Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Back to School Report"

Hi gang guess what. No Walt Disney hasn't been resurrected from the dead...far as I know.

Naw it's just more news about our glorious nation. Seems that the Gobbermint not happy enough with arming local cops with warfare equipment. They've set their ample sights on the schools. 

The San Diego school system now has their own armored truck. Which will come in very handy if any of the middle schools go rouge, and become insurgent cadres. Btw, see at top, Ohio State University just got one too.

The things cost about a Million bucks a head, but the school system, and Ohio State got them for all them small town cops that now have tanks, and rocket launchers.

Sure I could see them giving this stuff to big city schools. At least that would make sense. I mean they've all been in a state of low intensity warfare for decades now.

Still I guess they had to start somewhere.

San Diego is as good a place as any to try these neat toys out. Personally being a Peacenik with war mongering tendencies. I think this arming the masses stuff is cool.

Though maybe they should draw the line at giving Tactical Nukes to Senior Community Centers.

Perhaps .50 cal machine gun emplacements are more than enough to keep such places secure. 


After all we remember that little "Nerve Gas" incident when they armed the Girl Scouts with them "Bio-Chemical" warheads.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sydney, you really have a great perspective on things. You make everything so clear. What vision! I salute you!

  2. Thanks dear comrade. I owe it all to the nuns that kicked the crap out of me. Thereby showing me at an early age that all authority was fucked up.

    That, and Orange Slurpee's.