Saturday, July 30, 2016

"More Bad News"

We're killer Apes that pay income tax, and wear hats. However yes we have a spark...a tiny spark of something better, and brighter. Time we need time. Evolution is so slow. The gene that some few have that dampens aggression, and opens new channels of intelligence needs time.

My lay person's estimate is 20 to 50 thousands years before it's a given common trait. The problem is that such few that have it are so often either killed outright in childhood for being different or pushed aside in mating competition.

This is why the kind gentle ones are so rare.

As for those many thousands of years needed...we don't have it. That ecological "Tipping Point" is not in the future, but the past. Perhaps 50 to 100 years past. Maybe slightly longer. Some in the field are beginning to realize this. Right now it's being dismissed. But then back in the 1990's they said what's happening now these disasters wouldn't occur till mid-century or later.

Get the drift? ...we're fucked.

Mind you Earth 'will' abide. Heck in it's early history it survived a hit by an object the size of Mars. So we're no threat. Earth will just right itself without us. In 30 million years or so you'd never know we were ever here.

As for them 30 Million years. The scars humans will leave behind on the earth, quarries tunnels city traces landfills will be gone mostly by then.

Oh sure if you knew what you were looking for you might find a ceramic doodad or two.  Maybe a tunnel or urban trace here, and there.

Also though the half-life of most of the radio-active materials we fooled around with will have cooled off. There are some artificial exotic radiated materials we made with half-lives that border the hundred million mark.

If you were an Exo-Geologist from another star system say 60,000,000 years from now. That, and your dig was in the neighborhood of a former Laurence Livermore site. You'd be surprised, and intrigued at the radiation readings you were getting.

The source is clearly artificial, and has been in this deposit for tens of millions of years. Like the Voyager probes sailing out to the stars this find would say there was an ancient intelligent species that once lived on this world.

'That' at long last would be our "First Contact".

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hi folks. I was down with a summer flu for a few daze...I feel like crap. I'm still slowly pulling out of it. Everything hurts I'm barfing all the time, and have a Quantum Headache.

On the other hand I'm alive.

So anything happen while I was with the Angel Death?  I mean besides Trump being at 47%. This according to the "LA Times".

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


             Alright I give up,...what the fuck are you guys doing?

"Welcome Comrades"

Well they've done it again. Russians are the majority of folks coming around to gander at my about that. Sure they used to show up in big numbers before, but not for a while now.

I guess Putin turned off his Firewall for a time. I suppose they're dusting it...more likely it just broke down, and nobody is bothering to fix it.

Anyway nearly a thousand Russians have read through these pages in the last week. What they think of any of the material on this page I don't know. So much of it has to do with many American shared assumptions, slang, and hidden histories. I fear they may not get it, but they seem to like this jazz anyway.

Hey comrades want a nice thrill go to my Queer page.

  Go here...>>>>

I hear that this sort of thing is now illegal in Russia because of Putin, and the church. Fuck them to fucking hell. Enjoy.

                                    Welcome comrades!

                                          Stay Tuned.

Monday, July 25, 2016

"It Made Me What I Am"

All them "Dick Books" were full of these strange people living in these fantasy lands where everybody had everything, and kids didn't get whipped with extension cords.

The kids in them books looked so weird too. 

Not like anyone we'd ever seen. Yeah they was all white, but not normal white. They were all dressed so neat didn't have fucked up teeth not fat or insane looking or dorky or ugly like real kids looked. Their parents were just downright from other planets. 

All rich driving two cars at once wearing fuck'n suits evening gowns having the boss over for dinner. The boss looked like that editor Mr. White from that old "Superman" series on black'n white TV. 

The frigging ice cream man,...the big event of the day in these things. 

That guy looked like "Clark fucking Kent". He'd let these Zombie kids crawl all over his truck, and would usually give these mutants all the free cones they could carry. He didn't even molest them. The grandparents were stranger still. 

For one they weren't living in a refrigerator box in a vacant lot. 

They wasn't nuts, and crapping, and drooling all over the place either. They had these big bleeping estates in the country in which they let these cyborg kiddies run about in making all the destructive mayhem they wanted. 

Did I mention the damned dog. 

That little fuck ate better than anyone on my block, and got to crap, and piss wherever it wanted. I remember always hoping the damned thing would get run over by a big garbage truck. 

