Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Oh Bleeping Ass Crap"

Meanwhile back at the lab while everybody was busy shooting each other. The science folks went, and made an artificial animal. They plan to make a lot more too. These damned things are as real as income tax, and soon to be just as intrusive. 

This is just the beginning of a whole host of "Twilight Zone" beings about to be loosed on us. A dream come true for deep science fans, but the opening of the bleeping Doors of Hell for everybody else.

Artificial beings. Not bad. I guess this 21st century tech is starting to pan out. Sure it's the end of any concept of Morality,...but still. Science Fiction foresaw this near 100 years ago. Star Trek raised the issue of equal rights for artificial beings sentient or not.

Tune back in 20 years on, and I think those futuristic moral questions will be very real.

Stay Tuned.

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