Monday, February 25, 2013

"I was Born in the Wrong Time"


"Tiger Beat"

This above is Bill from "Tokio Hotel" he's so sweet. He's in his twenties now still sweet beautiful. I never liked his singing much, but I like the Queer persona. The sense of Sissy hijinks he's projected.

The 'real' Bill is a mystery, and should stay so.

Don't know where he likes to hide the salami, and who cares. Like I say here or on some other site. It's the act I like. Who knows what he or any public person is really like. It's none of our business anyway.

I fall in love with the drama, the story the fiction the dream the fantasy these folks create. This makes more sense that mucking about trying to get into the real lives of these guys.

I still wanna have his babies though.

Stay tuned.


Humm, I've been thinking about the end of the world as we know it ,...which has already happened what with all the climate change disasters in the world. That, and a few continent changing tsunamis in recent years. Ya know one of them things actually slowed the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount.

Yeah that got my attention.

Anyway what would I do if a Zombie Apocalypse happens to break out on some Tuesday afternoon.  I might miss it because I sleep all day on my days off. Also given my 'Hood a somewhat congested urban middle level hell. Well I'd be toast...literally.

I guess the first indication that the Apocalypse is in progress would be the screaming shooting, and sirens. Well maybe not since that goes on anyway. Perhaps the sight of various ghouls busting in through my door, and windows would be a better sign. This would certainly get my attention.

I think it all depends on what sort of Zombies I'm dealing with. If it's the classic slow lurching Romero guys from the first movie no problem. I just hit'em over the head, and shove them out of my digs.

OTOH if it's them fast berserkers we've been seeing lately I'm fucked. I don't have a crossbow shotgun AK-47 or even a Saturday Nite Special handy to blast my way through these guys. So if it breaks out anytime soon my brains are Zombie bait period.

If I'm lucky though, and it all breaks out while I'm out, and about  I may have a bit of a chance. It'll be a scary adventure,..till I'm eaten. Still a hell of a ride.

Best place to be would maybe be at one of the local Army bases..Fort Hamilton is handy. There volunteered into the service. I'd be handed the old trusty M-14, the crap out of the M-16 by a country mile.  More Bang for the Buck. With that the fun would begin.

Aim for the head as every fan of the "Walking Dead" knows. 'Course this depends on how bad Brooklyn is infested with them Zombie bastards. If it's bad we get overrun, and eaten. If not we shoot our way up the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to JFK when we 'hope' re-enforcements is coming in.

Humm, maybe I should develop this into some of that "World War Z" fan-fic that's covering the web like kudzu or crabgrass. Anyway sit tight, and keep plenty of ammo ready.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 22, 2013

'News from the Yukon"

Greetings comrades. Well WBAI the characters that still employ me. ( WBAI has made it's move to it's temporary digs on the campus of *CUNY...see story, and image a few posts below.

I love it here. We're surround by brilliant young folks, and a smart cool teaching staff. We're in a temple of Learning. Our studios are smaller, but well up to the task. Btw our administrative offices are in the new World Trade Center complex. I haven't been over there yet, but the wonks say it has a swell view. Fine anything that keeps the suits away from us the better.

*(City University of New York in the Harlem Heights)

Sorry no images here or at my secret Queer site for the next week or so. The new facility uses the mac. I don't like these things, and don't know how to use them yet. How the hell do you put images in a file on one of these crappy things!

Anyway the big plan is to eventually move to our own building near the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a year or so. We need to raise all sorts of dough, and cut shady deals with everybody. Luckily the  Brough  Presidents,..that's like the Mayor of the individual parts of the City. The Brough Presidents of Manhattan, and Brooklyn as well as assorted Celebes are backing us.

Good grief who knew we had such friends. 'Maybe' I should ask for that raise.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Hedeki Koh"

"Doll Show"

These are from the series of Boy Dolls created by artist Hidekl Koh. These images are from a gallery showing in Japan. I love them. In the west we have no tradition for male dolls,..not much of one anyway.

As a doll fan I love seeing the doll works from other cultures. They see things differently. Yeah they have their own bleep to deal with, but at least it ain't 'our' bleep. I wish a museum or gallery here in the Emerald City would host Hideki. However given our taboos, and neurotic obsessions a SWAT team would probably blow the place to bits.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Ash Wednesday"

Imagine my surprise when I found myself wandering around Trinity Church on Ash Wednesday. This is the Church that Washington passed up after his inauguration. He went up the block to St. Paul's instead. Why? Who knows.

