Saturday, December 7, 2013

"The Secret Room"

As a footnote to my book about my life at radio WBAI, "Eat Shit, and Die you Jew Hating Eunuch!" There's a fascinating story about the engineer's rest office. It began as just a quiet spot for us to chill between illegally long shifts, but grew into much more.

Suffice to say massive drug taking radio program creations plots to overthrow various incompetent managements viewing new movies on industry video before their release...that's how I saw "Star Wars", and "Apocalypse Now".

It was a hot house of intrigue, and profound fun.

Thing is this place was supposed to be a "secret" office. Kind'a sort'a. So in keeping with this being a secret we put a life size "ILSA She Wolf the SS" life size cut out in front of our door.

Covered with blinking Xmas lights.

Eh...this to divert attention.

Ya had to be there.

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