Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Cartooning Classes"

As part of things to do in my"Golden Retirement" years. My dear sister has enrolled me in a Cartoon class at the "92nd Street Y". Well that, and a book designing, and making class later in the season.

We want to see if this old guy taking classes thing works out first.

I hope it does. Anyway the Cartoon thing should work out. That's a page of panels for a little comix I did a million years ago...the late 1970's I think. Bodmin would know the exact date, and my mood even.

Hi Bodmin!

Anyway thing is like so many Comix maniacs I'm self taught, and would for once like to know how I'm 'supposed' to be doing it. As opposed to the rule of thumb I've always done.

For for example one is "supposed" to ink your pencil originals with a fine brush. Well that or a nib...dip-in-an ink jar pen. Actually I did the "nib" routine at first for several years till gel pens came around...much easier!

However I note that our instructor leaves them gel things off the list of required tools,...humm. A traditionalist. 'Hope we don't have problems. Anyway the classes start toward the end of the new month. I've already done my "Back to School Shopping".

Eh should I wear short pants, and a beanie for first day of school? I'll play it by ear, and see.

The point of this besides everything else is to get pointers on doing then printing a new Comix book I've had on my mind for a while.  I'll post it all here when it's done.

Those of you that have been fans of my ink work over the years know I just do individual pieces. Haven't done paneled works in decades...just lazy really.

(...The above is an "individual piece" I call the "Angel of Rwanda". I did it some years ago during their time of Genocide.)

My stuff is in the Queer Hallmark card tradition. Or would be if there were such a there one?

Stay Tuned.


  1. Queer Hallmark cards? That's a great idea! We oughta start a company. Sorta like Milkboys content, but inviting queer artists everywhere to send in material. I bet that stuff would sell all over the planet.