Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Queer Jesus"

Never saw this Icon before...wonder why. I wish I had it to show them deranged Nuns that were beating the crap out of us, and terrifying us with eternal french frying for having a ham sandwich on the wrong day.

 "Sister look Our Lord is a Queer Peacenik Hippie that loves us all...even you deranged fanatics."

Oh for a time machine.

Stay Tuned.

"This Just In",...Gals can be Drafted.

You ladies want careful what you wish for. The Senate with Conservative opposition sez that women must register for the Military Draft on turning 18 years old.

The odd part is Conservatives being against it.

When I was a kid them maniacs were all for us getting drafted, and sent to the Vietnam War. Where we'd be killed for fucking nothing...not even bleeping oil. 

Anyway times change, and the Liberals just sold you gals down the river. The draft can be re-activated on Presidential order. Nearly was just after 9/11. Heck even I tried to volunteer as you recall.

Hey we'd been attacked big time in our Homeland...that changes things. Lucky for me they didn't want my even then aged butt,...again. If they had I would have like so many others been sent to fight a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. 

So if the shit hits the fan...say a violent show-down with our dear pals the Chinese. Expect your daughters or grand daughters to get sucked into the meat grinder along with your grandsons nephews or sons.

The 21st century's a bitch ain't it.

Stay tuned.

"The Truth of Art, and Majik"

"Hey No Funny Business you Guys!"

Just thought I'd mention that folks from the Netherlands the UK Austria Russia France Portugal Japan China Israel Canada, and Brooklyn have logged on to read this stuff I'm doing today.

I always wondered what the hell they make of all this here.

I mean these cats come by all the time. Well this lot just today, but there are  plenty of other countries on other days. Some come, and never come back, but others hang around. They almost never comment that's okay.

I'd like it fine if they did though.

Still I do wonder what they make of the sweaty ravings of an aging Queer Colored guy in fucking Brooklyn. I don't know...must be my amazing talents, and cool personality...yeah that's it.

Btw the above image is my perverted Memorial for the Dead in Orlando.

Them evil fuckers can kill us all they want. For everyone lost another Dozen are Born to take their place. Them two baby Sissies above being gleeful examples of our replacement troops newly born which are already on their way.

So there!

Stay Tuned.

"Wonderful News"

Yeah you guessed it. Along with mass slaughter all over the world. Including our own back yard. I mean what with the mass shooting of Queers, and Chicago getting the Crown as the most insane City in this country. 

They just passed the 1000 mark in people getting shot.

No not in the last decade. Not in the last year.  Nope. These maniacs managed this feat of 1000 folks shot fucking dead, and who knows how many wounded, and or emotionally traumatized for life.

They got the Gold for slaughtering 1000 of their neighbors just since January. Almost out doing NYC the Emerald City in 1993. We killed 3000 of our friends, and neighbors that year.

More than the casualties of the first two years of the Vietnam War.

Not bad, and a tough record to beat! However the "Windy City" is well on it's way. At the rate their going they'll be cigar, but close.

'But I digress kinda.

Oh yeah as you've guessed last month May was the Hottest Month ever recorded in the 'history' of the world. Or at least the history of our species...which actually ain't that long, but that's another story. 

Btw this is in a conga line of 8 contiguous months of "Hottest Ever".  Don't think so?'s the bleeping Weather channel...and they never lie...unless well paid to.

May 2016 was the warmest May on record for the earth, according to an analysis released Monday by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The top three warmest Mays in NASA's dataset have all now occurred in the last three years.

The global temperature departure in May 2016 was 0.93 degrees Celsius above the 1951-1980 average. This beat the previous May record set in 2014 by 0.07 degrees Celsius.

This also marks the eighth consecutive month in a row in NASA's dataset that the earth has recorded its warmest respective month on record.

Ain't that some shit.

May 2016 also continues a string of 370 consecutive months at or warmer than average. The last colder-than-average month in NASA's database was July 1985.

Whoa...say that noise again!

May 2016 also continues a string of 370 consecutive months at or warmer than average. The last colder-than-average month in NASA's database was July 1985.

Well that does it comrades were fucked as fucking shit. 

Parts of Alaska, northwest Canada, northern Europe, northeast Russia, northern Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and east-central South America had a serious temperature departures above May's "normal" average.

