Saturday, December 21, 2013

"...looks Queer to me"

The more Queer dolls the better. The post above this one features a few of the more modest boy dolls by Japanese artist Hidei Koh. The just above creation is by an unknown gleeful internet pervert...bless him her or other.

Hi gang in this merry, and festive time of year our thoughts of course harken to the image of young boys in dresses. At least mine does. Aw it's okay I'm just thinking about stuff is all.

Yeah I haven't done much Queer posting on this page much. I sort of did a split where this page is for my regular bullshit, and "Dragonfly",...see link on the right below. "Dragonfly" is for my pervert stuff.

Yeah it sort of works, but I think the border had gotten too formal so I figured I'd to speak some Queer pervert stuff here more often. Mind you I'm mostly retired from hot'n greasy monkey sex..well okay completely retired from all that noise.

Also too much pervert stuff here, and haters/Blogspot will just evaporate this page, and all it's demented though neat stuff. So just a touch of Queer action from time to time. That okay with you is..good.

Stay Tuned.

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