Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Hot Bleep!"

Bizarre storm winds have sucked warm tropical air all the way to the Pole. So not only is it unnaturally sultry this winter in most of the country,...yeah blizzards, and floods out west, but still.  So not only are we having Bar-B- Q's at Coney island this Christmas...they did. The North Pole is having a "Heat Wave!"

You heard right.

Bleeping "Heat Wave" at the North Bleeping Pole! Thanks to "Man Made" crapping with the climate over the last 250 years, but especially in the last 100. Air circulation the winds have gone totally nuts because we went, and warmed the damned Oceans.

So we get insane storms one place mega droughts in another. In this case warm tropical air has got sucked all the bleeping way up to the North Pole.

Temperatures are,...get this...50f to 70f degrees...I'll say it again. "50f to 70f" higher than winter normal which should be -34f. 'Got no idea what that is in Celsius I ain't French!

That action is the same as winter temps of 120f in Maine. Eh, got ya attention yet?

Basically it's well above freezing at the Pole.

I hope this extreme winter warmth will finally get folks to do something. Oh I don't mean "fix it'. Way way 'too' late for any of that happy noise. No I mean that we finally have to get that we're all totally fucked, and it's time to take measures for our survival.

This ain't a joke anymore.

Serious plans for saving as much of the population, and infrastructure as we can with the little time we still have. This ain't wacko talk anymore it's the real deal because the excreta has hit the turbines in a big way, and we better get the bleep ready for mega interesting times.

( "Clarance", above, the delegated representative of the "Polar Bear Community" tried to awaken humans to what the bleep they were doing to the planet, and specifically his neighborhood. He held a "One Bear" protest on Wall Street a few years back, and was busted for his troubles. Though NPR, below,  did a nice story on him.)

 Eh,...can you swim?

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Stay Calm"

As patrons of this page you may have noticed things have gone a bit "Queer Crazy" for a while here. Don't worry everything is under control. It's all part of the show folks no need to panic.

Homeland Security is sending it's "De-Queerizer" teams that should be here any time now. Their 'evac' Black Hawks will land on the roof soon.

A first aid station is being set up as I post at the rear of this page. This for any that feel that may have caught some "Gay". Please line up to the right. Severe cases will be treated as the "De-Fag" vaccine arrives.

Again as I said no need to panic. It's all part of the program. Just sit back relax, and take the trauma pills distributed as the Blog continues.

The Management of this page, and it sponsors thanks you for your patients in this most distressing, and uncertain time.

Stay Tuned.

"Charles Guislain"...model, and Diva

As you know I lost my Heart, and other assorted organs to Charlie here some time ago. It's a classic "Blue Angel" or "Death in Venice" deal. Although I have no intention of kicking the bucket over this kid.

No this is just one of those fan obsession things. 

Fortunately for me,...and my lawyers. Charlie, and I are separated by an ocean, fashion, and a shit load of decades. So there it is. Still the Heart can dream.

Here below is Charlie in over the top Drag. 

He looks like a boozy Twiggy. I'm glad he didn't follow up on this much. Drag is cool mind you, but ya has to be careful about it. A little too much this way or that, and things get nuts...ya know?

I likes him better as a vaguely Angelic Faerie Sissy Boy Shaman Spirit Being.   Um...a proper Cupid as the Romans saw them. In the bloom of early manhood, and Boy Beauty...with a real Dick. You get my point.

Btw I still wanna marry Charlie up there. ( Drag or not.)

My steamy mad obsession with him has now lasted so long he's of legal marry'n age! So I don't have to adopt him, but can have a swell outright Queer Marriage.

I'd like the gleeful shebang performed by Whoppie Goldberg at first base in Yankee Stadium with the famed "Pussy Riot" singing a no doubt unique version of "Here Comes da Bride!".

My heavens!

I can already see dear Charlie all done up in a wedding outfit especially cooked up by that demented one percenter fashion genius Valentino Garavani. 

Rafael-esq Angel-winged semi-nude choirboys will be carrying the gown's 200 ft. train with unemployed comix book artists spreading medical Marianna before the scared procession.

'Course I'll be rolled along in an oxygen tent by my medical team who will be trying to keep me alive to the end of the ceremony.

