Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Welcome Comrades"

Well they've done it again. Russians are the majority of folks coming around to gander at my stuff...how about that. Sure they used to show up in big numbers before, but not for a while now.

I guess Putin turned off his Firewall for a time. I suppose they're dusting it...more likely it just broke down, and nobody is bothering to fix it.

Anyway nearly a thousand Russians have read through these pages in the last week. What they think of any of the material on this page I don't know. So much of it has to do with many American shared assumptions, slang, and hidden histories. I fear they may not get it, but they seem to like this jazz anyway.

Hey comrades want a nice thrill go to my Queer page.

  Go here...>>>>    http://dragonflyagain.blogspot.com

I hear that this sort of thing is now illegal in Russia because of Putin, and the church. Fuck them to fucking hell. Enjoy.

                                    Welcome comrades!

                                          Stay Tuned.

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