Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Time, and Circumstance"

I read today that the Republican Congress, and soon Senate plans to cut, and eventually end many of the social safety nets. Already they have a plan to push the retirement age up to 69. They will try for 72. Also the payment folks will get will be one third less that now.

This will be lowered over a ten years period. Both Trump administrations. Medicare, and Medicaid are on the chopping block as well.

As expected.

The whole Republican value system is that government has no business in our lives. Either to harm us or help us. It's basically that simple. At last they will be able to undo everything from FDR's New deal the Civil Rights Era, and the Great Society.

These latter attempts at a better nation are over,...over. They mean to return us to a "survival of the most opportunistic" culture. ...and it seems they will.

This will become an entirely 'other' kind of country.

A Grand Counter Revolution from the Top.

Such is how it is.


Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey.. ya begin to think that Castro might not have been as bad as some people claim... huh? Strange that when Castro got rid of that USA puppet and dictator, Batista, virtually all the Cubans of color stayed. It was the rich white Cubans who made a big fuss and ran off to Miami where they felt right at home!
    Oh well, as Malcolm X said "The chickens come home to roost." Enjoy Trump Sid, he's our very own Batista, casinos and all. Don't ya just luv it?

  2. Well except for no freedom of press no regular multi-party national elections no real freedom of movement the secret police.

    That, and a few other glories of the revolution that American progressives would never tolerate for themselves, but think is just fine for the Cuban people.

    Viva Fidel!!

    I mean at least he didn't lie all the time or grab pussy in public.