Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"A Time, and Place"

"Pink Dreams Rainbow World"

A friend does not believe in the concept of Transsexuality.

Especially when it come to young kids. She felt to force a feminine identity on boys who are really just gay is a crime against them, and an insult to women.

Well I always felt people should just be as they are, and be left in peace.

As for Trans-folks they as I say are who they are. The labels we use today are as inaccurate as the 19th century idea of the "Third Sex". The mysteries of orientation, and identity is only just now being explored. So much we just don't know about how we become who we are. In my opinion we're still lost deep in the Dark Ages of this field of understanding.

Me,...I say, and do the best I know.

As for genders, and orientations I think there are as many as there are people...roughly 7 billion.

As for kids the torment they pretty much 'all' receive from adults is a still unrecognized crime against humanity.

It is not impossible that that putting gender identity labels mistakenly on youngsters may also be a cruelty...we still just don't know.

Like we didn't know medical "Germ Theory" in the 15th century.

Till then the best we can do is be open kind loving, and accepting as much as we personally can.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, January 30, 2017


"Stuff I"

"Stuff II"

"Tink I"

"Tink II"


I am so encouraged by reactions of people around the country, and the world to the "Resident Elects" edicts. The Women's March drew near 3 Million people out into the streets. I don't know the numbers for around the world. However in this land taken together it was the largest protest event in the history of our Republic.

I don't say this as just a political chant. It seems it literally was.

Now people at all the airports who are against the Muslim Ban. At so many airports here, and again around the world. I think we're recovering from the shock, and horror of that man's strange election.

Millions are moved to "Move".

However as I've read. This sort of power needs to be focused, and used. Otherwise it will be dismissed. Which is exactly what that man, and his administration, and his press allies have done.
It 'will' be dismissed, and forgotten.

If all it was a gesture, and everyone goes home feeling satisfied.

We can't stop we can't let the power that so many created just drift away as has happened so many times. The Machine counts on us always forgetting. Being distracted by TV the web drugs, and letting the power to took with our own hand to drift away.

Oh to be a kid again.

Out in the streets as a teen against the Vietnam War, and later in my 20's in the streets again for a Queer's right just to exist. We weren't fighting for marriage or any other convoluted middle class crap. We were fighting for the right just to be Alive.

The 'Right' to Live.

I think we all have to do that now. For all of us the whole sweaty deranged lot of us out there making art science wonders, and laughter. We have a "Right to Life" too.

Stay Tuned.

"And in other News"

                                     "Yes Auntie it's True!"

                  "I'm no longer the World's Most Insane Leader."

                            "Oh,...btw, I'm still having you shot."

                                              Stay Tuned.

"Happy New Year 2017"

Happy New Year dear Comrades. In all of the chaos of the fall of our Democracy I forgot to both celebrate, and announce the coming of the dreaded year, "2017".

                                 "2017 The year of the Plague"                           

Sunday, January 29, 2017


"Donald Trump just signed a new Executive Order removing the Director of National Intelligence & Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council.
This is UNHEARD OF. He is deliberately removing voices of reason from the decision making process."

If the above from a comrade's page is true this is most serious.

The intelligence balance of powers has just be eliminated. I can't imagine certain agencies, and powerful political forces willing to eat this. They may push back,...in a serious way.

If this were a movie these events could lead to a Military Coup.

Let's call this flick..."2017 The year of Hell"

It begins with a montage of all the political mayhem of 2016. The Trump election, and his immediate chaotic destructive behavior. This followed by a scene of a secure meeting at sea aboard the nuclear carrier "U.S.S. Harry Truman".

Members of the Joints Chiefs the Heads of all the National Security Services, known, and unknown, certain industrialists trusted historians, and journalists gather. These key individuals go over the details of the legal removal from office of the President, and his cabinet.

This via the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.

In Trumps case for mental incapacity, and an extreme cocaine addiction. The film goes on to show the apprehension of Trump in his New York apartment, and the arrest of his cabinet members in Washington. The NYPD, D.C. Police, and Federal Guards are 'asked'...not ordered to stand down.

They do.

However there's an armed stand-off with Secret Service Agents in Trump's apartment for a short time. A call from the Chief Justice assures them of the legality of the action.
Former President Trump is then taken into protective custody.

A public announcement on all TV cable, and Online News Services is made. Later an international press conference is held at the Lincoln Memorial. This where all the causes, and facts of this action are made public,...including the Blackmail of the President of the United States by Russia as well as other overseas intrusions into the governing of this Republic.

Within a few days there are insurrections by some western state national guard units, and terror attacks by rightwing extremists. These acts of armed treason are combated by the regular forces of the Army, and Air Force as well as a number of Black Ops against heavily armed compounds of rightist militias.

Even as combat rages in two western states Vice President Pence succeeds Trump as President. This again via the 25th Amendment.

Pence calls for national calm, and an end of the fighting promising full amnesty for all opposition combatants. ....he even tones down his more questionable far right objectives.
There's a demand for a new election by a large majority of the population,....the Supreme Court hears the case.

End of part one.

Stay Tuned.


There I am below. As I was centuries ago. A collage, and below that a self portrait based on a 5th grade class photo. So innocent yet already aware of the strangeness of the world that was devouring me.

I bring this up because like everyone these days I'm so uncertain. Angry fearful confused. Take our old friend beauty. These images on my page I sometimes post. Color nature artistry. I feel these are lies. There is no beauty.

It's generated digitally.

That is I see actual beauty so rarely living in the most complex city in the world that I've sometimes come to believe that it really does not exist. It's all of it as some are suspecting a vast Matrix-like fraud.

Everything that our brain perceives is the product of our various sensing organs. Our meatloaf turns that garbled static into the three dimensional realms we call reality.

Yeah Philosophic B.S. 101.

I know. Still there it is. I feel like I'm coming apart. My senses are separating, and the meatloaf is now questioning the reality of all that inconsistent a-tonal static it's getting. In the old days I'd just have some peyote, and calm down.

These days one is high, and dry with only our questionable data input to hang onto. That little boy that I used to be had similar problems. He questioned reality too.

'But that's another story for another time

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Bill Haley's~Rudy's Rock!"

"Guns, & Dinos"

Don't ask...it was just another of my seriously weird science fiction time travel dreams. I get them a lot.

It's probably a reaction to them new weird Meds they're shove'n down my gut.

Stay Tuned.


Eh,...the captions which I'm too lazy to fit between the pictures are basically...

"Eat Shit you Woman Hating Rancid Cock-Fucking Sucker!!"

"You Rotten Douche Nozzle you lie like a Dog in the Sun!" 

"You wouldn't know Truth or Decency if it jumped up your ass, and ate it's way out through your two inch Dick!! 

(...eh you can see this has been building up for a while. Not unlike the shit between Super Guy, and Butt Head up there.)

"This is for making up that shit about being an orphan!

"This for being in fucking business with the damned Joker you fucking rat fuck!!"

"...and THIS! Is for replacing Obama, and his family with them damned evil robots Brainiac built!"

"Change, and Hope my ass!!"

"Are you Dead yet or you want some more?"

*Stay Tuned for Part Two!

This where Batman climbs to his shattered knees, and offers a Deal! 

Will Bat-Woman take it or will she expose, and rid the world of yet another false Hero?!

Tune in, and find out!

Stay Tuned.