Anyway I was out, and about Wednesday evening, and noticed a sign outside of Trintiy saying they were being free with the ashes, soooo. Yeah for the first time in a number of decades I had the "Mark" placed upon me.

Here's why I bring up this noise.

It's a miracle! Just like them healer guys do on local cable TV. Yep I was made Straight! Eh let me put that another way. See I was really feeling yucky. Headache dizzy nausea the usual winter crap. However as soon as the Ashes are applied Zap!

I'm fit as a frigging fiddle..more or less.

Certainly I felt better. Yeah yeah it was just a placebo effect or some such, but so what. It did the trick. Heck I should go to Church more often. Forget confession not a chance. I'm saving that action for my screen play. Com'on there's an HBO movie in all that.

Stay tuned.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"In the Moment"

"That's More Like It!"

"Be Here Now"

Still here after all these years. I don't know why, but I think I'm happy to be alive. In a way sorta. Usually I'm just here like you, and everybody else just going through the motions. Ya know responsibilities routines blah blah.

However the Angels or some sort of unexpected bio-chemical accident kicked in for a few moments, and I kinda saw myself as a swell spark of life. We all are from the virus to them 4000 year old redwood trees the loggers always have the hots to cut down.

Mind you I don't feel this way often so I'm enjoying it while I can before I slip back into the grey of the day to day. Be nice if we could live this awareness all the time though. Maybe after I retire or get laid off I'll become a Monk or something. This so I can be more aware I'm one of those shining sparks.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"In the Thick of it!"

Blizzard Nemo hit the town! Umm maybe not as big as what Boston got, but big enough. I had fun being out at about 2:00 am at the height of the Storm. It was a white out! One couldn't see, but a few feet ahead. Yep it was my kind of snow event!

Well okay one complaint. It was wet snow. Not the nice dry kind that's like fine crystals.

'Never mind..I love the snow! Thanks to climate change we don't get it as often nor as much as in the old days. Still when we do  I have a swell time. Yeah I'm mindful of them that are homeless or left in danger after Sandy. So this is a bit of a guilty pleasure, respects of those comrades in tough situations.

Still I did as I've been doing in recent years, and took scientific samples of the precipitation. I have small Tupperware samples of the Blizzards of 2009, and 2011. 2012 was a very warm, and snow-less winter. Indeed we had an actual 'heatwave' during it. It got over 80f in some places. Climate change. Anyway now I'll add snow from the Blizzard of 2013 to my little freezer collection.

We all have our little joys. Mine is opening these things up during heat waves, and experiencing just a touch of winter. 


Hints of snow drifts, and crisp winds during the steamy months in which our beloved Emerald City roasts in Hell.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 8, 2013


"Stav Strashko"


Speaking of fantasy Queer pals Stav Strashko comes to mind. Yeah clearly I have this thing to tall thin femmy white guys, aaaand tall thin femmy black yellow, and brown guys too. Hey whad'da'ya want from me.

In reality in recent decades I mostly just go to work come home go to work come home, get the sad picture. Oh but the dreams,..and the art. I used to publish swell Angels books of my neat art of Angels. Eh,...tall thin femmy...etc. 'Used to be a deranged racial Queer maniac. I've retired.

I mostly perform write, and sleep these days.

I really should have been a Geisha. 

Stay tuned.



Oh Charlie. If only we were happy together in some low budget love nest watching "Nemo" blast the city with gleeful waves of snow. Oh to ride out "Nemo",...jezz where do they get these names, to ride out the latest Storm of the Century in the arms of my fantasy object of comradely bliss!

There we'd be watch the Blizzard through the crystal clear picture window of our happy shelter. I'd be reciting passages of "Leaves of Grass to the lovely youth. He'd be ignoring me, and texting his fashionable friends back in Paris.


So much for that fantasy. These little bubbles burst at the first opportunity. Still it's the thought that counts. Actually I'll be spending the Blizzard at work at the Radio Station. What fun. Never mind Idle hands are the Devil's industrial fuck palaces, and we can't have that can we.

Stay tuned.

"Liberty get's Ready for Nemo"

"Storm Warnings"

Wow 37 folks looked in today up from "two" earlier.  I note that our counter doesn't show any of this new info. Aw what do you expect this blog is free. Ya get what you pay for.

Humm...ya suppose my talking about pretty boys, and slapping up picture of 'em has anything to do with this sudden population explosion? Imagine if they was naked I'd be getting numbers like the old daze!

Speaking of snow storms looks like we're in for it. "Nemo" the latest Big Storm is zeroing in on the Emerald City! The National Weather Service sez we can expect Blizzard condition from today Friday through tonight into tomorrow afternoon.