Okay so those that can get to high ground pool your resources, and hunker down for a long haul,...say 100,000 years or so. Don't expect any government to warn you openly. How many read the Weather Channel page?

You'll have to piece it together for yourselves. 

If I were in my teens or early 20's today. I wouldn't be wasting my time like the Bernie folks with any Revolution. Me, and my pals would be scouting out places where we could live. 

That, and supporting any groups that are trying to save the best, and most useful parts of this temporary world culture. 

"Temporary" because it is. Yeah it's vast, and grand, and speaks well of the species, but it came late to the party. Sadly too bleeping late, and "will not survive" the "Great Shit Storm" that's already started.

As for aging fuckers like me...well we saw the Empire at it's height. We went to the Stars cured diseases that confounded shamans for millennia invented pizza, and had cool cars with fins that didn't stop. Yeah we had a ball.

That is literally history now.

It will be the stuff of legend. In fact already is since millions don't believe it ever happened. This despite eye witnesses all over the place, and ample historic records. People are a frightened, and generally stupid lot.

There's the example of that Moon landing denier that said to an actual Moon astronaut, "'re a liar you never went anywhere."

There ya has it boys, and girls.

Good Luck. 

Stay Tuned.



Sunday, June 12, 2016



Because of the Court ruling on time travel that oil company had to send their Bronto back into the past where they got her. ...too bad most kids including me at the time really loved her. In fact that's me there second from the left. It was a real surprise to the family when I grew up to be a Black guy...a Queer one at that.


Live Dinos at the old 1964 World's Fair. Sadly they had to be sent back to the Jurassic after the Supreme Court decision on the commercialization of time travel put the nix on all that stuff.

The big surprise was how tame the Dino's turned out to be. In the two years they were at the Fair they only ate maybe 30 or forty people.

Though the Court put the Kibosh on Dino trade.  There's still Black Market Raptors to be had if you got the cash. The late Michael Jackson is rumored to have had ten of them roaming his estate.

(...of course these things are form parallel earths so don't disrupt 'our' for folks in the others...sue us.)

Stay Tuned.

"A Soldiers Tale"

Yeah I'm a Peacenik, but I have this thing for toy you've noticed over the years. As a young boy a lot of bad things kept happening to me as I've gone into sometimes here.

I was on my own. 

I didn't know as victims don't that I could have cryed for, and gotten help from any number of people in my life. Aunts Uncles my Mom the Nuns my Pastor, and others.

I said nothing, and was trapped in Hell.

However when you're in 'that' is 'the' world. There isn't anything else. So all I had were my little soldiers which I dreamed or if you will fantasied would protect me. 

They like later dolls were my talismans of safety. 

Life is hell on skates with breaks for ice cream so we all do the best we can with what we've got. That's our story I think...for most even. 

Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"My New Work",...Darkside Marines

                          My Shrink will love this wacky noise.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"The Shit House War!"

Okay yeah things have indeed gone totally insane in this country, I mean if you were wondering. The decades old Culture Wars have invaded one of the most important indeed sacred places of modern civilization.

Our Shit Houses.

A warm clean place to piss, and crap ya guts out is the hallmark of any great culture. Every body, eh worth mentioning, has had these blessed rest stops.

Egyptians Romans Aztecs Persians for sure them Greeks, and Even Texas...though it's really new to them. They're still figuring how to use it.   "...No ya morons . It goes into the Bowl!...not the damn sink!"

                                   Roman public crapper.

Anyway who can or can't dump or piss where, and how has become the most important issue in our failing Republic. I won't be here to see it, but future historians will have fun with this one.

As with all wars there's from time to time bombings, and murder. So far no murder though they did try.

Read this unbelievable crap!


A small bomb went off inside the women's restroom of an Evanston, Illinois, Target on Wednesday afternoon around 4 p.m., local affiliate WGN TV reported. 

The bomb didn't hurt anyone and caused only minor damage. The station also reported that the bomb was housed inside a plastic bottle that did not contain projectiles like nails or tacks.
Though both officials and Target are unsure at this point, they are working together to investigate whether the bomb is connected at all to Target's announcement that they support the right of all peopletransgender or cisgender — to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity

Since Target's announcement, anti-trans protesters have turned Target restrooms into battlegrounds — and this bomb is the latest and most extreme example of this phenomenon. 

