Sunday, January 31, 2016


As many regular readers recall I was a Broadcast Engineer for about a 1000 years. In that capacity back before the digital era I was new, and low person on the Totem so had transmitter room duty.

Fine by Me I felt. All I had to do was take/monitor telemetry read comic books, and doze. This btw was on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

Anyway after a while I got into the habit of having my lunch on the ledge. Unbelievable view. The wind made music, and the air was fresh being above the smog-line. I also began taking walks about the building on that narrow gravel ledge.

Actually you can't go 'all' the way around because of that indentation in the middle...half was good enough. I recall often coming to that very indent, and looking down about 1000 feet. 

      Oddly at the time I wasn't freaked out at all. Helluva View No?

Btw while on these tours I was often on cocaine, and or speed. In them daze these vitamins were more that socially acceptable. In fact the Recording, and Broadcasting Bizz was running on the stuff for over a decade up to that time. 

Ya has to remember that Crack, and all the evil crap was years in the future. Anyhow there I was...not unlike the guy in the video below.


Bleeping except I had damned 'building' around me! Hey I was crazy back then, but 'Not' this Bleeping Krazy!! 

                                         Good Fucking Grief!!!
                 My techie hat is off to you pal! Long may you wave!

       I hung out on the ledge of the 86th floor.  At the bottom of the  
    photo above. Nuts huh,...well I liked it fine, and would do it again!

  ( Watch the insane video below to put this insanity into perspective. )

Stay Tuned.

"...Oh this is Gonna be Good!"

"Lets Eat!"

Here's a fact I always like to bring up. People that exercise meditate eat health food, and don't smoke,...are All Going to Die! I find this both Confuses, and Shuts Up the Health Nuts. Hey sure We're gonna Kick da Bucket too, but We'll be Happier! "Lets Eat!"


Stay Tuned.

"Bring it On!"

This is 'nuts' this is point blank 'Nuts'. A half-hour ago we were in the middle of a for real blinding bleeping white-out Blizzard. Today it's near 60f. It's actually hot in my digs. I have my living room/pod-station window open with the fan's blowing in 'warm''s January 31st. Welcome to the new "Normal'.

People on TV are cheering the high temps.

These folks oblivious of the Climate Catastrophe this reflects. Wild gyrations in weather is the hallmark of our global climatic changes. Ultimately this will likely lead to our early extinction. 

'But then we won't be here for that so like a guy on TV just said about the warm winter,."...this is great bring it on!" ...sure pal. This likely means your great grand kids will starve, but yeah, "...bring it on.

                                                                      The Future. 

                                                                   The North Pole.


A dear friend just posted on Face Book how "the snow is melting, and spring is in the air" etc... How nice this all is.

It's January! JANUARY! Not SPRING.

It's Not Supposed to be this WARM. Don't let them make you think this is okay or normal...


I think if it were Global Cooling we'd all get it Better. If it was 39f on July 4th like it was just 70f on Christmas Eve. Things might be clearer.
We are witnessing a slow motion end of our world as we knew it. The new world taking shape will not be all that hospitable to humanity.

eh,...get it?

Another pal just posted:  "We're Doomed."

Sez I:   "In the long run yes. Though we can do things that might prolong our presence on the planet. However we're too stupid greedy, and stupid...did I say stupid? We're too stupid to do it."

Stay Tuned.


                 The Bastards ain't even giving us "Cake" this time.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

"An Angel for Willem Arondeus"

Willem Anrondeus, was a Homosexual Dutch artist author, and anti-Nazi fighter who destroyed the Amsterdam Public Records Office to hinder the Nazi identification of Jews.

He was later arrested tried convicted, and executed. His last recorded words were, "Let it be known that Homosexuals are not cowards".

                                       I hope to be as brave.

Stay Tuned. 

(...ahem, I did the Angel.)

"Nuff Said"

Friday, January 29, 2016

"Plenty of Seating", waiting.

This is interesting. Our numbers have gone from the thousands to medium double digits. I'm not doing anything different either. Maybe I should, but don't feel like it right now.

Good thing this place doesn't depend on ratings. 

'Could always post pictures of naked people. I remember a million years ago there was a radical newspaper here in NYC. A cousin of the dearly departed "East Village Other".

It was called "RAT".

Some of you really old timers will recall how back around 1968 the editor went on vacation, and while gone there was a Coup. Sort of like what happens at Pacifica Radio every half hour.

See the women at the paper took over, and started the first Feminist/Lesbian/Anti-War newspaper. Certainly there were things like it, but this was the first one that combined all of it.

