Friday, December 18, 2015

"Kat Tale"

How I long to have a Kitty Kat of my very own. I mean the little guys always like me. Well them, and Babies. However I don't want one'na them.

"Babies" that is.

I mean I likes'em okay, but having actually raised a few of these crying crapping bi-peds. Well I figure I gave at the office if ya get my meaning.

Oh, but "Kitty Kats" yeah! 

Well "yeah" if I can get one that don't need to be fed "fixed" or shits all over the place. Get rid of these disgusting features, and I'm all for'em. 

Basically I want one of them advanced "Japanese Robot Cat" things ya see on YouTube. A low maintenance robot pal to hang around my digs with me.

I see it as a "Win+Win" deal.

The "Robo-Kat" gets all the batteries it can eat, and I get the gleeful illusion of company. When I get pissed off at it I just can put the little bleep back in it's box till needed again.

It's truly a 21st century relationship. Selfish insincere, and heartless. What could be better since we're all going to Hell anyway for fucking up the damned Planet.

Anyway I emailed that incompetent drunk Santa about it. So we'll see.


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