Squashed to hell it's guts flying out of it's mouth it's fucking brains splattering Dick, and Jane. The parents sprayed with shit blood, and assorted puppy parts as the truck obliviously drove on. 

Finally these proto-One Percenters see some reality!

Btw all this is was just the books...TV, and movies is a whole 'nother chapter.

("Dick, and Jane" deleted scenes. This image below from "Dick, and the Magic Powder." The stupid kid takes too much of his Beatnik Uncle's cocaine., and has a seizure.)

I was going to put an image of our pal "Dick" up there getting a blow job from "Rastus" their grandparents Colored handy man...handy indeed. You'll just have to imagine that blessed event as I don't want to get this joint deleted,...again.

Btw,'s a further "Deleted Scene".

I was going to leave this out figuring I had done justice to this deranged sem-reality. However a good comrade pointed out the necessity of including it.

Yep besides being a kid from some alternate universe Dick's also a gleeful Sissy. The only thing 'good' about his whole weird family. Like 'me' in my early daze his grandma liked to dress the little faerie up in gowns, and what not.

Looks like there's 'hope' for the little prick yet!

(A re-write of an old post that I like.)

Stay Tuned.

"Tiger Tiger Burning Bright..."

Usually when shit gets too crazy to write about I do WW2 this. It calms my nerves this war against absolute evil. Also being born right after this event I like my age cohort am familiar with all the detail of the conflict...the many sorts of hardwear as well.

Above is a WW2 "Lancaster" bomber being shot down over Germany. Hundreds were. Just as many hundreds of German bombers were brought down over Britain. Both sides had profoundly brave crews that risked near certain death to bring death to others.

We are Noble in our Madness.

I think that's what I'm trying to say here. In response to our traditional "Madness' I propose an alternative.

I have this flying fantasy that Bombers in war would drop food seeds medical supplies solar powered laptops water decontaminates comic books porn, and  artist supplies instead of Bombs.

Such missions with the same risk I would gladly fly today despite my somewhat aged condition. Besides wars 'should' be fought by grumpy old guys anyway.

We'd spend most of our time looking for our glasses sleeping sitting on the toilet playing cards or complaining.  No one would ever get killed' cause we'd 'never' get around to it.

Stay Tuned.

"First star to the Right..."


"Amber Skies"


"Doonesbury" captured the general public reaction to the events at the Republican National Convention. ...Absolutely stunned into horrified silence.

I have never in my life seen such scary shit at what was supposed to be a mainstream political event.

We all knew this was out there, but now they have a major political party. To say I'm concerned...crap. I'm fucking freaked the fuck out!

Not even the Klan ever officially took over a real political party.

This Republic is in for some serious shit coming up. If that bastard wins I expect hate crimes to go through the roof in celebration. I have a nightmare vision of Orlando style slaughters all over the country.

There's millions...that's Millions with an "M" that would applaud such mayhem. As I posted earlier I'm now more than ever in my life, and I was around for Jim Crow. I'm more aware of the physical danger I'm in than ever.

I must force myself to change habits, and travel carefully, and speak to no-one. This makes me not just sad, but enraged from my heart.

This is my Country Dammit!

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


CONSPIRACY theorists have finally been convinced there is no secret society running the country because no-one could possibly believe any of this was orchestrated.

Since the dawn of the internet, bedroom-based conspiracy theorists have thought society was controlled by a shadowy ‘Illuminati’ who somehow have the manpower to run everything.
Tom Logan, from Stevenage, said: “If they are running it then someone needs to be sacked.

“Or sacrificed, if that’s what they do.”

Racist, Norman Steele added, “I used to think the Jews were running everything. But they seem pretty organized, so I can’t imagine they’d be behind this mess.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, from the Institute for Studies, added: “When you look at the current state of affairs, it’s pretty clear who is running it.

“The French.”


The above describes my feelings exactly. No self respecting Mad Rulers of the World, and Cosmos would be running a demented disaster like what we've got.

I mean if there really 'were' a bunch of guys wearing funny hats weird robes chanting shit, and ruling the world from a bunker somewhere. Things might actually be a lot better.

Taken from or if you will brazenly stolen from:

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Paws that Refreshes"

Well temps were flirting with 100f this afternoon. However our pal, and hero "Bob the Bunny" knew just what to do. Yep he did the ice bucket test crowd one better.

