Thursday, December 29, 2016

"The Zone"

For your consideration. A narcissistic bigoted womanizing con-man. Who had the peculiar idea that running for President would improve his business opportunities.

He of course had no intentions of winning,...but did.

Now he, and a stunned nation for the next four years will inhabit,...

"The Twilight Zone"

Stay Tuned.

Monday, December 26, 2016


Well the Resident-Elect wants or seems to want,...I mean who knows. He wants a nuclear arms race. He thinks our stuff is too old, and too few. He wants more, and better...going against 30 years of slow reduction.


Well,...yeah okay. However just one of these items. Even the smallest in the bunch would ruin everybody's day really bad. What I mean is we can fry up anybody we want no matter what,...just not as many times as we'd like maybe.

I mean what with as I say our reductions by treaty of the stockpile.

On the other hand our subs the most reliable leg of the Tirade can deal with either Russia China both, and or anybody else that wants a taste of our canned sunshine. So we're okay in the "End of the World Department."

Listen. Is there 'anybody' over there that can talk sense to this guy?

Stupid question.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

"This Just In"

I always suspected something like this. It's perhaps a comfort,...a strange comfort, but a comfort to have it confirmed by da Lawd.

Oh the flag above is of the Queer Commies Party. I'm thinking of joining. Given the times why the fuck not.

Stay Tuned.

"X-mas at my Digs"

"...have you noticed..."

If you're actually reading any of this ya may notice that I swing from bright'n cheerful full of hope to grim apocalyptic  mayhem. One right after the other...hey sue me.

That's just how I roll.

However there was a time I was totally unaware of this...made my pals crazy. Anyway this is who I am. A mix of hope, and hell. The people, and institution that did this to me got clean away with it.

Sort of like them teenage bullies that raped me in day camp when I was 11. I never told anyone because there was no point. Everybody else was beating robbing or humiliating me till them radio-active cows came home.

Anyone remember them?

They were pretty damned well radio active in them daze because of all the happy jolly 'in atmosphere' hydrogen...not mere atomic bomb comrades. Rather these maniacs were detonating for real actual 'end of the world grade' "HYDROGEN BOMBS!" out in the bleeping open. 

Proud of it too.

So with all that going on I figured a bit of unauthorized rape was no big deal. "Unauthorized" in Day Camp. Juvenile Hall was another matter totally. Even as a little kid I heard the horror stories from slightly older kids of what went on them Agony Factories.

So my life became one of horror, and sunlight. The sunlight when I was able to escape to some of my better relatives. Horror at home, and school. 

My folks were not abusive by the standards of the day. I think the line ya had to cross for that would be to actually 'kill' your kid...that was frowned on somewhat. Anything else was fine..teachers too.

A bit of flogging or being smacked across the room was good for you. Hey a grown man or woman. In my case teaching Nuns or Brothers in their 30's to 40's. A full grown adult hard smacking a 10 or 11 year old,...well do the math.

I recall well hearing kids in the next class hitting the wall.

That's when it wasn't happening in front of me or to me. Of course today these maniacs will be in prison...not jail, but federal prison for all that fun noise they liked so much. As it is they went to meet Jesus clean as a whistle.

Well as my assorted shrinks over the years have told me this is why I am as I am, and write, and do the art I do.

Really? No kidding.

Thanks Doc. 

Stay Tuned.

Friday, December 23, 2016


I've read that Ambassadorships are being traded by the Resident-Elect for acts to perform at his Coronation. I had no idea that such could be gotten so cheaply.

This is rather the point.

This man not yet in office has cheapened the Honored position of President. Hence my reference of him as "Resident". That is when I refer to him at all.

Ambassador Sarek would hardly approve of this administration.

Stay Tuned.

"Lighting a Match"

I've been looking ahead, and wondering what the "Resident-Elect's" first State of the Union will be like. I mean other than him saying everything is "Bigly Awesome"

Actually 'he' himself will have done nothing.

Rather it's his rouges gallery of Evil Klowns from far right hell in his cabinet that will be murdering the Republic. 'He' will just be doing his road-show act.

Com'on his fans love that stuff.

I paraphrase what Keith Olbermann said in a slightly different context.

"Resident Trump will be amusing his gullible fans in Daffy Duck style by drinking a Gallon of Gasoline a bottle of Nitro Glycerin Chowing down on a pile of Gun Powder sucking down two gallons of Uranium 238,....then Lighting a Match.

"Test ya faith !" He'll say like con-men preachers do all over the Stupid Belt of this sorry failing Republic.