Like the song below sez, "I have NO! regrets".

Stay Tuned.


Beautiful Boys Cartoons, and Music will save the world from the Fire of War, and Gross Male Stupidity. Well that, and a huge dose of rational common sense! You show'em Mickey!

Btw above there are our dear pals Stevie Lee, and Aqualake. May these lovely boys grow into Heartful men.

Stay Tuned.

"The Good Earth"

Long ago, when I was a lad. Three men went to the moon. They were the first to go, but because they didn't land no one remembers their names. Never mind that doesn't matter. What does matter though is what they did when they arrived.

These were the first human souls to reach, and orbit the moon. It was Christmas eve 1968. A most eventful year. Indeed one of the  most dramatic years of recent centuries as those who were there will vividly remember.

It was fitting that it closed with so moving an event as Apollo 8 reaching la Luna.

The Moon.

Through this voyage we for the first time saw our Earth, our home whole in the sea of forever. So small, so beautiful, so fragile.

The world watched, and listened that night. That Christmas eve, that Holy night of our combined Hopes.

As the Apollo caravel rounded the moon astronauts Anders, Lovell, and Borman read from the first page of Genesis.

William Anders:

"For all the people on Earth the crew of Apollo 8 has a message we would like to send you".

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness."

Jim Lovell:

"And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day."

Frank Borman:

"And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good."

Borman then added, "And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas, and God bless all of you - all of you on the good Earth."

Stay tuned.

"Rabbits on the Moon"

I found this art piece on the web the other day. It really appealed to me. A tribal lad painted with river mud, and dye from tropical flowers. All this to be properly decorated to greet the crescent moon.

I remember, long ago. Back when cars had fins, and everything was in black, and white. I remember my grand aunt telling me that ‘rabbits’ live on the moon. That if you looked real close you’d not only see the “Man in the Moon”, but quick rabbits as well.

So our hero here is all painted, and ready to fly with the moon’s rabbits.

Maybe it’s my meds, but I find this surreal idea pleasing. Quite pleasing indeed. If only I could go back to grand aunt Josey’s house as the lad I was. Go back, and ask her to paint me like an Indian boy. Like an Amazon boy.

Then we’d wait for moon rise. At just the right moment I’d leap, and be caught by the Selena’s tides. The Luna winds, and I’d run, fly with the wild rabbits of the moon. 

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Those Guys"

"This Shit is Funny"


The Earth what a wonder. Now see the map below. It looks like a weather map for a day in early May.  In fact we're just off Christmas Eve. 

The Earth screams in agony at the pain we angry "fire ants" are compulsively inflicting on her. We unknowing, and uncaring torture our Mother.

This Earth the World that birthed us, and all that live with us. 

These days this time as I say in another post this "False Season". This widened Autumn of fearful signs, and few wonders fills me with sorrow, and dread.

Sorrow for the world we have lost, and dread of the one we have making. I sometime envy those with faith in the various invisible g-ds they worship.

A caring kindly divinity that will make everything right, and good. So comforting a notion. I even drift back into faith sometimes. The Holidaze especially re-news my feelings of loss. Loss of my long ago fervent faith.

Well no g-d will fix our wounded world or change the minds of the greedy fearful men that insist on this mass torture of the Earth. Even if these divinities were 'real' I doubt they'd intervene.

They'd say to us they'd answer our prayers with, "You dirtied the Earth 'you' clean it."  

"You murder your children 'you' spear them." 

"You stave your neighbors 'you' feed' them.

"You're plagued with wars, 'you' end them."

No great shining miracles from the sky are needed. 'We' committed all the mentioned crimes, and more. 'We' can stop them. 'We' can make amends. 'We' can heal, and restore.



Stay Tuned.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Looking for Fezziwig’s"

Fezziwig, old Fezziwig was the good hearted shop keeper that young Ebenezer Scrooge was apprenticed to in the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol".

In that story the character Fezziwig kept Christmas with a gleeful merry making that he, and his family shared with their employees, and indeed the world.

Christmas eve at Fezziwig‘s shop was a fine display of bright decorations, music, dancing, games, and boisterous laughter.