                                     "The Glacier Dump Test"

Yep the summer fun test for the adventurous. Can you takes several tons of huge ice chunks dumped on you from 20 feet above? Genuine Arctic ice from the last of the melting glaciers brought to our arena!

Our hero Bob will act as master of ceremony

Stay Tuned!

"Back to School Report"

Hi gang guess what. No Walt Disney hasn't been resurrected from the dead...far as I know.

Naw it's just more news about our glorious nation. Seems that the Gobbermint not happy enough with arming local cops with warfare equipment. They've set their ample sights on the schools. 

The San Diego school system now has their own armored truck. Which will come in very handy if any of the middle schools go rouge, and become insurgent cadres. Btw, see at top, Ohio State University just got one too.

The things cost about a Million bucks a head, but the school system, and Ohio State got them for all them small town cops that now have tanks, and rocket launchers.

Sure I could see them giving this stuff to big city schools. At least that would make sense. I mean they've all been in a state of low intensity warfare for decades now.

Still I guess they had to start somewhere.

San Diego is as good a place as any to try these neat toys out. Personally being a Peacenik with war mongering tendencies. I think this arming the masses stuff is cool.

Though maybe they should draw the line at giving Tactical Nukes to Senior Community Centers.

Perhaps .50 cal machine gun emplacements are more than enough to keep such places secure. 


After all we remember that little "Nerve Gas" incident when they armed the Girl Scouts with them "Bio-Chemical" warheads.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, July 22, 2016



                                            "Shut up kid!"


Welcome to Hell comrades. the whole world is busy killing itself as fast as it can be arraigned. usual.

Just watched on the lying news channel that yet another nut job shooting is happening in Europe. Could be Neo-Nazi's could Isis could even be disgruntled comic book artists.  It's probably those pissed off comic guys.  

'Bunch'a buttholes.

Anyway it's 96f humid I feel like fainting, and or barfing.

Swell huh?

Gee I wish it would snow.

Sure that might cause folks to set their hair on fire, and run in circles reciting the Kansas City phonebook.

'But still.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Manhattan",...a re-write of an old post.

I always have the feeling that the above building the "American Insurance Building" on B'way, and Wall is going to fall on me. It has that effect on everybody. Still I love the downtown skyline. It was all thrown up before the regulations about crowding out the sun light.

That reg is where all them layer cake designs for skyscrapers came from. Anyway on the old blocks one feels cozy, and hidden by what seems like mile high towers. The streets still narrow from the colonial layout, and huge buildings on either side...I loves it.

Granted it drives loads of folks nuts, but still.

I also really dig them "Bishop's Crook" lamp posts. They were first installed around town about 1910 or so. light to clerks millionaires con-men hipsters cops, and cool babes for over 100 bleeping years!! 

Lower Manhattan is the last place where they're still common. 

I remember them in the Bronx, and Brooklyn when I was a little kid. However they were cleared out during the demented modernization madness in the 1960's.

Them, and the cobble stone streets bit the dust in that mayhem. Mind you if you 'look' you can still find a few side streets with cobbles from the mid-1800's here, and there in Queens, and the old wharf areas of lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Fucked up as it is "I Love New York".

Stay Tuned.

"Disclaimer"...Pissed off Rants ahead.

I used to have a nutty, but true nasty disclaimer in the masthead of my early radio shows as well. I was digging around, and found one of them from over 10/15 years ago.

*Geesh I must have been pretty pissed off back then. Anyway here it is.


This Blog Web-Page, and or Radio Program is Deliberately slanted biased, and rigged to reflect 'My' opinions delusions, and personal vendetta's etc., etc.

So Nobody out there is getting a fair shake from me!

Got it?

All my swell stuff is designed to make 'Me' look Thoughtful Wise, and Good, and everybody else look like Rats.

(I'm glad we've had this little talk.)

*( The above is clearly from my post Speed, and Coke years. Yeah I was a tad touchy back then. Ahem...I'm much nicer now as all well know. )

Stay Tuned.

"Time Out"

Wow we need to chill after all the scary bleep I've been posting below. Lets see...oh I know. The Beauty of Boys. Yeah that usually does the trick.

Stay Tuned.

"Somebody's Dream"

"My Childhood"

Actually it wasn't nearly this good or interesting.

