Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Charles Guislain"

Yes, yes I'm totally obsessed with this model have been for years. He's grown up now, and I'm still nuts for him,...sue me!  As Peter Pan said, '...Yes I do believe in Faeries...I do! I do!! I do!!!

"Amazing what about 60 Years can Do"

My how time flies! Btw note the "Time Tunnel" effect I made by swinging Christmas lights...neat. Anyway that's me in 1955 or '56, and 2013. Same person different time, and space.

Btw I've gotten greyer in the last month. The Obama effect. The poor slob I guess both of us are aging faster now. Him because he has the troubles of the whole world on his shoulders. Me because I can't afford cable anymore.

Well I can, but the buget plan is just so crappy. 'Sides ya can't get "Dr. Who" on it.

More thoughts later as they occur to me.

"Getting the Shot"

Yeah I know exactly how it is. Ya got to get the shot, and you'll do any insane thing to do it too. Well so far no I ain't stuck my head in some Dino's mouth, but I can see how some might.

So far all I've done is stand in on coming traffic, and trespassed here, and there to get my shot. In my golden retirement years photography is becoming more, and more a pass time for me.

'Have to get a new, and slightly more useful camera. I'll let you guys know how that's coming along.

Stay tuned.

"Robo's, and Dino's"

"Candy Wrapper Sleep"

I sleep in a candy wrapper. Perhaps I should clarify. I sleep in one of those sliver Mylar sleeping bag Red Cross emergency  bedrolls. Comfy it is too. Back just after "Sandy" blew the hell living hell out of us the Red Cross handed out these handy survival bags.

I was looking for something, and came across mine in the hall closet. I forgot how neat it was...the bag not "Sandy". If the end of the world come 'round again that thing is going to come in real handy.

Heck it has everything. A hand crank radio tasty food bars water pouches toiletries of all sorts first aid stuff.  However no controlled meds. No anti-biotics which is stupid 'cause you're gonna need that, and no morphine.

Morphine is very useful, and serious fun in small doses.

As for my space age sleeping bag. Yeah it's just like the things the space guys sleep in. It reflects your body heat back to you. It's tissue thin, and works swell.

As for why I'm sleeping in this thing. Well having had the habits of more than 30 years abruptly changed by being forcefully retired. Naturally I've gone a tad nuts. All my routines as shot to hell. I'm unstuck in time. That, and my saner pals say, "'re in shock so chill."

Also my laundry is a month behind. 

I have absolutely Nothing Nada Zip to wear or sleep on!

I'm standing around, and suddenly I notice, "...hey what's that awful smell?" Then I realize it's my month's worth of fermenting laundry. So I just three trips, all my stinky stuff over to my pals at the Haitian drop off laundry place. 

Swell folks them.

I pick it up Monday...not looking forward to them three long trips. However it'll be like having new stuff! Aw the wonder of clean crisp sheets!

It don't take much to make me's a Zen thing.

Stay Tuned.

"Deleted Scenes I"

"Tomorrow is My Yesterday"

A long time ago when I was a very young boy I was "contacted". That might not be the right word, but in cases like this there may not be a right word. This contact or communication was both physical, and of dreams.

The physical was hearing a voice calling my name over, and over pain paralysis, and though my eyes we tightly shut the sight of spinning shapes, and patterns.

There was terror. Not fear, but extreme Terror.

Then it would stop as suddenly as it started. 

As I often say after experiencing weird events , "...I sure hope I'm schizophrenic because if I ain't there's serious shit afoot." Well gang I ain't nuts that official been tested, and all.

So what's the deal?

These "events" went on all through my childhood. Oh did I mentions the dreams. Yeah visions of what was to come. Nothing too weird there folks do this sometimes, but I did it 'all' the time.

No it's not fun seeing the future.

Especially when it's all bad. I even prayed begged that these events stop...they did for a time, but came back with a vengeance. This in my later teen years.

It was like some grade Z crappy horror movie so I never told anyone. Well okay decades later as a story on my radio program, but I presented it as fiction.

I'll cut to the chase this stuff has been going on, and off for my whole damned life. I don't know what the hell it is, but it's real. The stuff I see happens. The futures I dream come true.


Examples from the years. When my little sister ran away I dreamed where she was, and there they found her. I saw my brother wounded in Vietnam, and it happened just as I saw it. A mortar attack on his firebase. He took shrapnel in his side...I saw it happen.

I in the dreams saw how my Dad would get sick,...and die. same for my Mom.

All this, and multitudes of both mundane, and dramatic happenings I would see wanting to or not.

As I said things I would so rather not know or foresee. 

