Friday, January 27, 2017

"We Are Running Out of Ways to Say That President Trump Is a Dangerous, Delusional Lunatic" GQ


  1. The Dems need to start thinking about why they lost. Some introspection would be in order here, perhaps even a modicum of soul-searching.

    What do they not do? They don't assess their mistakes; they don't have a lucid conversation about it; they don't consider dumping the neoliberal warmongering globalist ideology and policies that have been killing everyone but the rich; and they certainly don't consider realigning themselves with the unions that used to be part of their base before Bill Clinton hurled the working class into the propellers of Progress and sent our jobs overseas. Not for a millisecond do they consider rebuilding their platform to be more like the economically liberal one they once had.

    What do they do instead? They wax hyperbolic on the Sauron-like attributes of the Qlippoth demon hellfiend, the Trumpenführer. They hold silly marches in which they make not a single substantive demand, and that are as soon forgotten as over. They bloviate about "resistance," which is by definition a strategy for letting your enemy take the initiative. They have public meltdowns on mass media. They behave like conspicuously sore losers without an ounce of grace or self-reflection, and who haven't got a single substantive idea about what to do to improve the state of the nation.

    What will be the result? Trump will win again, and we'll have eight years of him instead of four - unless something even worse happens, like a really major economic crash, or civil war, or President Pence.

    My conclusions are as follows:

    1. The Dems are dumb.

    2. Progressives, like almost all the rest of our countrymen, are dumb.

    3. This country has no future.

    Incidentally, right now in Oakland, homeless tent settlements are sprouting up all over town. The condition of the roads is shocking. It's a third world city in an increasingly third world country.


  2. Ya know, I guess I'm pissed at the left in this country because it ceased to *be* the left a long time ago, and became something else. There is no left left.


  3. What can I say. You express an feeling shared by most with just a bit of reflection. The Dems don't have even that "bit". So our collective futures look bleak.

    I have no answers my friend other than you already suggest, and which is not being taken seriously. Pelosi said immediately after the Nuking in answer to how the Dem will change.

    "Our program is still good. I see no reason for substantive change."

    "Trump 2020".

  4. Oh the other hand there are elements within the Dem party that smell the brimstone, and know what time it is. These few are the only hope.

    However at the moment they aren't in the drivers seat.

    They need to work fast on a coup or whatever it will take to re-make the party as one with the actual fucked over pink-slipped forced to food stamps masses.

    Political cycles are very fast...already work is being down on the mid-terms by the republican to hold onto their lock on both Houses,...partly thanks to massive "Gerrymandering".

    The Dems seem still in post Nagasaki shock, and clinging to a program that got them nuked in the first place. If I were a Republican operative in the dem party I couldn't do a better job of insuring a 2018, and 2020 hyper-nuking of the Dems.

    Leaving them out of power for perhaps decades.

    So it will take a great strength of will, and hard, very hard work to overcome all this. So far I don't see shit.