Oh, but the food!

Long tables were weighted down with all manner of tasty morsels. There were pies, cakes, hot breads, roasts, and cider!

Most of all, most wonderful of all is what Fezziwig gave of his soul. Loving kindness, warm fellowship, and an intuitive understanding of the true meaning of the day.

Christmas Day.

As Charles Dickens says through the character of Scrooge’s nephew Fred.

"Christmas is a time of generosity. A kind, and forgiving day. A day when men, and women from all circumstances open their shut-up hearts to the world."

‘And so it was true of Mr. Fezziwig. Silly, dear old Fezziwig, and his family, and apprentices. They were happy to be in each other’s company, and truly rejoiced in the day. Christmas Day.

The Fezziwig parable from the story of Scrooges redemption, "A Christmas Carol" is very special to me. Special because it touches upon a need I have. That perhaps a great many have. You see I’ve been searching for Fezziwig's for many years.

I’ve been looking for that humble shop so filled with joy for most of my life. A place of heart-fullness, and acceptance I so far I can only dream of.

Since I was very young, since I was a lad I’ve always felt outside, far from the hearth, beyond the window, outside of the door, locked out at the gate. Always outside looking in, and hoping to be noticed.

Through these many years I’ve searched for a tribe, a nation, a faith to belong to. To be enfolded into, and kept, and loved, and needed. I longed to be in a place where you could taste the love in every giving, and receiving.

I had hoped I would one day stumble upon such a miracle.

On many a Christmas Eve I wandered the streets of this vast Emerald City. This busy place of towers, lights, and noise. Through the neon canyons I looked for a very particular kind of magic. I have yet to be blessed with it’s discovery, but I do not despair. Because despite it all I still believe. I still have a kind of faith.

I Believe in Dreams.

I Believe in Holy Magic.

...but most of all I believe in the power of Good. The power of Loving Kindness. Yes even in a world as dark, and uncaring as this.

So I know,...I Know. One Christmas Eve yet to come I will walk down an unremarkable street with unseen Angels at my side. I will walk down a narrow snowy street, and at last find a small humble shop. A shop with wide, open, and inviting doors, warm golden lights, music, bright laughter, joyful songs,...and best of all welcoming smiles.

I will have at long last found my Christmas.

Merry Christmas !

(I wrote this some years ago. I'm still looking, and I still have Faith. Below are some Comments from this piece's first posting in I think 2009 or there'about.)

Zaek said...
Where is the loving Rainbow Tribe, not just for one week of the year in some inaccessible hinterland, but all the time, right here, right now? Where is AllenGinsbergLand, where RamDassPlanet, where indeed is Fezziwig's?
Bodmin said...
Fezziwig's shop was torn down some years ago and replaced by a 12 story glass and steel luxury condo.
Zaek said...
Well ain't that the old, old story!

I bet it's owned by Scrooge & Marley, or Grinch, Inc.

Maybe the Ghost of Solstice Present will show up in one of the flats one of these nights and scare the bejeezus out of Mr. Grinch.

Fezziwig's is for us to make.

I got close to it some years ago when I ran a small 'story-telling' cafe. It started in response to a plea from parents in a local Steiner school for somewhere their kids could go in out-of-school hours. We rented a run-down shop and ran it as a small cafe serving coffee and waffles and healthy Alternative Stuff at pocket money prices.

The principal idea of our Story-Telling Cafe was that for everyone on Earth there is a story that s/he needs to hear - a story that was written for YOU. So kids came along to hear story-tellers in the hope of one day hearing the story that was meant for them.

The 'kids' were soon joined by parents and grandparents (especially grandparents). Not only little kids, but lots of teenage kids and middle-aged kids and geriatric kids. We had story-telling sessions at lunch and in the evenings, and at weekends we also had tales at breakfast-time.

The reason the place worked was that it was left more-or-less in the hands of a keen group of teenagers, who proved to be brilliant organizers.

The cafe eventually hosted a school for story-telling - there is a bottomless need for stories and a longing to learn the skills of story-telling.