Holy Smokes!

This shit looks serious. The City is warning the folks in the worse parts of the Hurricane Sandy damaged areas to seek other shelter. ??? Where?!! Those people have been getting the run around for months. The relief money is only now beginning to come in. This thanks to them Tea Party Nazi fucks in Congress.

They sat on the dough for evil political reasons. I'd say we should shoot the lot of them point blank. Bury'em then dig'em up the next day, and shoot them again to make sure.

 Okay pretty insanely gruesome even for me.

I'm still sort of a Pacifist a little. So instead I'll pray for their enlightenment. Yeah that's nicer. Also maybe sneak into their mansions, and put cat shit with tooth paste in their slippers. Then sugar in their gas tanks, and then paste Queer porn pro-Abortion, pro-Queer Marriage posters on their windows!  I was gonna slash their tires too, but like I say I'm listening to my better Angels today.

That Jesus guy has some really fucked up friends.

Anyway the storm is moving in about now a few flurries so far.  However something big is gathering. The sky sez it all. I love it when nature goes nuts. It shows us there is something bigger, stronger, and more mysterious out there than us.

This is reassuring.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Charlie,..more on him below"

"Who Me?"

"Yeah You Pal"

Above is Bill Kaulitz of the boy band Tokio Hotel. For a while there I was having Queer crushes on assorted boy band folks. Well okay I still am. Though I've branched out to cute male models more recently.

Oh Charlie I 'want' to have your babies! that's a whole other post.

Anyway harmless fantasies,...more or less. Most of these heart throbs are gleefully openly Species Queer. Except Bill who insists that he's straight as a pool cue, and mad about the gals,..sure. Yeah whatever. Makes no difference to me.

I'm mostly in lust, and or love with the image these guys create as opposed to the actual persons. Except for Charlie. With 'him' I want to fuck his brains out marry him, and have his babies,...simple. 

As for the others it just their phoney persona's I lust for. Safer that way, and also being a semi-public person. Being on the radio, and all I get that what one projects, and what one actually is are almost never as in 'Never' the same. 

For example I always wanted to be a Nun,...or a Geisha whereas everyone 'thinks' I want to be librarian. 

So Bill ain't a Queer,...he just dresses like one, and hangs out with them, and goes to their clubs, and seems to have a Queer main squeeze, but naw he ain't no kinda Queer. Nope not a drop.

Me neither.

I'm glad we set the record straight.

"Snow Daze"

Two people looked in on these pages today. Thanks, really. Thanks. However I can remember when it was hundreds sometimes over a thousand a day. Aw well times change. Um, I think it helped that I was posting naked people back then. Among other interesting, and borderline legal items,...ahem.

Btw a hugh blizzard is headed our way. It's been a few years since our last "whiteout". Maybe 18/20 inches coming.

Oh the other hand it may just rain.

That's what usually happens when the weathers persons go nuts on TV about a big snow storm on the way. We'll see. If anything happens I'll take some snaps, and post them.

My tax return forms came today along with materials from a few years ago. I need to catch up on all that static. Obama needs my money to buy more drones so he, and his pals can blow folks up. Mind you some of them bastards need blowing up. Just not the Grandmas little kiddies, and assorted wildlife that tends to get vaporized along with the bad guys.

Like g-d drones have rotten aim. 

Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"I'm in a Beast from the Deep Mood"

"It ain't this easy anymore"

"YUMMY Part Two"

Okay the curry dinner turned out fine! Should have got some green peppers though, time. Humm..maybe beef stew that or veggie soup. Yes I did feel better making a meal at home. As opposed to the usual take out.

On to new challenges. I have to gather my papers to go downtown this get my new I.D. It should be easier this times, may remember my Orwellian adventure a few years back. These daze what with Osama feeding the fishes they actually 'want' folks to have proper I.D. 

Anyway as I say below I need to get a Passport, and ya can't get one without a State card. Think of it as an internal Green Card for citizens. That or as dear Nurse Pickles called it an internal Passport.

Which is true since you need that damned card to travel or do banking or just about anything else these days,..swell.

Oh give me the pre-War on Terror informality that made this country so much fun. Hey I when I was a young kid I remember entering Canada by showing my library card. 
These days if you tried that you'd be body tackled bound a gun put to your head, and dragged off for "Questioning". 

This is not an exaggeration shit like this has happened for less.

If you tried this innocent border crossing act, and you're not a citizen you'd be disappeared into one of them Black Detention Holes that the government runs. I just heard we have one of them things in Somalia.  

