Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Not too jolly this Xmas. Everything from the ongoing genocides in the world to the horrific election in this country to the various crimes against the people happening everywhere. From the ongoing acts of violence, and ugly intimidation by Trump supporters to the constant shooting of unarmed black men by the police.

Even the taking of blankets from the homeless by police in Denver in freezing temperatures.

Cruelty, and actual evil seems loose upon the whole world.

More so than usual.

At this point one usually reads some uplifting whooie about coming together or some such. Well that ain't gonna do it...not even close. The shit is just too big this time for that.

The last time it got even nearly this bad we called it World War Two. It took the armed might of half the world, and years of desperate fighting to stop the evil then.

This time,....you tell me. I'm dying to know.

Stay Tuned.

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