Friday, January 15, 2016

"Cover him Up!"

Some years ago I designed a t-shit, and "hoodie" for a public radio station WBAI, The famous or as some think 'infamous' "Angel Shirt". It was very popular, but as you can imagine not all liked it.

I recall the station's business manager insisted I change the original design. In that version our hero up there was totally nude. She said,

"...Are you Crazy?!" 

"Cover'em up or we can't issue it"

I said "...why not what's wrong with it?"

Said she. "I don't think our listeners are going to want to be walking around in some shirt with a guy on it with his damned 'Schlong' hanging out!"

"Cover him up or no deal!"

Well I could see that business was business so as you see our sweetie is somewhat more modest now,...thought I still think folks would have like his cute'on it wasn't 'that' big.

The final product below there.

...Such a 'life' I've had.

Stay Tuned.

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