Some of these folks went on to start Ms. Magazine.

Anyway before the ladies kicked ass it was run by the usual bunch of hairy commies that you'd find at any underground paper of the era. Ya know misogynist homophobic horny oblivious white privileged male ass-holes.  

Well as often happened the paper was running out of money. So the guys decided to print naked pictures of their female staff on the front cover, and a special fold-out within.

( ...above there "exhibit A". Betrayal of trust of the ladies at paper. )

As history sez these photos were private, and the gals had no idea they they were about to become pin ups for the slobbering hoards. It didn't occur to the guys to ask. 

Still the plan worked as whenever ya prints 'Naked' people ya makes $Money hand over fist!

The the shit-head editor could afford his vacation, and split.

Meanwhile the gals left behind betrayed, and humiliated took the paper over. I forget the managers name, but he was locked out of the offices. 

  ( Cover art from the Gals first edition...I think..of the feminist "RAT" )

"RAT" went on for a few years as a cool, and unusually sensitive to queers colored people, and real peaceniks paper. As opposed to the hippie trash that was mostly just interested in getting stoned, and laid.

             ( I just found their coverage of Stonewall...history that. )

              Yep,...another True History Tale from one that was there.

 Okay some shit may be off a bit...wadda ya want it was 358 years ago!

                                              Your welcome.

                                                Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Gandhi in the Snow"

Took these photos in Union Square Park exactly a year ago today. This where as I've said I intend next spring to hold my one person witness for "World Peace, and Sanity."

Um,...emphasis on that "Sanity" part. 

   In the interest of "Full disclosure", and also it's a good read. Here's     .      comments from Anon, and myself regards the virtue of Saints.

Gandhi liked to give enemas to young girls around 12 years old and then sleep with them alongside him "to test his virtue" as he put it. Pretty cool, nay?

Yep swell. Yeah this always comes up...he was an asshole. A person of his culture which means he abused women, and girls.

That, and Dr. King slept around.

William Burroughs murdered his wife in Mexico, and got clean away with it because he was white, and insanely rich. Walt Disney was a bleeping Nazi sympathizer.

Robert Frost was an extreme Homophobe. To the extent that he betrayed a neighbor to the FBI.

Stanley Kubrick was racist or at least very uncomfortable with Blacks. There's a whole story about how he didn't want any blacks in his films...and and on, and on...yeah a real sweet heart.

All just great fucking swell.

Our saints are a ratty bunch, but they're all we have to work with. Let me know when they find one with no weird abusive fucked up past.

Ya know I had because of this guys fucking over kids. I had thought to hold my little demo in front of a Saint Francis shrine further uptown.

Safe bet right?

Then I hear about 'his' handing over heretics to be tired, and burned. ...great...just swell!

Maybe I should hold my damned "Witness" it in front of that "Ben, and Jerry's" in Chinatown I've been going to for the last 30 years. At least they know me there, and I can have neat ice cream when my "Witness for Sanity" is broken up by the cops.

                             (Here's a good reason to hold it in front of that Ben, and Jerry's!) 

"Good news weed heads and ice cream fans (aka. weed heads with the munchies) – Ben & Jerry’s could, possibly, maybe, one day make a cannabis-laced ice cream."

"The actual Ben and Jerry (the ice cream companies co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield) made the admission during a filmed interview for the Huffington Post."

Stay Tuned.

"80,000 EXPELLED!"

Sweden intends to expel as many as 80,000 refugees and migrants who arrived in 2015 and whose applications for asylum have been rejected.

"We are talking about 60,000 people, but the number could climb to 80,000," Interior Minister Anders Ygeman was quoted as saying by Swedish media.
He added on Wednesday the government has asked police and authorities in charge of refugees to organize their expulsion.

The mass expulsion was announced as Europe struggles to deal with a crisis that has seen tens-of-thousands of refugees arrive on Greek beaches - mostly fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan - undeterred by cold, wintry conditions and deadly seas.

In neighboring Denmark, meanwhile, the government this week approved legislation to seize the valuables of refugees to help pay for resettlement costs.

Shamelessly stolen from our pals. See below.

Al Jazeera 

I love the part about how they're going to steal the meager belongings of desperate refugees to pay for their stay. Classic corporate thinking. 

This is the largest movement of Stateless peoples since the end of WW2, and they're getting the same treatment.

The U.S. won't take any, and the rich European nations don't want them either. Very like what happened to the Jews before the War, and everybody else after it.

Humanity is nothing if not consistent.

