Saturday, April 25, 2015

"The City I Love"


  1. Sydney,
    A couple of weeks ago after getting of the Staten Island Ferry I was peddling my folding bicycle up the hill through "China Town" to the queer senior center (SAGE Center 305 7th Avenue 15th Floor) in Mid-Town.

    Along where you took these pictures I thought I had entered 1930's Shanghai. Quite a good experience.

  2. Btw I was at the first "Sage" meeting in chance. I was doing Queer publishing then I was 25/6 back then.

    (..."Dragonfly Press",...yeah my Queer blog is a direct decedent of this.)

    Anyway I was delivering a poetry book printing..about I remember 100 copies. to Bob Burdick a retired teacher. He was later murdered by a Homophobe. However that day I came by He was hosting the 'very first' meeting of "Sage" in his home.

    Now I'm more than old enough to join.

    (A Queer History Footnote.)

  3. Btw as you may know my family is part Chinese. I grew up in Chinatown till I was about nine. I feel more at home there than Harlem or Brooklyn.

    We were a multicultural family like Obama's long before it became fashionable. My sister is a film maker. She's working on a series of short films about my somewhat weird, and unique family.

    Go to YouTube, and see part one it's called: "From Shanghai to Harlem" Btw there may be two is a preview of the project the other is the actual first'll figure it out.

    I'm featured in part two which is in production now.

  4. Sydney,
    Please let us know when the part that features you is produced and ready to view. Actually I was wondering if you were in any of the family photos in the video. Like maybe the boy playing the drums or maybe one of the kinds around the family table.

    Sydney I now value you even more than I did before and see what you mean by being in "Show Business".

    Go up to the 15th floor of 305 7th Avenue and meet with some of the old guys up there in the SAGE Center now. I bet you might find some in the Theater now. Heck ... maybe a whole new career.
    Love ya,

  5. I meant "maybe one of the kind around the family table.": Typo

  6. I meant "maybe one of the kids around the family table.": Typo