Sunday, August 31, 2014

"The Brooklyn Museum"

Actually this is part of the thread I did "Barefoot in the Park" etc., further below. I love this old place. My dad used to take me here when I was a kiddy back in the glorious 1950's.

There we both stood wondering at the work of Jackson Pollack. I later came to the conclusion that much of 20th century "Modern Art" was either a serious, and secret code for the few. Or more precisely perhaps an inside joke.

Either way seriously cool.

Still I'm grateful to dear Dad for blowing my young mind with these amazing works! ...I'm also grateful for the Lionel train set he gave me, and which I still have most of.  

( always click on image for best view.)

Stay Tuned.

"Bleeped Up"

 Just a maintenance note. I just shit-canned "Chrome" off my computer. It was just too much trouble...what a mess. I should have gone with "Fire Fox" in the first place. Just like I was told.

Btw all the units I've ever used were set up by our somewhat disturbed IT guy at work. The previous computer I had at home was used, and set up the the pal that passed it on to me.

So I'm actually for the first time setting my own stuff up, and if anything fucks up it's 'my' fault. 

...and it was.

Stay Tuned.

"Cartooning Classes"

As part of things to do in my"Golden Retirement" years. My dear sister has enrolled me in a Cartoon class at the "92nd Street Y". Well that, and a book designing, and making class later in the season.

We want to see if this old guy taking classes thing works out first.

I hope it does. Anyway the Cartoon thing should work out. That's a page of panels for a little comix I did a million years ago...the late 1970's I think. Bodmin would know the exact date, and my mood even.

Hi Bodmin!

Anyway thing is like so many Comix maniacs I'm self taught, and would for once like to know how I'm 'supposed' to be doing it. As opposed to the rule of thumb I've always done.

For for example one is "supposed" to ink your pencil originals with a fine brush. Well that or a nib...dip-in-an ink jar pen. Actually I did the "nib" routine at first for several years till gel pens came around...much easier!

However I note that our instructor leaves them gel things off the list of required tools,...humm. A traditionalist. 'Hope we don't have problems. Anyway the classes start toward the end of the new month. I've already done my "Back to School Shopping".

Eh should I wear short pants, and a beanie for first day of school? I'll play it by ear, and see.

The point of this besides everything else is to get pointers on doing then printing a new Comix book I've had on my mind for a while.  I'll post it all here when it's done.

Those of you that have been fans of my ink work over the years know I just do individual pieces. Haven't done paneled works in decades...just lazy really.

(...The above is an "individual piece" I call the "Angel of Rwanda". I did it some years ago during their time of Genocide.)

My stuff is in the Queer Hallmark card tradition. Or would be if there were such a there one?

Stay Tuned.

"Sounds Like a Good Idea"

Remember Comrades,...Sugar in their Gas Tanks, and Glue in all their Locks. Ahem, I mean this in a nice way of course. For any law enforcement agents tuning in this is satire.

Ha ha ha ha...just a bit of fun is all.


Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Just Fine"

I'm fine. No really. I've had my Meds I've slept for 12 hours,...and will probably sleep some more. I'll eventually eat something, and I'll be fine. 

Noisy outside. Folks are starting the mayhem for Labor Day, and the Big Annual Parade. I'll take some snaps, and post them.


It's a few hours later I may have spoken too soon...yucks again. Dizzy aches the usual drill. Well I have a major hospital thing on Wednesday. I'll get checked out then.

I think I just need to get out for a while. Been cooped up all week around here. Maybe I'll go for the end of season fire works at Coney Island. Yeah I'll stumble around there for the day...sounds the ticket.

Stay Tuned.


A calculated attempt to boost my numbers. Though I had thought to post some skinny dipping Boy Scouts. Um...I don't wanna push my luck. You know how things are.

Btw the above nice person would now be about 120 years old so I think we're safe.

Ya know now that I think about it where the hell did all our problems with sex, and nudity come from? How did the west get this particular emotional disability that's been cramping everybody's style for thousands of years?

The people of the "Book" basically Jews Christians, and Muslims have been fearing the sky g-d that wants this forever. I mean "FEAR". They're scared to death of him. They think he wants us to lay waste the whole damned planet.

