Friday, January 29, 2016

"Plenty of Seating", waiting.

This is interesting. Our numbers have gone from the thousands to medium double digits. I'm not doing anything different either. Maybe I should, but don't feel like it right now.

Good thing this place doesn't depend on ratings. 

'Could always post pictures of naked people. I remember a million years ago there was a radical newspaper here in NYC. A cousin of the dearly departed "East Village Other".

It was called "RAT".

Some of you really old timers will recall how back around 1968 the editor went on vacation, and while gone there was a Coup. Sort of like what happens at Pacifica Radio every half hour.

See the women at the paper took over, and started the first Feminist/Lesbian/Anti-War newspaper. Certainly there were things like it, but this was the first one that combined all of it.

Some of these folks went on to start Ms. Magazine.

Anyway before the ladies kicked ass it was run by the usual bunch of hairy commies that you'd find at any underground paper of the era. Ya know misogynist homophobic horny oblivious white privileged male ass-holes.  

Well as often happened the paper was running out of money. So the guys decided to print naked pictures of their female staff on the front cover, and a special fold-out within.

( ...above there "exhibit A". Betrayal of trust of the ladies at paper. )

As history sez these photos were private, and the gals had no idea they they were about to become pin ups for the slobbering hoards. It didn't occur to the guys to ask. 

Still the plan worked as whenever ya prints 'Naked' people ya makes $Money hand over fist!

The the shit-head editor could afford his vacation, and split.

Meanwhile the gals left behind betrayed, and humiliated took the paper over. I forget the managers name, but he was locked out of the offices. 

  ( Cover art from the Gals first edition...I think..of the feminist "RAT" )

"RAT" went on for a few years as a cool, and unusually sensitive to queers colored people, and real peaceniks paper. As opposed to the hippie trash that was mostly just interested in getting stoned, and laid.

             ( I just found their coverage of Stonewall...history that. )

              Yep,...another True History Tale from one that was there.

 Okay some shit may be off a bit...wadda ya want it was 358 years ago!

                                              Your welcome.

                                                Stay tuned.

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