"A Routine War"

"Even More Good News"

Hi gang...look I'm posting this rant just in bleeping case ya know what I mean. Look if my family tries something funny like sticking me in the ground after I kick da bucket I'm saying here, and in a notarized letter that all that noise if off the menu!

When I'm a goner when I kick the damned bucket shake'n bake my bones! Which is to say cremate my ass. Eh making absolutely sure I'm 'really' 'really' 'really' a stiff. I seriously don't want any misunderstanding at the oven. 

When Uncle Sydney keels over face first first into a pizza with extra sausage. No actually face down into a heaping platter of Bar-B-Q ribs my Root Beer crashing to the floor for effect...

(...this is an Album Cover. )

Anyway I wants to be cooked cremated stir fried the works.

I have no wish to be in some damned box waiting for 30th century grad students to go poking at my bones, and wondering at my bad teeth.

For crying out loud what a stupid tradition.

Dolling up the dead shooting all sorts of chemicals into them..."aww he looks like he's sleeping."

No he ain't the guy's bleeping dead as a bag of  squashed kittens. Get over it...the dearly departed sure did.

Painting me up, and shooting me full of all them nasty chemicals ain't gonna do 'me' any good at all!

Let the Dead go.

We live we die we're meat we rot.

We turn to dust we're blown away.

But we're the dust that dreamed that loved, and had a desperate longing need to 'be' loved.

(My meds must be kicking in I'm getting all spiritual soft and fuzzy.) 

Stay Tuned.

"Strangled Kittens"

Yeah I thought that would get your attention. I had this whole rant about our recent wars, and assorted excesses, but thought fuck it. You folks already know all that.

Then I thought I would pray. It would 'might' do some good. I mean what with stuff being so Biblical, and not in a nice way these last few centuries especially the last one. What the heck what harm could it do.

No dice. Gawd's phone is off the hook, and Her website is down.

I think She's pretty well fed up with that whole creation, and seeding sentient life all over the place routine. Didn't pan out especially with us, and those demented homicidal upper atmospheric Jovian Balloon Fish.

Nasty bunch them.

I pity the first astronauts that run into those blood thirsty maniacs.

But I digress.

Humanity is Gawd's teenaged problem child. I mean look at us we strangle kittens for fun. A kid in my 'hood when I was little did this...'thought it was "funny"...oh my. Not only that, but we've had war's that consumed up to a million souls in one battle...the Somme or Verdun ring a bell? ...hello?

Yeah we did all that, and steal crap from the Mall too. Did I mention our snuff porn we hide on the laptop?

We're a piece of work alright. The Boss is thinking of calling in a specialist.


We that is Humanity, can't speak for the Balloon Fish. We play the cello real swell. We paint neat fresco's, and sing moving arias. Fats Waller ain't bad either. Come to think of it we're pretty good in the garden. Yeah we got that Parks, and Recreation thing down pretty nice.

I guess this is why the Heavens ain't erupting with pissed off clouds of Angry Angels with burning chain saws coming down to hack us to bits like slimy plague rats.

Aw man just the thought....yeeesh!

Let me put it this way.

Here's the scene.

Gawd is having a party at the house, and Zeus Minerva Krishna that whole crowd is over drinking, and generally fucking around.

Suddenly Humanity comes out of the playroom drops it's diaper, and takes a honking big dump on the rug.

...bit of a conversation stopper that. Anyway humankind dumps laughs, and runs away.

Gawd half smiles shaking Her head, and the help cleans up.

Yep that's us in a nutshell.

The party conversation turns to floods, and fire storms.

Well okay so we're violently insane, and have a really troubling sense of humor...however.


Besides murdering babies for fun like we're doing in Syria in that ongoing deranged war. Besides that like I say we do nice stuff.

We Day Dream.

We do Radio Astronomy.

...and wet slippery spurting oral sex!

Now ya gotta admit these 'are' saving graces.

Think about it. Non stick frying pans ball point pens comic books Slinky's. Clearly these are the reasons that the Moon ain't turned to blood, and the damned Stars ain't dropped out'a the sky, and the very Earth ain't opened up to let loose the hungry Hounds of Hell to devour the Evil, and Just alike!

Basically all the scary jazz from "Revelations". Gawd's "Mien Kampf!"

Wow I think I just scared the hell out of myself. Perhaps I'll have a non-sugar beverage now, and calm down.

Stay Tuned.

( The next post below is much nicer than this scary mess so chill. )