Them Isisi maniacs are latest example of his servants going to town. I mean ya don't see them Hindu folks going nuts, okay ya do. Still 'their' religious art is full of all sorts of naked folks banging away at each other, and in a nice way.

Same with plenty of other folks. Sure they're fucked up too, but on the whole they seem okay with naked people. Unless the missionaries have got to them. Imagine never having heard of hell or shame.

Well at least we can be naked in Heaven. That is if the "Left Behind" movies are anything to go by. Seems when the "Just" or the Tea Party gets raptured to their reward they leave their duds behind...even their laptops.

Stay Tuned.


Friday, August 29, 2014

"Peace Dream"


"...Didn't See It"

Actually least in my experience. Them Angel folks don't look anything like junior up there. Okay now, and then a few, but mostly no. Thing is if they take human shape at all...which they usually don't. If they morph into one of us it's usually some slob you wouldn't notice.

Just another character stumbling by is what they like to be. Take for example the time one of them yanked me from the path of a fucking big midtown bus that I somehow managed not to notice coming dead at me.

First of all how the hell did that happen.

Ya figure a guy would notice a zillion tons of speeding steel coming at'em. 'But somehow I didn't. Sort of like the French Aristocracy, and hopefully the current One Percent I didn't see the shit coming.

Anyway the Holy Bastard yanks me  back by the collar'n yells, "...Look out ya Jerk!", and saves my useless, and generally uncomfortable life. Before I knows what's happening he going down the street mumbling "...fuck'n moron", and vanishes into a crowd of the sweaty uninsured, and over taxed.

Shit like this happens to me all the time.

Ya know sometimes we all get to be Angels or whatever. I saved a kid from going over a railing into the river once. What can I say right place right time. I'm sure you've had this sort of thing happen too.

So as they said at the end of that neat series on Fox years ago. "Millennium". Look it up, and get the second season's boxed set...forget the others...just the Second Season. Okay.

Anyhow it ends with the hero "Frank Black" saying...


...Get it?

We all look out for each other.

That or we're all unpaid off the books Angels. ....Well gang that's tonight's moral. I'm wasted so I'm going to lay down for a while. Be back later.

Stay Tuned.


Still tinkering on my upcoming one person "Witness for Peace" vigil next to the Gandhi statue in Union Square park. '...working on the design for the banner/poster.

Something with a dove, and not too many words.

Also a very simple weird funny snarky leaflet. I thought of putting pictures of naked people on it so folks won't throw it away...maybe not. 'Could get busted.

I mentioned this mayhem on my Facebook page, and some pals say they want in...good. I need some one to take pictures when the cops taser, and beat the bloody crap out of me for being a commie peacenik trouble maker.

Some folks just can't take a joke.   

Anyway the launch date is early October. On the off chance that World Peace breaks out before I get out there I'll be ready with an alternate banner, and leaflets celebrating the apparent beginning of the Golden Age.

Stay Tuned.

"I Have this 'Thing' about Dragonflies"


Angels too. Consult my Queer pages about that. However yeah Dragonfly folks. They been around almost as long as Angels if the Bible, and related parchments are anything to go by.

Close up they may seem scary...Dragonfly's I mean. Well okay Angels can be a handful if you ain't expecting them. Demons too come to think of it. Actually I've had more truck with them Demon guys than any other sort of spiritual entity.

Weird bunch them. Always pissed off about this or that. Sort of like them clerks down at the DMV when the air conditioning breaks down.
Okay granted my more serious encounters with them guys was while I was full of all sorts of powerful drugs.

I remember once after about 12 hours or so of Coke/Meth cocktails this thing shows up making animals noises, and pushing the furniture around. All I said was, "...ya gotta be kidding me", took a valium chaser, and went to sleep.

Well that or passed out.

When I got up...a few days later. Everything was back where it was supposed to be. So what was all that about other than an interesting hallucination. Though any number of other encounters with spirits from above, and below are less easily brushed off.