One case at 'Fezziwig's' lives on in my mind above all others. I was telling (never reading, always telling) the tale of the King of Ireland's son to a group of kids from a local school (a culturally down-at-heels state school). One black boy of around 14 was staring at me with what looked like aggression. When I paused for the 'question time' he asked: 'Have I got it right...Is this story about a boy who doesn't have a Dad?'
Uncle 2012 said...
So true. It is for us to make.
Zaek said...
That's great Sion. I love cafés. Yours sounds a lot like the temple of refuge that Sidney and I were discussing.

"Night of Nights"

"Vanished Dreams"

"Sissy Meditation II"

Sissies Queers Faggots gave the world Color Magic, and Liberated Loving! I hear "straight gays" say, "...We're Just Like You!" "We're just like everybody else."


We are Not!

Never were never will be. We're Different..'Very' Different!

Imagine being on Fire!

On Fire!

BURNING BURNING BURNING, and Not being Consumed!

We're reborn from second to second.

Every cell every atom!

We wear a skin of Flame!

Our eyes are glowing coals of Jade, and Gold.

Our words are lightning, and our Dreams ignite Stars! we are 'not' like everyone else.

The act of creation is continuous. Walt Whitman shared his Dreams his Nightmares his Confusions his Joys as a 40 year long poem! This is what his "Leaves of Grass" was, and is.

A Life Statement a Life as a Celebration!

One long prayer to Forever.

The living bits of our joined creations filtered through pen paper brush canvas keyboard screen sky camera studio, and mic this is the collective voice of our Souls.

We say to Eternity We are Here We Dream We Create We Matter.

 This is who We Are.

This is How We Live.

We Burn.

We are the Fire that can 'Never' be put out.

(This is the latest re-write of the second "Sissy Meditation". I was going to do this on "Dragonfly" my Queer page. However the mood to work struck me here so... Anyway I eventually get around to posting it on my other page.)

 I'm thinking of doing a simple animation with drawings, and dolls with this as the text/soundtrack.

Stay Tuned


"I feel so full of Love. It's worse than when I was young." Quote from Saint Walt Whitman. America has many demons, but many Saints too. Besides the obvious ones there are the Holy somewhat quiet ones that influence who we are as a Nation.

Stay Tuned.

"Stav Strashko",...for "Z"

"Happy Bastard"

The tradition of putting magnets, and assorted stuff on your fridge may be coming to an end. Seems the newer generation of ice boxes are all aluminum.

Magnets don't stick to "Aluminum."

So I suggest taking snaps of your fridge while you can with all your stuff on it as a keepsake of the 50 or 60 year era of "Fridge Door Art". Some quick fella out there might do a coffee table book on the subject, and make a few fast bucks.

...I'd do it, but I'm too damned pissed off, and delusional. Anyway here's what mine looks like at the moment. 

Oh btw ISIS has gone after more Ancient Towns, and blasted them to pieces to please gawd.

I hope the demented Bastard is Happy.

Stay Tuned.

"Beneath Lavender Skies"

"Ken" as he is today." Noted scholar researcher author artist/poet actor model, and former City Council-Person of the City of San Francisco. He's also a Gay Activist. Was one of the founding members of the California "Gay Activists Alliance".

"Ken" along with his lifelong friend, and former wife "Barbie" are about to embark on an international book tour.

His latest is called "Beneath Lavender Skies". It's his long awaited Autobiographical work of his time in the Mattel Toy Company. His meeting Barbie the forced marriage. The deep closet years Aids police, and FBI blackmail.

Most of all President Obama's work to help him clear not only his, but the names of countless dolls, and fictional characters with both government, and local police files being held over them.

Above is a portrait of Ken taken for this interview, and the infamous 1978 mug shot of Barbie.

This was taken when she was arrested trying to intervene for Ken when he was being beaten by "Toon Police" on the front steps of his own home. They punched her out, arrested her as a prostitute, and made sure all the tabloids got the mug shot.

Ugly days indeed.

This incident too is covered in detail in the book, "Beneath Lavender Skies". The Captain in charge, now retired, is interviewed. For the first time he officially reveals where the orders for the "Ken" hit came from,...a Shocker!

"Beneath Lavender Skies", Oxford University Press. To be released March 15th of next year.

Stay Tuned.