Thursday, April 30, 2015


I woke up today all yucky nauseous, and dizzy. Is it just me or is something going around again? 'Been sick, and bleeped up all week...Ecck!

hate this crap!

I need a vacation or need Meds or a trip to the Ralph Chubb Spa for aged Queers...something!

Probably new Meds...naw that would just make me more Cazy, and even sicker.


Btw all them readers from Russia have vanished. Weird...just like that. For several days they were the majority of the hits here then...gone.

Did someone tell Putin they were coming here? 

Have to admit he's an interesting guy.

(...this just in! The Russian may be gone, but the Ukrainians are back. What's going on out there?)

Stay Tuned. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Okay a 20 second tutorial on Sino/American relations over the last 70 years or so. 


First it was "Flying Tiger Time!"

We were swell good pals with the Chinese. We was drinking Cokes, and helping them blast the hell out'a the Nipponese that had invaded, and were killing Everybody they could get their deranged hands on.

Google the "Rape of Nanking",...and that one was when they was in a good mood.

So far so good, but then things suddenly went nuts. A "Massive Amnesia" sets in we forgot we're pals, and spend years blowing each others brains out in Korea of all places.


Anyway skip ahead, and Bleeping Nixion...yeah that sneaky two faced asshole Nixion goes to China patches shit up, and suddenly we remember we're buddies. 

Things is just peachy with us for a while. However our Sino pals are getting wise to our game, and mean to beat us at it. Right skip ahead a few generations, and China owns our Debt...all of it pretty much.

In other words they've got our Balls in their back pocket. Also everything in your house was made in Shanghai. ...and btw they just landed a rover on the moon.

This while we retired our Space Shuttles 'cause we can't afford to build new ones, and the old ones are nearly 40 years old, and were crashing on a regular basis. Below the burnt helmet of one of our Astronauts.

They are not yet laughing in our faces, but like most of the world they're sure as shit doing so behind our backs,...for now.

Anyway yeah there's more details...there always are, but this is really all ya needs to know. Them fuckers are our new Landlords.

  Next time "Our Plans to Steal Canada without them Noticing".

(This is the second in a history series by your esteemed editor.)

Stay Tuned.


Actually I'd call it what it is,...A declaration of WAR!  A Class War to be fought to the bloody end. No Quarter, Prisoners. We must vanquish our Owners like the Allies crushed the Axis.

There's no other way it's that or be their Slaves in Perpetuity. 

That's their banner up there. The Stars'n Stripes with a Damned Crown on it.

A "Royal Corporate Coup d'etat" took this Nation from us 40 years ago while we were busy wearing platform shoes, and doing vast amount of Cocaine.

We're only most of us just realizing it now.

"Holy Shit!!" 

We collectively say. 

It wasn't the "Welfare Queens" that took our standard of living from us after all!  It was the damned Bosses just like in the 1930's,...the Bastards!

 Oh, but what to do.

Indeed comrades what to do.  

FUCKING WAR! ...Ya Damed Dummies. Take back what's yours while ya still can!!  I ain't kidding neither. This is a fight for our very lives, and those of generations to come.

Get the fuck off ya butts cut your cable stop eating them damned pizza meals, and get the Hell into the street, and demand...No "TAKE"...TAKE YA FUTURE BACK!!!

...Of Course I mean all this in a Nice way.

(The next post will be much nicer so chill for now, but 'Kick Ass' tomorrow!)

Stay Tuned.

"Believe it or Not,...Summer is Coming"

So the Heat is inching it's way here. It's already hit us a few times already. A few bouts of very warm humidity between the chilly Spring winds.

This is both 'good', and 'bad' for me. I 'Hate' with all my Heart extreme Heat, and Humidity. However I love going to the Beach. So as I do every year I'll divide my time between being hunkered down in my digs with A.C. on "frozen". 

That, and watch re-runs of "Doctor Who", and "Foyle's War". Between all that, and going out to the Beach on the less deadly days if any will be my Summer.

