Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Our Bridge"

Okay here's the problem. As you can see from the top photo the narrow pedestrian walk is shared with bikes. Thank you Mr. Bloomberg. If everybody played nice no problem, but this is New York.

The bikers yeah many of them...I was going to be nice, and say some, but fuck'em. These folks have road rage against the people walking the bridge. 

I witnessed a bunch of these clowns all done up in racing gear numbers, and all flying across. One of the fuckers clipped a baby stroller, and didn't stop. I can tell you that got a reaction from the crowd.

Fortunately the kid wasn't hurt the stroller was clipped not knocked over, but the shit didn't stop neither did the other "racers"...btw there's no security on the bridge.

Okay, okay a lot of the bikers are nice ordinary folks that ring the handle bar chiming bell when they pass a crowd. 

However the racing health nuts, and yeah that day there was a bunch of them are selfish fuckers. Anyway these bleeps need to be dumped over the side of the bridge by the enraged masses.

Otherwise it was a nice walk with all sorts of swell folks from all over the world. There was this nice older couple from Brazil that asked me to take their picture. They were real sweet folks.

'Though I'm sure they'd join with the rest of us in dumping the racer jerks into the river.

The End.

"Just Swell",...this is where I came in.



As I jocularly mention in a below post that the shit was still the same genocidal shit while I was otherwise engaged. I stopped reading the press, and watching the news this summer while involved with labor mayhem at the radio station,

Well while out on my Brooklyn Bridge tour I picks of the "Post" of, "...Headless Body in Topless Bar" fame. 'And what da hell do I see, but the "Peace" candidate about to unload on yet another deranged bunch of head choppers.

It don't matter who wins in Syria. Both sides are evil fucking demented murdering maniacs. it's going to be a Queer hanging woman stoning baby butchering genocidal Woodstock no matter what.

OY! I have such a headache!

"Chambers Street"

This is the famed Chambers Street area named for the lawyers, and judges chambers,...I think. Anyway this is where lawyers, and criminals hang out. Redundant yeah, but ya gets the point.

It was late getting dark I was sitting in the park down there resting after another long constitutional around the Emerald City. I'll tell ya when I get home from one of these outings I'm wiped out.

Hey I'm an older gentleman these daze as I'm finding out. Btw I get Senior tickets in to the movies as a matter of course now don't even have to ask. So yeah it's that time.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


"Oh the Colors"

Btw in all the mayhem of my life these past few months I haven't been paying too much attention to the world. Well let's see. Syria is still murdering babies by the truck load.

Both sides are serious bad news. No matter who wins it's a nightmare for the people sort of like Egypt.  Ya know this whole "Arab Spring" thing we all had so much hope for just like that 99% thing here just ain't panning out how anyone hoped.

If I was into conspiracies I'd say they were both derailed by the Uber-Powers that own, and run everything. After all where would these spooks be if the PEOPLE...yeah in caps. If the People rose up, and took their lives their destinies into there own over for the spooky 1%.

There's that, and our pals the Tea Party, as opposed to normal human Republicans. The Tea Party nut jobs are still at it taking food away from the poor, and the vote away from colored folks. Swell.

Well okay everything is exactly as I left it when my life began to unravel in the late spring. Here we are near Fall's start with stuff just as fucked...actually a tad more fucked.

I could say some demented crazed stuff now, but the NSA would read about a ten dozen "flagged words or phrases", and kick down my door to say hello.

So mums da woid.

Instead take some peyote, and mind meld with me. Yeah that's it. See what I'm thinking about them 1% or actually 0.000001% that's fucking up the works?

You do...good.

Bleep you NSA!

Stay Tuned, and keep doing them buds. Yep hallucinogenic dope the 99%'s Western Union!.

...where's my hat?


Fans of my assorted nuked Queer blogs,...boy these guys really can't take a joke.  Anyway  you guys knows I has this insane this for Charlie there.

For some time I've been obsessed or as much at my age one 'can' be obsessed. I've got goo-goo eyes for this guy.

Before ya start he legal okay. Actually I never cared one way or the other about all that noise. Being overcome by any sort of beauty be it for a boy a book or a cat is the way of there.

"Walking to Mid-Town"

Here are some random shots of stuff while walking up from 14th Street to midtown in Manhattan. I think I'll take the ferry to Staten Island, and look around'n take some pics.

The Ferry is still free so the price is right, and I have rather alot of time on my hands. I 'was' going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge today, but it was all gloomy cloudy with spritzing rain now'n then..yuck.

So if I'm up to it I'll do the Brooklyn Bridge, and Staten Island next. Mind you some comrades out there may be tiring of these field trips. That's okay I understand. 

However ya see these things are I guess more for me, and my close local pals..sorry if you're not into it. Don't worry I'll get back into rants, and pretty boys in a while. 

For now I'm adjusting to my seriously weird retirement era.  ...what fun.

"Shori Sato"

A lovely Japanese model, and a Monster from before the Dawn of Time...also Japanese. Sure that makes sense let's have more of this.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"The Boss is In!"

"Another Walkabout"

"Union Park Gandhi Shrine"

The simple Gandhi Shrine was placed in Union Square Park back in the late 1980's This as part of the Park's latest renewal. It's had several in the past 160 years or so since it was set up.

Early in my radio daze I wanted my station,, to sponser a Neo'Be-in centered around the Gandhi statue.  

 It didn't pan out since the City wanted a Bond of $$$Zillions, and our insurance guy said '....Forget it!!" "Why can't you maniacs have a boatride like everybody else!"

Aw well. 

Btw I always thought the placement was off. The Gandhi Shrine should be more toward the center of the park near Washington, and his big horsey.  

Maybe in time. 

After all Washington has been moved around the park a few times.

"Queer?!...Who Me?!" Ahem yeah you.

Well there's good ol' Bill of "Tokio Hotel" up there. 'Could never stand the music. I think you really 'need' to be a 14 years old girl get it.  Sort of like us now old geezers, and the 'Stones I guess.

He's always going on about how he ain't all that Queer,...yeah sure pal whatever. Hey he can do as he pleases I still think he's cute. Sue me I'm an old fashioned romanic. As I've quoted old grilfriend told me back in da day...

"Sydney you're whole problem is you're just in love with love!"

Okay...yeah that's me..I guess.  Can't help it. It's in my DNA. This always gets me in trouble btw. I'm always wide open to getting bleeped over. 'Gott'a learn to be more careful sort'a.

You think I should get a cat. I mean I'm home all the time now being retired, and all.

Stay Tuned.

"Union Square Park"

I love Union Square Park. It has a hell of a history. Google it. In my time the early 1970's it was a rundown cesspool of cheap drugs rape murder, and all the other swell stuff government abandonment brings.

As the City came back so did the park thank the G-ddess! It's a convenient place to sit read eat hot dawgs, and or just watch the passing parade that can only be seen in the Emerald City.

One can become involved in all manner of socio-politcal mayhem here which is this park's tradition. Which leads me to introduce Mr. Haddley up there.

Comrade Haddley is a traveling Jester Madman, and Magician.  He used to design programs at he sez. Wouldn't be surprised. Anyway he found himself out here making magic freaking folks out informing, and amusing them as well.

I think such as he are Saints. He, and those we call mad are from the same DNA soup bowl as artists dreamers the better leaders, and academics...ya see where I'm going.

Had a swell chat for a while. I offered some dough or a meal for taking his picture. He said no because he could tell I was family.  I was honored to be seen as brethren to the Mad, and Blessed.