Stay Tuned. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Dr. Algernon Bunny"

    (In memory of my dear friend Simon who wrote the below piece.)

"Bob the Bunny's" Great Uncle Dr. Algernon Bunny. Professor, and Chair of Quadruped Studies Columbia University. Below are some thoughts, and reminisces from a former student Professor Simon Loekle.

(Above is Professor Loekle expounding on the mystery of the disappearance of the great Dr. Algernon Bunny.) ...btw this 'really' is a photo of my dear pal Professor Loekle. Below is actually something he wrote for the huh?!

"His classes were often unnerving, as he would generally be present as you arrived, and would greet each arrival with a cold and glassy stare. Modestly, I admit, he seemed to take a shine to me, and shared his major opus with me, over drinks of carrot juice and vodka."

"This work, upon which his reputation rests but which has remained unpublished, was a thorough examination of BUGS BUNNY, entitled "Bugs: species specific insult." A pioneering example of bunny-ism, it was quickly usurped by younger bunnies anxious to make political points, and I think this is why Algernon refused to have it published: it had done so much unintended damage."

"Indeed, I remember to this day, though the text is far from me, the simple closing passage of his study: "But should we judge bunnies from the world represented by Bugs? No: for Bugs Bunny is a fiction, and funny. But bunnies live in a real world, which is often sad." 

"It is a pity that the Young Bunnies never read his work to its completion, just as it is a shame that Algernon spent his final days smoking reefer and listening to Bunny Wailer, and denying his entire academic career."

"Then vanishing altogether."

Stay Tuned.

"Uncle Algernon Remembered"

While "Bob the Bunny" hibernates I thought I'd post a few shots of him in his new "Neville Chamberlain" look  at the 10th Anniversary observance of the Disappearance of his Great Uncle Algernon.

This event as always was held at Peter Rabbit Hall at Columbia University.

"Professor Algernon Bunny", see photo...last in the series below, was a professor, and Chair of the Quadruped Studies Department at Columbia for many years, and has been Honored at P.R.Hall annually.

After years as a noted scholar, and researcher Professor Algernon Bunny simply vanished. One day he simply didn't turn up at his well attended lectures. Bob the Bunny relates that just before his leaving Algernon would as in a trance speak of cryptic tales concerning a certain Doctor a Blue Box multi-dimentional doors other species not only watching us, but directly acting in Earthly Mammal affairs.

These tales have been the subject of many books, and documentaries. Also Bob is certain that his Great Uncle will one day return to clear up all the mysteries surrounding his leaving.We all look forward to his return, and the great truths he will relate on that great day.

 ( "...cryptic tales concerning a certain Doctor a Blue Box..." ) ...Ahem. 

Stay Tuned.

"Open Book Test"

A comrade came up with this answer. "16 because caramel makes sheep's bladder toasters wear smoke."
Ah yes I came up with the same solution.

However there was that unspecified "wind resistance". Which given the car's rate of speed I calculated to not the same 20KM/H, but 16.5KM/H. This throws the whole equation off.
So in taking the 16.5KPH wind resistance into account Pedro ceases to exist in this continuum.

We can if you like speculate as to where he went, but for the sake of brevity I'll hold off for now.

The key to this equation is the "Triangle".

These are usually made of steel. Sometimes an exotic alloy, but for again the sake of brevity we'll say standard instrument steel. The human arc of throwing due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 directed downward.
That plus the now known wind resistance. The triangle landed off the road 8 meters from the original moving point of projection.

This being so Ralph Bennett a homeless vet living by the side of this road finds the triangle. He eventually sells it, and has just enough for pastries for himself, and his fellow vets back at the camp.
Ralph buys 20 assorted day old pastries. Doughnuts Cream Puffs Napoleons Croissants, and six coffee's that the cook threw in free,...hey it's for our vets.

"The Solution"

The answer is of course "20 assorted pastries." one Soul. Pedro's.

This is not counting the pastries that Pedro bought on the parallel earth he appeared in.
That is another calculation entirely. Still lets give it a thought.

When Pedro attempted to buy 'his' pastries one of his bank notes was a trifle off. It seems on this other earth the U.S. one dollar bill has the portrait of "Arron Burr" on it. Still his Five was good so he wasn't shot, and tagged by the clerk which is the law over there.

Math is just so much fun.

Stay Tuned.

"On a Happier Note"

"MY LIFE AS A DOG" ...Snoopy Remembers.

Chapter One.

I met "Charlie Brown" in a booze dive one cold slushy night in East Orange New Jersey. It was Christmas Eve 1950. He was face down in a bowl of clam chowder, and bleeding from where an unhappy patron had smashed a chair over his head.

