Saturday, April 25, 2015

"How we fucked the Folks Downstairs"

A twenty second history of U.S./Mexican relations. Ahem. First off we stole half their country. Then the damned French tried to install a Hapsburg Emperor on them. From there Mexico was off to the races.

A later Revolution/Civil War was the icing on the bitter cactus cake. Been a bloody madhouse down there ever since. Especially lately with the drug demand from the States. This causing a break down of order, and civil services.  That, and mayhem'n slaughter to Northern Mexico.

Did I mention the Gringos treating the Mexicans like shit in their 'own' historic lands forever? This is up there with Slave holding lynching, and killing Queers in the "Hall of American Shame".

However change if not Hope is o the move. As a Hispanic radio DJ in LA just said, "...we're taking back our country block, by block..."

He ain't kidding either. 60% of the greater Los Angeles area is Mexican. The rest of the former Mexican States are now or will be soon Majority Hispanic. How about that huh. Justice is famously slow,...but it's sure.

So the Gringos can build all the Berlin Walls they want. Also that jazz really makes us look really bad. We might ask our Chinese pals how well that "Wall" idea works.  We can be so fucked up sometimes.

California,...well southern California, and the rest of the Southwest is reverting to it's natural state...Mexican.

You moving West? ...learn Spanish.

Yeah sure there's tons more history emotion this, and that, but this is all ya need to know. 

(This is a new intermittent history series from your esteemed editor.)

Stay Tuned.


  1. Historically, to build such a wall announces to the world: "This empire is in an advanced state of decay and is fixing to collapse." Those outside the wall are typically pissed off and prone to act on that impulse.

    I've been slack about boning up on my Spanish. Perhaps if I stock up on Dos Equis and paint a big picture of La Virgen de Guadalupe over my door, things might not turn out too badly..?

    Interesting to speculate how Mexico might have turned out under a Hapsburg emperor. Like Austria maybe? Or possibly more like Spain...


  2. Indeed. Mexico a first world Parliamentary Liberal Democracy. Oh if history has just turned ever so slightly.

    Oh yes this Empire is fucked, and everybody knows it. Sure we have bombers, and what they're totally unusable.

    China owns our debt, and the world laughs behind our backs...soon right in our faces.

    As for painting the 'Virgin" on your front door...good idea. A kind of "Passover" may be in your future when things change suddenly, and Quickly!

    I'm digging out my Rosary Beads to carry with me as a safe passage totem.