Stay Tuned.

"The Actual Xmas Carol"

This is a transcript of a conversation between a part-time Angel, and one E. Scrooge. Time: 8:45 pm Greenwich, December 24th 1843 C.E.

"Eh,...Mr. E. Scrooge of 347 Banking Street North?"

"Who is there how dare you enter my home!"

"Strictly speaking I haven't,...that is entered your abode. Time-space displacements, and such."


"Never mind" "The thing is upon review of your current life Heavenly Personnel Management has dispatched,...well 'me' to set things in some order. Pardon the intrusion."


"Of course.

"Mr. Scrooge you are what is called in the popular jargon a "First Class Bucket of Shit". There are other descriptions of persons like you of varying levels of contempt, and dark humor."

"This being so your file rather stuck out like your assorted Mad Kings Emperors Maniacs, and Algebra teachers."



"Well the usual treatment for these sorts of cases is to let loose Spirits of the Season on them, and hope for the best. In your case a waste of time."

"...again I say Wha..."

"Please don't"

"So what I'm going to do is dip you into hell, um sorry this will hurt,...rather a lot I'm afraid. You'll be dipped for....say five minutes local time. This is roughly 148 years in spiritual time."

"This way please"


At this point in the transcript replacement Angel "56748/R88/Kv" logged that he went to the Angel's bar drank a six-pack of "Fiddlehead" beer. Vermont's best. Talked shop with friends, and lost track of time.

Our client E. Scrooge was retrieved from Hell 2 hours 56 minutes 31 seconds corporal time after being dispatched within.

Again it is somewhat difficult to calculate hell realm times, but as best our donated used Dell hp can tell Mr. Scrooge spent approximately 3,056 years  5 months 3 weeks 4 days 8 hours 23 minutes, and 52 seconds in the neither regions. 

Somewhat more than prescribed.

"Mr. Scrooge,...sir,...are you alright?"



"Our apologies. You were ensconced in the "Lake of Fire' for rather longer than intended". If nothing else we hope this has helped you reform your view of humanity."



"In my capacity as part time civil servant replacement "Angel" "56748/R88/Kv" ,...underpaid, and with no insurance."

"I'm required to say, "...Your soul is saved",...for now. "

"Go forth, and show the world kindness, and generosity"

"...sign here,...and here, thank you, and here....right, here too, just over here thank you, annnd,"

"Thank you"

"Of course nothing will be deposited in your spiritual account as you had to be 'told' to do all this. So technically nothing you do from here on is actually a good deed.

"Thank you, and a Merry Christmas if that applies."


Stay Tuned.


On the 70th Anniversary of the Execution of Sophie Scholl, 22 December 1943 - Sophie Scholl was a German woman executed by the Nazis for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets.

Prison officials, in later describing the scene, emphasized the courage with which she walked to her execution.

Her last words were: "How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to offer themselves up individually for a righteous cause? Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go."

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"A Plan"

"Bob the Bunny" sez,
               "...Eat to excess drink heavily, and sleep all day during the Holidaze!
                        Then sober up shower put on fresh duds, and Fight Trump!

                                                         "...So Bob listen."
          "I'm setting stuff up for a Resistance Movement to all this foul shit. in?"

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"One Nation"

All true. Read the "Nation" article below.

They the ignored white American underclass see this as a war of survival.

No treaty or reconciliation is possible. "Two men in one man out." It must have been like this on the eve of the first Civil War. No chance for our better Angels to work a deal. Bottom line is that Underclass White America sees their extinction on the horizon.

Btw a form of it is coming no matter what.

The numbers are just against them. It would take a genocide much larger than Hitler, and Stalin's combined to put a dent in it.

Their replacements are already on Earth breathing, and learning to read. The unwanted white poor or at least their kids, and grand kids will just be another ethnic group in a vast multifaceted America.

They will no longer be Lords or Masters of this House.

(...actually they never were. They were Confederate cannon fodder. Later the impoverished abused tools of Segregation. ...that's all.)

Now no one needs them.

On top of Rich White America leaving them to rot the ascendance of  Dark People has made them insane. They see this as a grotesque injustice by Rich America against them for allowing it.

So yes they're rebelling.

They will kill many injure many, but no they will never live in the Master's Plantation House. That house is being dismantled as I post, and you read. This despite the culturally inevitable appearance of Trump, and his movement of the forgotten.

So they march with their Confederate flags guns white hoods, and rejoice at what they 'think' is their return. Their imagined restoration of  the "Father Knows Best" era.