We've all had amazing shit happen to us we can't explain...even without drugs. That's the wonder of life. Like Einstein said, "...I wonder at the mysteries."

Yeah me too.

"Coney Island Carousel"

Above are some snaps I took during the summer of the famed Coney Island Carousel. I really love it. This btw is actual photographic evidence of your esteemed editor riding the ponies for the second time is perhaps 40 years. The first time was with dear Nurse Pickles, and the most Rt. Rev. R.P. Martin a few weeks earlier.

"Is it Snowing Yet"

Look I like the fall colors'n all, but I just want to get to winter, and have done with it. So cold ya windows crack. So cold you can leave meat loaf on your window sill till spring. So blessedly cold all the buttholes crawl back under their rocks.

Summer was a huge headache seasoned with too much humidity. Fall which is shorter thanks to climate change is for me too confusing. Lets just do winter so we can all calm down, and hibernate.

Certainly this country can use the sleep. What with all the retro-race riots, and general disappointment in the air. Don't get me started about my hero Obama the Kenyan Reptilian Muslim Space Alien Human/Grey Hybrid.

Oh gawd! What I would give for a big greasy triple bacon cheese burger with fries deep done in butter!  ...HECK 'EVERYTHING' DEEP FRIED IN FRIGGING BUTTER!!!

'But no I'm chained to Healthy crap..."Bugs Bunny" food. Sure I go off the wagon now'n then, but pay for it big time when my blood sugar stuff goes nuts, and I start dying all over again.

Why can't health food taste like grease!?

Stay Tuned.

"Creepy Doll"

Well actually under normal conditions she's a cute doll. However I just noticed this shot which I took months ago. It came out weird dreamy, and tad creepy.

Sort of like one of them Horror Movie dolls that waits till everybody is asleep, and then smiling razor teeth goes after them with a buzz saw.

I could go to the butcher shop, and get a vile of calves blood or something. Maybe that'll appease her.

If I wake up next day, and the blood vile is empty. That, and Miss "why don't you go to sleep so I can chop you into bite sized pieces" is sleeping her meal off. Well then I'll know where I stand.

Maybe I should just keep her in the freezer to be on the safe side. ...her, and the other dozen or so dolls I have hanging around that might be getting ideas.

Stay Tuned.

"A Comment from the Editor"

Greetings Dear Comrades! I just looked at the stats for this page, and noticed a lot of folks are coming back since I've started posting regular again.  Thanks that's seriously cool.

About a thousand or so since I came back at the beginning of this week. Btw it doesn't seem to be reflected by the numbers on the right there, but on BlogSpot it never does.

Still by 'net standards 1000 or so are perhaps modest numbers, but bleep that I loves ya all! 'Course I could get tens of thousands a day by posting naked people...that would be fun, but would get this place deleted in two seconds.

Long time fans have seen that happen around here any number of times before I realized the limitations on free expression when the site is "free".

So maybe I should get around to finally getting that independent website thing finally cooking. Yeah yeah promise promises.  All I'll say is I'll get around to it.

Anyway thanks for being there.

Stay Tuned.

"Oh Mary!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"My Day so Far"

I just had a light meal of peaches grapes rye bread mineral water, and thoughts of steak, and eggs. Yep so far so good. Listening to Mozart on WQXR the last...I think, classical station around. Doing some simple sketches of Angel Boys, and Faeries.

What the hell else would I draw?

As soon as I learn how to connect, and use my printer/scanner I'll post my stuff as I do it. Should be fun. Taking it easy. This was a down week for me. Yuckiness, and a lot of meds.

Stay Tuned.

"The Pond"





"Remembering The Empire"

I really wish I could visit the old days just for an afternoon. Those swell innocent times when our biggest problems were Nuclear Annihilation, and having Negros like me moving Next Door. Ha! Bet'cha that's all ya wish ya had to deal with today!

Ten cent comics black'n white TV milk delivered in bottles fins on cars, and just about everything else. Terrifying juvenile delinquents roaming the parks listening to that dangerous Negro music...all that "Rocky Rolly" stuff!

Beatniks! UFO's! Communists! Integration! Bullwinkle!