Hey shit happens.

I sat down, and ordered a Cognac Boutelleau,...vintage 1919. That, and a can of steamed Alpo. I had every intention of minding my own business however the guy in the soup began going into some sort of seizure.

I found out later that his name was "Charlie", and a profound manic depressive schizophrenic a-sexual alcoholic repressed cross dresser with suicidal tendencies eating disorders an expensive heroin, and speed addiction with a barley controlled case of tourette syndrome.

He wet his bed too.

Anyhow my experience as a "Marine Medical Dog" kicked in. I saw a lot of this sort of thing in the Pacific. After a couple of weeks on the line the guys would freak out, and have to be withdrawn.

That was my job. Going in, and dragging the shell shocked marines from harms way. I got three "K-9 Fido Gold Stars" for my troubles. That, and a roll of toilet paper will wipe your butt.

I leapt off my stool spilling vintage Cognac. I grabbed him with my teeth by the scruff of his neck, and dragged this lunatic across the street to the "Booze Alley" infirmary.

The male nurses pumped him out, and stitched him up.

As it turned out they was medic vets too. Cool. I waited around to make sure our patient would live. After that I was gonna beat it the hell out'a there.

However fate, and that psychotic junkie bed wetter Charlie Brown had other ideas.
He asked...pleaded really for me front him a bottle of "Jack Daniels", and drive him home.

You pay for every good bleeping deed...when the hell will I learn.

Right so I pours this human wreck into the back seat of my '49 Buick with 20 payments to go on it, and drives the guy home. So began a far too interesting relationship of over 50 years

"Wadda ya Expect,...they're French"

The French government wants to demolish the make-shift tents at the Calais 'Jungle' camp and force 2,000 migrants to live in shipping containers that, refugees claim, resemble a detention center.

Around 300 'Jungle' inhabitants recently clashed with riot police, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the protest against the compulsory move.
The treatment of migrants and refugees by the authorities in Calais is now plastered on a wall opposite the French embassy in London. "Banksy" has made his latest political point.

 Steve Jobs by Banksy

It’s not the first time the street artist has used art to highlight the plight of refugees living in the so-called Jungle camp in Calais. First he shipped his Dismaland structures to help build make-shift shelters in camp; he then stenciled a picture of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple clutching a computer in a bin bag because Jobs was the son of a Syrian refugee.

Stolen from the Guardian/UK 

Speaking of our pals the French. I recall how quickly they caved to the Nazis. Not only that, but collaborated in record time. They even did them Nazi fucks a nice solid by turning over French Jews to them.

Eh, this before they were asked to.

I have mixed feelings about the ungrateful bastards. Ain't won a war in 250 years. They put Mayo, and Vinegar on their fries. They hate our guts because we're cool, and they ain't we're an Empire...tho' in decline, and they ain't.

Heck even after we finally lose our Empire thing we'll still be seriously cool,...and they won't be.

Oh yeah, and them bleeps are shooting at Refugees now. 

Well if nothing else they're consistent. 


Sunday, January 24, 2016

"NYC Blizzard 30.4 inches"

Oh my it did my aged heart good to see an old fashioned life threatening blizzard once more. That is "once more" before I kick the bleeping bucket. Yep the Angels answered by deranged prayer, and gave us a Humdinger!

Of course I was out in the teeth of it like the snow fan I am. Had the time of my life!

Couldn't see 20 feet in front of me. Was even caught in a true "White-Out!"  I saw what looked like a spinning wall of white coming up the block. For a second I thought, "I better move or my goose is cooked!'

'But just for a second.

I stayed put, and was caught for several amazing seconds in a world of snow, and ice. It was like they say. "You're in the middle of a glass snow globe"

'...and I was!

However as all good things it petered out about mid-night. Still what a time we had. Over 30 inches at JFK. 27'' in my hood close to that all over the place.

I went out a few times during the day. In the morning with my pal "Bob the Bunny", see below, the afternoon, and especially early evening. This during the height of the storm. That's when I got ate up by that white-out.

I tell ya...I can hardly wait for the next one!

 Stay Tuned.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Looks like Snow"

"White-Out" during today's Blizzard in "Emerald City"

After this so far bizarrely warm winter. Prof. Bob the Bunny inspects the areas of climatic anomaly. He will issue his findings to NASA, and U.N. committees.

However his personal feeling as he said while in the field is that, "...We are well, and truly fucked, and there ain't no grease in sight." 

More on this story as developments warrant.

Stay Tuned.