Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Temple Mount~UFO"

                                (The 1957 sighting over Indiana.)                          

The video below has all four 'known' captures of the "Temple Mount" sighting in Israel from 2011. The damned thing is impressive as hell. So far in the several years since there has been no official explanation.

The "Saucer" fans on both sides of the issue have gone nuts accusing each other of foul deeds. It's a "Hoax" it's a "flash" from a nearby power station. That vs it's finally clear "evidence" that UFO's are real. It's proof of the "Reptilian" invasion or a sign of the End times.

On, and on.

Me I just think it's 'cool' is all. No matter what the heck it turns out to be. I'm holding out for it being from the planet Mongo. I hope their next stop is the White House lawn. That would be serious fun! ...I think.

What would Obama do with this?! 

         (This is not a real sighting,...just made up, but cool bullshit.)

(...Full Disclosure. Yeah you betcha I believe in them things. 'Even saw some when I was a kid, but then who hasn't. I also believe in Justice, and the Free Lunch. So I guess I'm just a  regular guy hanging out.)

Stay Tuned.

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