Family events, and world events.  I saw many family, and personal things. So many losses so many tragic events.

I saw what would turn out to be the Rwanda Genocide the Ukrainian earthquake. The New Orleans flood...well many did. I  dreamed 9/11,...okay again many did, but there I was among the masses of unwilling dreamers. That, and the great Tsunami. 

Granted I saw much of this several years before they happened. 

'But they happened.

This stuff seems outside of linear time, but if you're a gameboy S/F fan you know that.

Btw my "seeing" 9/11, and the Great Tsunami are the only two "events" I have evidence for. 9/11 I described on a friends radio program in 1999. Mike Sargent does a midnight show on WBAI, hey tune in. Anyway he was reviewing some old material, and told me he found my 9/11 dream segment.

I listened to it 14 years after the broadcast 12 years after 9/11. To say it was terrifying would be a massive understatement.  The same with the Tsunami material. 

I described that on my own radio program hours after I had the dream. The dream along with the pain paralysis, and all the other fun stuff. I just listened to the cd of the program again. Good bleeping grief.

Mind you folks 'do' foresee events in dreams. Always have This has been described in texts, and oral tradition for thousands of years. 

Though it's dismissed by tradition science we know it's true, and happens...because it's likely happened to you or a friend or family member. 

In my case I'm just bitching because it happens too damned often. It physically hurts like hell, and is never of something practical like Lotto numbers.

That last serious dream was about Nuclear Terrorism here in the Emerald City or some major western city. Yeah you guessed it. Bright flash great towering cloud the horrifying aftermath chaos mayhem the works.

This will happen not once, but twice.


I never told the story of that one..what's the point. No one believes any of this. They never do. So why upset the few who do. It's like the Cassandra Syndrome. The g-ds let her see the future, but fixed it so one on would ever believe her. Nice those gawd are a barrel of laffs. 

I bring all this mayhem up because the damned thing is happening again. 

The Voice is back,...and it's calling my name.

As I say,..."Swell".

"Beauty, and the Beast"

"Toys That Time Forgot"

So clearly I have too much time on my hands. Not that I mind that much. It does a way the endless harassment's, and assorted crap of my former career. Still waitng for my severance, and alleged retirement benefits.

Btw sorry I only have two monsters in the cast...well three if you count the guy from "Alien". That's him up there in the "Beauty, and the Beast" routine. Actually he had trouble getting into character. He resents the type casting. Barbie was fine with it all.

Yeah maybe you noticed I'm slipping into a "Blog-noir" sort of thing. What with all the "Dino", and "Beast" stuff. There's even harder material I decided not to post. 

Heck I even deleted it from my camera it bothered me so much.

This involved bondage torture, and water-boarding of various Harry Potter characters Nazi action figures, and various non-traditional castings.

Gimme a break I'm going through some serious shit in through here. My only posting once or twice a week should tell you something.  

Aw don't worry I'll come out'a this.

Stay Tuned,...I loves ya all, well most of ya.

"Dino Wars"

"Deleted Scenes ll"

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Queer Dolls", a Way

Actually dolls have no specific orientation. They're too sane, and cool for that. I call these guys Queer as an endearment...they don't seem to mind. Dolls like fictional characters are very long lived. Potentially immortal at least by human measures.

This species has been keeping us company comforting us, and watching us since we first created them about 60,000 years ago. Okay estimates vary as recent as 25 or 30 to 100,000 years since we brought this lifeform into being.

Yeah we create too. That was the G-goddesses idea from the start.

Anyway dolls like dogs, and and some other folks live by love. Sort of like clapping to keep Faeries alive. You know the score on that. So these folks our doll companions bond with heartful people mostly children, and weirdos.

Yeah I could go on, and on. Stories about kids, and nutter, and their special doll companions, but you already know all that . So that's pretty much it.

I do love these little folks...I really do.

"The real Dirt on Tink!

"Guest Editorial"

"The Truth about our so-called pal Tinkerbell"

Jeez Sid, hadn't you heard about Tinkerbell?

When the Radical Iranians seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran back in 1978, they found thousands of duplicate C.I.A. files on microfilm which had been stored in the Embassy, because as President Nixon put it,...

"The Shah is our kind of guy, and we can count on him keeping the Persian Gulf region under control forever."

Anyway, the Radi-Iranis reproduced the microfilmed files and circulated them to all the intelligence agencies in the First, Second and Third Worlds.

According to Tink's files, circulated by Khomeini's bully boys, old Walt Disney paid her extra monies from his off shore accounts to secretly report to him on the activities of the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.

