dream-scape.

It was always noon.

No morning no night no evening.

I was near a sea. There were submarines diving just off the coast. so many. It seemed as if squadrons of them were slowly going down one after another.

...and there was singing.

The "Sailor's  Hymn"...I could faintly hear it in the sea's distance.

"Eternal Father, strong to save,

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,

Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep,

It's own appointed limits keep;

Oh hear us when we cry to Thee,

For those in peril on the Sea!"

And so they dived. All manner of submersibles. WW2 Gato Class subs to today's California, and Montana Class nuclear Boomers. 

The sea washed the blood from my feet.

The dream morphed as they do, and I was sweeping the floor of an abandoned building.  I was nearly naked. I wore just scraps of rags. I heard a baby crying down the hall. I went opened the door, and saw the child's shadow...just the shadow. The room held a shadow which cried, and cried.

I closed the door, and returned to sweeping.

Another morph, and I was rummaging in a bin for cloths. They were all like the thin rags I was wearing. A person came, and handed me a pair of new jeans. 

...and a silver dollar.

She said I could sleep on the roof. She said the birds would "protect" me,..."they protected everybody" here.

And I did sleep on the roof. I slept in the eternal noon of that world. I lay there as swarms of birds danced above.

The I awoke. 

Christmas eve just another day of damage control. 

Controlling the multi-megaton hit of my forced retirement. I've found that there's so much to do to maintain a life where there's nothing to do.

My damned insurance!  

It was supposed to be automatic, but I've spent weeks trying to get the damned thing hooked up. It's there now, but they ain't sent the frigging card yet, and I can't download the temporary one.

Typical end of our American Empire "Catch-22" crap!

I was also up all night going crazy with anxiety depression rages despairs, and assorted real, and imagined dementia's. Sound familiar. It's the Boomers past time these daze.

I put my pants on jam my Yankee's cap on my head, and head out into the Emerald City dawn. Well gloom is more like it. Dawn comes when it damned well feels like it this time of year. 

I headed up to the City University Campus in the Yukon of Manhattan. This to work on my damned stupid radio program that six people listen to. I'd have a bigger audience if I did it live in Central Park or on a subway platform.

Speaking of the trains in the twilight hours they're always weird...expresses become locals...the "Three" become the "Four", the "N" becomes the "A", and the "Q" just plain vanishes. Gone vaporized for hours.

Someone should write a book about what realms the "Q" slips over into during them faerie-time hours.

Aw, but here come my train. Filled to the brim with night workers going home, and day workers just starting to head in. 

All of them passed out. 

Them, and so many Homeless. The come, and go like the tides. When Washington or local, and state money is flush for their care they're gone. When the Republicans manage to cut funding they return.

They're back.

The Repubican Nazi fucks have cut the cash for these folks again. That, and axed extending unemployment for the millions laid off during this Great Depression.

I think it's time for radical, and insane shit to be done to these evil stingy Repubo-fucks. 

I'll just leave it there. 

I mean it would be uncool for a Pacifist to advocate mass executions slow red hot torture, and other interesting stuff so I'll just chill, and think of Krishna.

Btw when I finally gets all the bleeping way uptown to the CUNY Campus there's a sleeping homeless family on the bench right in front of me as the subway doors open.

As the lame though hopeful, and gentle Tiny Tim said,..."G-d Bless us Everyone."

I walk up the stairs from the station, and there's an elderly homeless woman who has apparently had enough, and snapped.

She rants at the top of her horse voice,..."G-ddamn Everyone!" "...G-ddamn You All to Hell!!" "...Damn You!!!..Damn You..Damn You!!!"  

That's going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

Would that the various Chairman of this or that Federal Funding Board could have seen, and heard it.

Merry Christmas my dear Friends.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I think I was a ballerina in an earlier life. Well that maybe a carpenter, a WW2 fighter pilot, and a 12th century peasant somewhere. That one involved goats, and lots of pigs I think. In 'all' these lives I was probably also some sort of Queer trouble maker.

"There 'is' no Place like Home"

...oh if only we knew how to get there.


 Enough despair, enough war, and stupidity, and grief. How to break through to the majik. The bright wonderful strange worlds that exist side by side with ours. The visions we have of the "other side" are all confused, and jazzed up with with religion, booze, dope, lust, boredom, and rage. It's there though. Sometimes the visions, the dreams are crystal clear.

There are these moments we see, and there is no doubt, no bullshit, the cool stuff is real Real!

Everyday can be beautiful, everyday is a trip to Coney Island, the nicer parts of Paris, Grandma's house, your girlhood/boyhood dream of your best friend's bed when the parents are away, puppies, kittens, bunny rabbits, fields of flowers, free cable, free tuition, getting your book published, and no tax's for life!

Not only Freedom, but Happiness is Possible!

*The above I wrote for my long departed blog, 2006 CE, "Royal Republic of Sydneyland". Remember that one? It was fun. I started a Republic on the 'net, and had loyal subjects all over the world. I handed out titles to various of the comrades. 

We had a ball.

"Blue Monks"

I had a very vivid dream long ago about a monastery, and monks with sky blue robes. There were newly built pagodas sitting in pastel green fields. I could smell the fresh cut wood they were built of. In this dream I was a young novitiate running up the stairs with the other boys. 

We were monastery lads decked in simple robes the color of the summer sky.

I remember crystal gardens, and rose mountains in the distance. There was music too. A kind I'd never heard before. Though it hummed, and danced within my heart, and soul.

I always felt that someday I would find this place. Either in another dream or another life. To this day I feel that this was where I was supposed to be, and this dream was calling me home.

Stay Tuned.

(I was thinking of this dream again. This, and much more from my younger days.)

"Charles Guislain"

"...When your Lesbian Aunts do Meth"

"Jeune Negre"~1900 C.E.