Saturday, August 30, 2014


A calculated attempt to boost my numbers. Though I had thought to post some skinny dipping Boy Scouts. Um...I don't wanna push my luck. You know how things are.

Btw the above nice person would now be about 120 years old so I think we're safe.

Ya know now that I think about it where the hell did all our problems with sex, and nudity come from? How did the west get this particular emotional disability that's been cramping everybody's style for thousands of years?

The people of the "Book" basically Jews Christians, and Muslims have been fearing the sky g-d that wants this forever. I mean "FEAR". They're scared to death of him. They think he wants us to lay waste the whole damned planet.

Them Isisi maniacs are latest example of his servants going to town. I mean ya don't see them Hindu folks going nuts, okay ya do. Still 'their' religious art is full of all sorts of naked folks banging away at each other, and in a nice way.

Same with plenty of other folks. Sure they're fucked up too, but on the whole they seem okay with naked people. Unless the missionaries have got to them. Imagine never having heard of hell or shame.

Well at least we can be naked in Heaven. That is if the "Left Behind" movies are anything to go by. Seems when the "Just" or the Tea Party gets raptured to their reward they leave their duds behind...even their laptops.

Stay Tuned.

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