This as everyone else watches knowing that their rebellion is doomed no matter how many swastikas they crudely spray or the number of Queers Blacks Muslims, and others they beat up or murder.

They either join in the America that is Becoming, and make Common Cause for Justice with Everyone Else.

That or vive to be Masters, and become extinct.

Such is history.

"But is it Art? ...Yes Extreemly Bad Art"

( This from my Facebook page. A conversation about alleged Modern Art with pals.)

Terrence White

Being a die-hard 'Early Music' enthusiast, I'm convinced that most Twentieth Century "Classical Music" composers didn't "compose," so much as they DECOMPOSED, because they mostly STINK!

Sidney Smith

Modern art, and modern music became what they originally fought against. Both were once seen as breaths of fresh air in the closed up narrow realm of acceptable art. Now for a century or more they dominate with deliberate ugliness, and boredom.

They must be overthrown as they once over threw the dead hand of narrow tradition. Their error was devaluing 'everything' that came before them. They, and only 'they' the Modernists were authentic.

Oh yeah?

Down with Modern Art! The Killers of Beauty of Sanity!

On the other hand, I really like music like Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. I just bought my mom sheet music for the piano because she is a retired piano and organ teacher, and this is one peace of music that she idolizes.

Sidney Smith

Ahem,...there are of course exceptions of excellence in every revolution. ...not everything in modernism is John Cage or piles of torn newspapers dipped in pigs blood installations.

Right. Barber's famous "Adagio for Strings," for example.


If Modernism kept faith with what came before in a more consistent way things would be swell. As it is there's no room for anything, but them. Basically con-men that paint poka dots, and get $Millions for it or video themselves vomiting.

Some character did just that, and was taken seriously.

I watched in horror as a BBC art critic sat with this loon, and interviewed him as if the jerk were sane. I would have just slugged him live on the air, and kicked him out...which btw he would have loved, and used a video of the whole thing for his next demented installation.

Terrence White

Yes. Modernism has taught everyone that there are no standards of taste, no longer any discretion or discrimination (in the best sense of that term). And worse still - - this utter lack of standards has now carried over into the world of politics and public morals.

That's it! I'm suing!!

Make it a class action, because I'm right there with you!

Stay Tuned.


"Uncle Syd's Non-Violence as a Tactic. When to, and 'Not' to use it"

"Follow these Simple Rules for Liberation from Evil Fucks"

Non-violence only works when your opponent has a basic moral code. That's the whole point. You're appealing to their inner sense of morality, and justice.

That's your message to them.

This btw is why such tactics do not work on 'actual' tyrants. Eh, Presidents for Life Great Helmsman or Corporate CEO's.

That lot will just shoot you.

That bunch has no "morality" other than their power, and wealth. From their point of view the more imprisoned disappeared or shot the better. That's how they send "their' messages.

In these situations you either have a war of liberation or move to another country.

There's 'no' third option here.

As for situations where "N.V." will eventually work. Say in assorted Democracies or borderline tyrannies that still somewhat abide by the law.

I suggest the writings of Whitman Gandhi Emma Goldman Tom Paine Dr. King folks like James Baldwin Pete Seeger John Lennon, and Bessie Smith.

These are just suggestions. There's tons of others.

Astro Boy, and Whitman above. An unlikely pair, but they have much to say on the subject.

Stay Tuned.


                                           Choose ya Poison!

"Crushed Hopes Despair, and Betrayal",...Merry Fuckmas

"Of Christmases' Long Ago"

   I think I'll drink heavily do drugs smash things then kill myself for 
      Christmas this year. Makes sense given things...what the hell.

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Meanwhile in Shenzhen"

"Will We Look The Other Way?"

The last time things got this insane world wide we called it WW2. Last time it took the armed might of half the planet , and years of desperate fighting to defeat evil. What this time? I fear everyone will just continue to look away.

Well the "slow boil" some say the world is in has now vaporized all the liquid in the pot. Which is why I say things are as terrible now as it was in the days just before WW2. Or in our case WW3.

Like the dawn of WW2.

Ethnic butchery monetary uncertainty unstable governments on the periphery the old democracies going far right...sound familiar? 

Btw what's our old friend WBAI radio, ( where I spent decades) saying about this with any coherence. I mean other than praising murderous thieving African Presidents for Life.

For the first time in years I wish I were still there to rant on the air of these realities...and of course say what bigoted semi-educated superstitious buffoons fill the rest of the station.

Eh,...but in a nice way of course.

Stay Tuned.

"My Head"