Monday, August 25, 2014

"Fall on the Way"

Fall's on the way, and not a moment too soon. I've had enuff of the humidity thanks. Though they say this has been a mild summer for the Northeast it was still too damned hot for me.

It may have been nice in Central Park or where they take the official temps. But hey gang it was 105 in all the subway tunnels, and the pavement all over town was also 90f/100f...all damned bleeping summer.

Summer in this City or any large pile of concrete, and stone is like living in a brick oven. This is why me, and my pal "Bob the Bunny" (tm) were hanging out all this time out on Coney Island.

Aw how I loves that run down pile of ruins by the sea!

Yep Coney Island fun for the whole family! See comrades there was a reason that for over 100 years proles of all sorts came out here. The sea breeze jelly fish horse shoe crabs sand lice, and foot long hot dogs.

What could be better?!

However now we say goodbye to all that as Fall with it's Angel Dust/Peyote induced colors overcome us with glee. Soon to be replace by the Dead Zone of winter. Actually my favorite time of year...there's less buttholes wandering the streets then.

Btw yeah I know that murder mayhem, and actual genocide is going on out in the world...I'm getting to all that.

However now it time for bed.

I'd rather have sweet dreams than the terrifying nightmare mayhem I usually have when I go on a rant.  A bleeping high blood pressure rant about life death gawd, and the utter, and complete murderous stupidity of a certain bi-pedal species that went, and invented H-Bombs, and Income Taxes ON PURPOSE!!

Sweet Dreams for real this time...see below my other attempts at signing off.

Stay Tuned.

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