"Blackhawk Down"land! 

Holy crap I thought we had pulled out'a that hell hole!

Aw well onward, and upward.

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Barbie's in Trouble Again"

"...that's our girl"

For heaven's sakes what the hell's wrong with that gal?! Last month it was the Meth lab she was running with them bikers in the old Cabbage Patch Doll factory. Before that she was running guns, and rockets to Syria.

 I don't even wanna get into her human trafficking rackets. Good grief she used to be such a clean cut kid. I mean after she managed to get that plea deal. Ya know the one where she walked after that trying to sell stolen Soviet Nukes to them nutters in Mogadishu. Well hell talk about ducking an Interpol bullet. We thought she'd call it a day, and retire on all her coke money after that. 

But no! Naw not her. What does she do? She goes out to roll Johns on Sunset Blvd for laughs.

Well that's our girl.


"Hot Stuff!"

Well on an up note about 30 folks came by these pages to see if I was still breathing,...I am. That being said time to get on with what's important,....Chicken Curry! Any curry actually is fine by me. Not the super hot kind. I mean I actually want to eat the meal.

Aw my my it's been too long since I cooked anything at home. So as part of my getting through the grey nothing of winter I'm gonna cook up a storm,...excuse the expression.

Nothing sez home like the aroma of home cooked meals. I remember when my Mom would make a big big pot of veggie soup. That or a stew. Aw gee. Anyway I'm going out to get the needed items fresh from industrial farms, and chicken mills!

I'll let ya know how it turned out.

Oh yes of course my terrifying life continues with all sort of annoying static, and threats. Hey that's just life. Bleep it. Watch the Magic Show video above up there, and have some laffs!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Rainning in my Living Room"

My dear upstairs  neighbors a swell Mexican family had a giant flood in their bathroom that rained down on my cute little apartment. Mama filled the tub for her little girl, but couldn't turn the water off. So the water just kept coming, and coming She apparently didn't know about the shutoff  under the sink.


Comrades take stock of your home. Know how everything works! You'll be glad you did, and so will the folks downstairs. So imagine my surprise when I came home to find the aftermath of a Niagara Falls event in my digs.  

Arrrggg! I'm so careful about keeping my space tidy too.

Anyway I'm having the owners fix stuff. Ha! That should take six months. What I'm really going to do is plaster, and paint the damaged area myself. That, and deduct the cost from this month's rent. That's how it's done in the big city.

My dear neighbors, (name withheld),..ahem. Anyway they brought down a yummy chicken, and rice Tex-Mex bowl for me as a consolation prize . I told ya they was swell folks. I just mentions all this because I wanna show that even in the general static of life in Hell there's nice folks, and nice things.

My next project is getting a new N.Y. State i.d, and a Passport. This should be interesting. I kinda needs one'a them things. I plan a European adventure this fall if I'm still breathing. More on that later.

Stay tuned.


"Always winter never Christmas" at least that's how C.S. Lewis saw the depths of winter. It's very cold this time around unlike the previous few winters..climate change. Cold, but here on the coast because the ocean is warmer..again climate change there's not much snow. I always felt that snow especially the light crystalline kind was the blessing of winter. 

However it's just dry bitterly cold, and grey. Mind you I'm not longing for the dreaded NYC heatwaves. Good grief I can live without them Remember I wrote that last summer the heat was so intense that it was drying the moisture in people's eyes!


Still I miss the snow. It's been a few years since we had a good white out here in the Emerald City.  I recall the great 2009 Times Square snowball fight during the "Boxing Day" blizzard.

Now that was fun..see above.

That's what I'd like. 

Still maybe it's for the best that we're spared the icy drifts this cycle 'round. Tragically there are 'still' so many without power or heat because of Hurricane Sandy. Things have moved on, and many have been left behind.

The Republicans in Congress stalled the relief funds for months. My gawd what sort of people are these? People suffered, and they only cared about their extreme ideology. There was just a trickle of help for a long while. Fortunately Obama was finally able to get some of the funds through. However because of our corrosive political divides it's billions less than needed.

This country is so divided, and spiritually corrupt today. Still some help is coming now that's to the good. We must have Hope for our collective future.

Friday, February 1, 2013


The purpose of the aliens is a routine survey and study of the dead planet, unaware that there is any life. The chamber housing the pods is man-made, constructed during the time when Earth's demise was inevitable. The human fetuses are in hibernation; the hope is that one day intelligent life will discover the chamber and harvest the pods back to their world, where the human race will have a rebirth.

 Rico Lowry