Thursday, August 28, 2014

"What a Bleeping Mess"

How is Peace possible which guys like this. Should we even think of Peace with folks that adhere to an Apocalyptic murderous vision of reality. Yes we all have inner demons. Any one of us could commit crimes against life, humanity given the right circumstances.

That's a tough one to swallow

It's just that sometimes something comes along that does just that. Some insane crap pops up that sez,..."Lay waste the Earth, and leave Nothing left Alive Upon it."  Well here it is again.

It's like the Christian Tribulation or that lunatic's book the "Turner Diaries" about a white Holocaust against blacks, and mixed race peoples here in the U.S.

Above is one of the last times we allowed the Demon out. Nazi soldiers mass executing people in Poland. Similar to how they are doing it yet again. Dig a ditch herd folks into it...shoot them...cover it over.

(Just like they did in the Balkans Rwanda Salvador Cambodia the Sudan etc., etc.)

Ya know the pisser is that these latest demons are doing their "holy" work with all the equipment we left behind. This after our 12 year pointless War in the region. Yep there they are wearing bits of our uniforms driving our Humvees tanks using our cannons automatic rifles,...see above, to do da "lawd's work".

The Iraqi army like the South Vietnamese army, earlier clients, ran as soon as the shit hit the fan. They stripped their uniforms dropped their arms left their heavy equipment, and ran.

In a way ya can't blame these grunts. I mean after they were abandoned by their officers, and with no orders from Bagdad they split for their lives. 'Much good it did them as they were rounded up, and mass slaughtered by the latest issue from Hell Isis.

Over here our government is gridlocked as usual the White House indecisive as usual. The rest of the west looking the other way as it always does during genocides.

An old custom going back to the religious wars of the middle ages.

Meanwhile literal piles of heads grow larger. That's what this latest crew  likes to do. Seems they think G-d wants them to burn loot kill rape everybody, and everything insight. They're re-enacting the scarier parts of the Bible. However these re-enactors ain't firing blanks.

With all this how is my "Witnessing for Peace" in Union Square Park as I go one about a few posts down going to do any good. I may make a few Angels smile either in admiration or at the utter pathetic uselessness of it. Maybe that, but I doubt it'll do much else.

Btw I'm going to do it anyway.

All this is on my soul my mind tonight. Any way I'm still a little yucky. 'Been ill for most of the week...again. I'm going to take my meds, and lay down for a back later.

Stay Tuned.


  1. That guy looks like a caricature of a terrorist.

    I think our problem in the Middle East is that we keep rolling in and destroying stable governments and often backing fundies against them - as in the anti-Assad or anti-Ghaddafi rebels etc. - and then are shocked to find that there's no stability and the place is infested with fundie nutballs brandishing weapons that came from the USA. Well, duh, what did we expect? Roses cast before us in Baghdad?

    We shoulda never torn the solar panels off the White House roof, and should've gone slow & easy on the North Sea oil, stretching out our resources to last. That way we would never have gotten ourselves into this awful mess. Not to mention all the other people who are also in the awful mess we've made, and the worst parts of it too.

    Let us know how the Witnessing goes. I hope you're feeling better.


  2. Witnessing is the only thing I know how to do. It's the only thing I or anyone else can do at this point. Anyway I'm working on the banner, and a snarky leaflet to give giggles, and irony...and hopefully not get toss away immediately.

    Humm...could put naked people on it.

    Anyway there I'll be in a month or so silently pleading for sanity. 'Course there's the off chance that Peace will break out all over the place before that. In which case I will certainly put happy naked people on the leaflets to celebrate the new Golden Age!