Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Remembering The Empire"

I really wish I could visit the old days just for an afternoon. Those swell innocent times when our biggest problems were Nuclear Annihilation, and having Negros like me moving Next Door. Ha! Bet'cha that's all ya wish ya had to deal with today!

Ten cent comics black'n white TV milk delivered in bottles fins on cars, and just about everything else. Terrifying juvenile delinquents roaming the parks listening to that dangerous Negro music...all that "Rocky Rolly" stuff!

Beatniks! UFO's! Communists! Integration! Bullwinkle!

Horror upon Horror!

Aw, but good King John was on the Throne we were going to the stars, and Godzilla was just entering our nightmares. We'd kicked the hell out of Polio everybody had a transistor radio everybody had a decent job, and the schools actually taught stuff.

Top Forty D.J.'s kept us company as we did our homework, and everybody we loved was still alive.

Even our Dog.

Yeah for just a quiet afternoon I'd walk the strange wonderful streets, and parks of the Pax Americana.

Gas was cheap every car had a giant V-8 under it's hood we owned the world. We had a zillion H-Bombs, and fleets of brand new shiny B-52's to deliver them to anybody crazy enough to give us shit!

Oh dear comrades we shall never see such time again.

Mores the pity.

Stay Tuned.

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