I'll also drink many gallons of 'Lime Rickies'.

The only mercy is that being an aged fart time seems to move much faster. Seems it was Fall to just last week to me. So Summer should be over in a few weeks.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Pray for Nepal"

Nepal was devastated at noon today by a more than seven richter scale Earthquake. Over a thousand dead injured missing with fears of that number growing larger.

We must all pause, and give heartful thoughts to all the suffering of Nepal...and indeed the whole world.

Stay Tuned.

"Flash Back!"

Okay here's a conversation stopper. I was abducted by them Saucer guys back in 1955. From my Aunt Sybil's back yard.

Eh, Auntie is the one in the middle in the third photo that's me in the second.

These taken at about the time of the, incident.

Both Aunt Sybil, and I were taken by these weird robot guys. We ended up in what I thought was a big airplane hanger...I had seen a few by then. Ya see they didn't shoot you in them days for wandering around airports.

Anyway this big robot guy was carrying me to who knows where...I didn't know what they did to Auntie...still don't. Anyway I ended up in what looked like a room full of giant washing machines. Hey that's what they looked like to my five year old self from dream recall.

They gave me a bath.


Yeah I don't know why either.

Next thing I know I'm with Aunt Sybil again, and we're looking down on the City. We're flying over the Brooklyn Bridge...thing is I remember details like the fact from above the bridge looked rusty, and needed repairs...which it did at the time.


Next we're in the kitchen, and Auntie is cooking dinner.

Years later I asked her about that. About how could we have the same dreams. That's when she told me about the mysteries she experienced in her life...ghosts, visions, music in the sky. Basically all the stuff that folks do perceive, but mostly never talk about...for obvious reasons.

Me I have no shame as I just posted somewhere.

In fact I told the story on the air about how I called the radio station's manager saying I couldn't come to work because I was having flash backs of my UFO abduction.
WBAI for all it's current sins 'is' the only job on Earth where your boss will give you time off because of UFO flash backs. She even asked if I wanted to talk to a UFO post abduction counselor...whom she knew.


Good grief.

Anyway I think them space guys have been messing with my family for years. My brother had some of that missing time jazz both when he was in Vietnam, and here at home. That on the highway at night upstate.

Other relations mention stuff from time to time.

Granted most of this total is bullshit, but there's that 2% or so that ain't. Who or what them folks are...who the bleep knows...excerpt maybe the NSA, and the Phone Company, and they ain't talking.

Stay Tuned.

"The City I Love"

"How we fucked the Folks Downstairs"

A twenty second history of U.S./Mexican relations. Ahem. First off we stole half their country. Then the damned French tried to install a Hapsburg Emperor on them. From there Mexico was off to the races.

A later Revolution/Civil War was the icing on the bitter cactus cake. Been a bloody madhouse down there ever since. Especially lately with the drug demand from the States. This causing a break down of order, and civil services.  That, and mayhem'n slaughter to Northern Mexico.

Did I mention the Gringos treating the Mexicans like shit in their 'own' historic lands forever? This is up there with Slave holding lynching, and killing Queers in the "Hall of American Shame".

However change if not Hope is o the move. As a Hispanic radio DJ in LA just said, "...we're taking back our country block, by block..."

He ain't kidding either. 60% of the greater Los Angeles area is Mexican. The rest of the former Mexican States are now or will be soon Majority Hispanic. How about that huh. Justice is famously slow,...but it's sure.

So the Gringos can build all the Berlin Walls they want. Also that jazz really makes us look really bad. We might ask our Chinese pals how well that "Wall" idea works.  We can be so fucked up sometimes.

California,...well southern California, and the rest of the Southwest is reverting to it's natural state...Mexican.

You moving West? ...learn Spanish.

Yeah sure there's tons more history emotion this, and that, but this is all ya need to know. 

(This is a new intermittent history series from your esteemed editor.)

Stay Tuned.

"Game Over",...maybe.

Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz claims that income inequality is now so bad the American dream is nothing but a myth. He explained that hard work and determination are no longer the keys to success. Instead, being born to rich, well-educated parents is the best indicator of future earnings.

Joseph Stiglitz, who was once chief economist at the world bank and currently teaches at Columbia University, is on tour promoting his new book, The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them. Although Stiglitz is preaching on a topic Americans have heard frequently over the past decade, his analysis and conclusions are still startling.

According to CBS News, he wrote, “America is no longer the land of opportunity that it (and others) like to think it is. To a large extent, the American Dream is a myth.”

The American dream is the idea that anyone can attain a prosperous life through their own hard work, regardless of their social status at birth. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting the American dream — think of Oprah Winfrey’s heartbreaking story of going from dresses made of potato sacks to a media mogul worth around $3 billion.

But the statistics show those stories are aberrations, and the truth is far darker for most poor Americans.

The economist claimed that median incomes have stagnated over the past 40 years, yet CEO pay has gone from 30 times the normal workers salary to 300 times. He also explained that a much higher percentage of minimum wage jobs are held by family breadwinners.

One of the most ironic parts of the American dream’s demise is the fact that other developed countries, even Old Europe, have better upward mobility than the U.S. Unless something is done, the gap between the rich and poor will only widen according to Stiglitz.
“If the root causes of income inequality go unaddressed, America will truly become a two-class society and look much more like a third world economy.”
He added, “People will live in gated communities with armed guards. It’s a ugly picture. There will be political, social and economic turmoil.”

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Holy Fuck!"

Holy Fu*K!!.  I just came by, and was looking the page over when I noted that more folks from "Russia" than anywhere else even the U.S. of A. had come by this week!

Really? ...just posting a few pictures of a cute Russian Sea Cadet, and I'm in Moscow?!  I'm going to need a translator around here. 

On the other hand it occurred to me that if they're coming around here they must already speak opposed to English.

Well okay  добро пожаловать!

Stay Tuned.

Следите За Обновлениями.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Well it's about time these two Maniacs went after each other. It's like New York, and California finally going to War. Everybody knew it would come one day now 'one' of them has.

"Batman vs Superman"

Or the other way round don't matter. The Son of Light, and the Son of Darkness at last have their alley knife fight to the end. Lay on extra butter for the popcorn I'm down for this one.

Btw remember the scene in "I am Legend". Ya know the one where our hero is hunting for deer in an overground Times Square?

There was a building poster for a Superman Batman flick that may never have been shown in that timeline...'cause the bleepin world ended...rats!

Hopefully we'll have better luck, and will live to see this film...oh by the G-ddess that makes the cannabis grow please don't let them greedy stupid Hollywood shit heads fuck this up like they do every summer film!


While on the subject years ago I did a "Batwoman vs Bat-Jerk blog novella". I unearth it here in honor of what I hope ain't a Fucking Giant Ass Fucking Cluster Fuck of a Stinker!

(Beware sloppy gross adult language ahead.)


Eh,...the captions which I'm too lazy to fit between the pictures are basically...

"Eat Shit you Woman Hating Rancid Cock-Fucking Sucker!!"

"You Rotten Douche Nozzle you lie like a Dog in the Sun!" 

"You wouldn't know Truth or Decency if it jumped up your ass, and ate it's way out through your two inch Dick!! 

( you can see this has been building up for a while. Not unlike the shit between Super Guy, and Butt Head up there.)

"This is for making up that shit about being an orphan!

"This for being in fucking business with the damned Joker you fucking rat fuck!!"

"...and THIS! Is for replacing Obama, and his family with them damned evil robots Brainiac built!"

"Change, and Hope my ass!!"

"Are you Dead yet or you want some more?"

*Stay Tuned for Part Two!

This where Batman climbs to his shattered knees, and offers a Deal! 

Will Bat-Woman take it or will she expose, and rid the world of yet another false Hero?!

Tune in, and find out!

Stay Tuned.

"Нью-Йорк Весна"