Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Breaking News"

The Business Manager of this page Mr. B. Bunny has just announced the successful conclusion of negotiations. I am happy to report that "Sweetness, and Light" which has been online since 2006,...under various aliases...ahem. Is now a full fledged "Affiliate" page within the "Non-Existent News Network".

We want to thank them swell Digital Pirates for this neat honor. We look forward to breaking as many Copyright laws, and Intellectual Property Rights as possible.

The editorial staff of this Noble Page looks forward to the Annual Solstice Party in Antarctica. Where as we understand Drug Booze, and Outdated Morality Laws do not apply. 


"Even if it Didn't Happen we'll Tell You About It!"

Our esteemed Business Manager, Overseas Correspondent reliable Drug Connection, and retired NSA Assassin "Bob the Bunny"(tm) above. 

Here he's speaking at the quarterly "NNN" affiliates conference in "Iracoubo" French Guiana. Where this page was formally inducted into the Network.

Said Bob, "...I wanna thanks you guys for finally letting us in on your swell scam,...ya took ya damned time too."  

"Anyway I wants ya to know we've got a few slippery ideas up our sleeves that we'll be happy to share with ya for the, proper incentive."

As an emeritus member of the "NSA" I got's me some connections you might be interested in,...again with reasonable portions of assorted ongoing proceeds...if ya gets my drift."

"I looks forward to a mutually beneficial 'n profitable relationship."

"Thank you, and the Boys, and food is great here."

With that, and the formal closing of the conference with the traditional "Champagne Gang Bang". Our representative left the guarded estate of the most recent Prime Minister.

This via an armored SUV with gunship helicopter escort to the airport for his flight back to New York.  

Although the Prime Minister had invited Bob to that evenings executions sadly our man in Guiana had to pass. This as the U.S. Marine air escort back to the States by six F-35 fighters from Git-mo were on a schedule.

Stay tuned.

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