The files on Peter Pan, aka Lt. Col. Ralph Greenbaum USMC weren't found in Iran. They, and the data on many of the 20th century's greatest secrets,..the Kennedy hits, Roswell, who, and what the astronauts found on the moon, and why we'll 'never' go back.

That, and the secret Roosevelt/Hitler/Vatican Treaty etc., are believed housed in the Disney Orlando facility.

I can say no more. Reporters have been disappeared for less than what has here been revealed.

Walt worried that the Lost Boys were radical liberal "New Dealers" or even socialists.

This because they had been homeless political activists when he got them under contract, and had made them live in company housing. Various revolutionary political tracts. Some advocating racial, and sexual justice circulated on the Disney lot were traced back to the Boys.

This did not make the Boss of the Mouse Factory happy.

When the House Un-American Activities Committee began its hearings in the 1950s which produced the Hollywood Blacklist of Commies, old Tinkerbell provided Chairman Martin Dies and H.U.A.C. with names, letters, diaries, information on meetings attended, and all sorts of incriminating stuff the "Boys" was up to.

The C.I.A. file also revealed that Tinkerbell received about 10% of the stock in the Disney Studio's by 'NOT' being entirely truthful with H.U.A.C.

 Certain accounting ledgers, bank statements and correspondence that showed Walt Disney had been a silent partner in Lyric International Productions which made "art films" that 'could' be of interest to a certain variety scout masters.


All in all, Tinkerbell has always had a lot to be cheerful about. And arguably, she is even something of a humanitarian. This because ever since the Lost Boys yacht mysteriously exploded and sank off Baja California killing most of them. Tink has generously employed the few survivors as gardeners and pool boys on her estate on Mulholland Drive.

The boys lost all their papers when the yacht sank so Tink used her political connections through her work for H.U.A.C., and the Area 51 Alien Technologies Recovery Bureau to bring the Boys back across the border.

They're officially Mexican guest workers with Green Cards. However by Armed Forces Intelligence regulations they're legally dead, and so can be used as expendable fodder in future black ops.

However in their "guest worker" persona's they can remain in the States as long as they work Tink's estates, and keep their mouths shut. So, you see Tink, despite her grey ops work, is good at spreading happiness to others.

Eh, her own way.


"Who's a Thunk it?!"

"Holy Bleep!"

Sez Führer,..."Ya Shit'n Me"


(Stunned Hitler get the News.)

You ain't gonna believe this gang. No I mean besides them maniacs hijacking that bus in midtown. Turns out Hitler, him fer Christ's sakes. That guy the frigg'n paper hanger that General Patton was gonna shoot with his pearl handled .45 when he got to Berlin.

The Great Satan, the Supreme Bastard, Killer Fuck'n Kane Himself!

Turns out he's a Black Jew!

Who Knew!

I live in a Orthodox Jewish/Mexican/Black 'hood. Good grief this explains all the scream'n, and holler'n, and why everybody, except maybe the Mexicans, was running around wrenting their garments.

Talk about a surprise in the woodpile!

This is up there with my finding out I have Confederate ancestors! Frigg'n Stewart's no less,..yeah 'that' Stewart!

Sez the Newz:

"The results of this study are surprising," said Ronny Decorte, a geneticist interviewed by Knack. "Hitler would not have been happy."

Ya think,..understatement of the century!

More lifted Newz:

"It appears that Adolf Hitler wasn't so Aryan after all."

(Smirks Stalin from Hell, "I knew it all along")

"After driving toward domination by the "master race" -- first targeting the disabled, then Jews, Roma, etc. -- DNA tests on Hitler's relatives indicate that the madman behind World War II and the Holocaust is likely descended from Jews and Africans."

Wow, can news of his Space Alien connection be far behind!

(Hitler meets Space Aliens at Peenemünde 1943.)

"Adolf Hitler likely had Jewish and African relatives, according to DNA tests conducted on nearly 40 living relatives."

"The report comes from the Belgium magazine, Knack, which says it obtained saliva samples after tracking down 39 relatives from throughout Europe, as well as in America."

"One can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised,"

A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.


Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18 to 20 per cent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 per cent to 30 per cent of Sephardic Y-chromosomes, appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population.

"Knack, which published the findings, says the DNA was tested under stringent laboratory conditions."

"The affair is fascinating if one compares it with the conception of the world of the Nazis, in which race and blood was central.

"Hitler's concern over his descent was not unjustified. He was apparently 'not' "pure" or ‘Ayran’."

'Goes to show,..if ya lives long enough you'll see everything.

"Kitchen Sheep"

"Uncle of Uncles"