Horror upon Horror!

Aw, but good King John was on the Throne we were going to the stars, and Godzilla was just entering our nightmares. We'd kicked the hell out of Polio everybody had a transistor radio everybody had a decent job, and the schools actually taught stuff.

Top Forty D.J.'s kept us company as we did our homework, and everybody we loved was still alive.

Even our Dog.

Yeah for just a quiet afternoon I'd walk the strange wonderful streets, and parks of the Pax Americana.

Gas was cheap every car had a giant V-8 under it's hood we owned the world. We had a zillion H-Bombs, and fleets of brand new shiny B-52's to deliver them to anybody crazy enough to give us shit!

Oh dear comrades we shall never see such time again.

Mores the pity.

Stay Tuned.




"What a Bleeping Mess"

How is Peace possible which guys like this. Should we even think of Peace with folks that adhere to an Apocalyptic murderous vision of reality. Yes we all have inner demons. Any one of us could commit crimes against life, humanity given the right circumstances.

That's a tough one to swallow

It's just that sometimes something comes along that does just that. Some insane crap pops up that sez,..."Lay waste the Earth, and leave Nothing left Alive Upon it."  Well here it is again.

It's like the Christian Tribulation or that lunatic's book the "Turner Diaries" about a white Holocaust against blacks, and mixed race peoples here in the U.S.

Above is one of the last times we allowed the Demon out. Nazi soldiers mass executing people in Poland. Similar to how they are doing it yet again. Dig a ditch herd folks into it...shoot them...cover it over.

(Just like they did in the Balkans Rwanda Salvador Cambodia the Sudan etc., etc.)

Ya know the pisser is that these latest demons are doing their "holy" work with all the equipment we left behind. This after our 12 year pointless War in the region. Yep there they are wearing bits of our uniforms driving our Humvees tanks using our cannons automatic rifles,...see above, to do da "lawd's work".

The Iraqi army like the South Vietnamese army, earlier clients, ran as soon as the shit hit the fan. They stripped their uniforms dropped their arms left their heavy equipment, and ran.

In a way ya can't blame these grunts. I mean after they were abandoned by their officers, and with no orders from Bagdad they split for their lives. 'Much good it did them as they were rounded up, and mass slaughtered by the latest issue from Hell Isis.

Over here our government is gridlocked as usual the White House indecisive as usual. The rest of the west looking the other way as it always does during genocides.

An old custom going back to the religious wars of the middle ages.

Meanwhile literal piles of heads grow larger. That's what this latest crew  likes to do. Seems they think G-d wants them to burn loot kill rape everybody, and everything insight. They're re-enacting the scarier parts of the Bible. However these re-enactors ain't firing blanks.

With all this how is my "Witnessing for Peace" in Union Square Park as I go one about a few posts down going to do any good. I may make a few Angels smile either in admiration or at the utter pathetic uselessness of it. Maybe that, but I doubt it'll do much else.

Btw I'm going to do it anyway.

All this is on my soul my mind tonight. Any way I'm still a little yucky. 'Been ill for most of the week...again. I'm going to take my meds, and lay down for a back later.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Angels in Plain Sight"

"The Brooklyn Garden"

I've been going to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden since I was maybe six. I love the place. Also unlike so much in town it's still the same...actually better.

Faeries live here. Sprites of all types. Formations of Dragonflies' blossoms the Japanese pond, and security in electric carts to make sure you don't fuck the place up.

Back in the day I used to come here to draw those Angels, and Faeries you can see on my Queer page. It's a magical peaceful oasis. I don't often wax so sweet about anything in this hell hole, but for the Garden yes I do.

They make a big noise about the Bronx Garden. Because of that it's thick with tourists, and expensive. Brooklyn's is quiet low density, and cheap. Free twice a week.

Used to be free all the time, but the State cut off the funding at some point so they has to charge a nominal entrance.'s more than worth it, and like I sez it's free for proles like me on Tuesday, and Saturday. Totally 'Free' between October, and April.

See more posts about the Garden further down. "Barefoot in the Park", and more.

I just loves it there.

Stay Tuned