Several videos have surfaced online — often uploaded by the protester — of protesters entering Target bathrooms in protest of the policy. The videos depict them yelling at employees, dressing up in drag to poke fun at people's gender identities and parading through stores warning others that Target puts the safety of young girls and women at risk by adopting this inclusive policy. 
 Meanwhile, transgender people have been using the bathrooms to do two things: pee and take selfies in support of the policy. 
After the passage of North Carolina's controversial HB2, which forced North Carolina residents to use the bathroom that matched their gender assigned at birth and not their gender identity, one North Carolina-based trans crisis hotline reported that the number of calls received had doubled
Now, cisgender protesters have made very clear that transgender people, who are often fearful of entering a restroom, must now fear that they may be harmed by a homemade bomb. 
In an email to Mic, Target said that customer and team member safety is "of the utmost important to Target." 
"We have zero tolerance for any illegal or unsafe behavior in our stores," the company said. 
Stay Tuned.

"Yet More Good News"

Yeah it's probably pointless even bringing this stuff up anymore. ''...but what the bleep. Seems the End of the World continues though lately at a slightly faster pace.

Greenland is melting.

Sure we all know that. It's just going a bit faster that we thought. Seems they're having a late Spring heatwave up there. Sort of like the heatwave the Arctic had last winter where temps that should have been below 0f were instead hovering near 70f.

It's warmer in Greenland this week than it is in the Bronx.

Swell huh.

Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, soared to 75 degrees (24 Celsius) Thursday, marking the warmest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic country during June. Nuuk sits on Greenland’s southwest coast, where the country’s warmest weather typically occurs.

It was warmer in Nuuk than it was in New York City, where the high was only 71 degrees.
The Danish Meteorological Institute has confirmed on a preliminary basis that the Nuuk measurement would replace the previous record of 73.8 degrees (23.2 Celsius), which was set in Kangerlussuaq on June 15 in 2014. That temperature was also recorded in southwest Greenland about 200 miles (320 km) north of Nuuk.

Thursday’s toasty reading in Nuuk marks the second exceptionally warm temperature recorded in southwest Greenland since April, when the ice melt season began about a month prematurely.

On April 11, Kangerlussuaq hit a record high of 64.4 degrees (17.8 Celsius). “This was the warmest April temperature on record at that location, and it nearly set an all-time warm temperature record for Greenland as a whole,” reported Mashable’s Andrew Freedman.

“This is the earliest onset of ice loss in our 27-year record",  said climate scientist Peter Langen.

Stay Tuned.

"Wonder Woman",...she walks among us.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


"If I had the Wings of an Angel"

                                                        If I had the wings of an angel
                                                        Over these prison walls I would fly
                                                        I would fly to the arms of my darlin
                                                       And there I’d be willing to die

Vernon Dalhart

"Queer Pride"...NOT!

                    There's a Girly boy teen right above...sweet.

An historical note for you dear comrades. Back in my 1970's post Stonewall Radical daze when we was all happily Queer together...mostly. Our lesbian sisters some of them hated 'all' the varieties of Trannies. 

I mean they were so into themselves they hated these dear sweet souls to the point of incidents of violent assault which I personally witnessed. 

Let me  illustrate with a little show here.

Me on a dark stage in front of one of them phony stage camp fires ya know with the orange light, and a fan blowing pointed sheets of yellow silk?


Okay I'm dressed up as an aged *Native American shaman...neat huh? Anyway there I am in Native drag under the make believe stars as I takes a long drag on some sort of long pipe, and I sez...

"Many many moon ago when cars had fins milk was delivered in bottles, and our biggest fear was nuclear annihilation, and or integration."

"In that long past peaceful time when Queers was just starting to kick ass, our Dyke sisters had a weed up their butts with Shemales of the tribe."

"Some wackka-doodle crap about how they're an insult to womanhood."

"Turned out they was just as bigoted as the white man."

"Yes my children I with these now withered eyes witnessed an violent assault on a Shemale Teen boy by several overheated gals in the first Queer tribe Community Center on West 4th Street in 1973."

"Oh yes it was true..most true that long ago very young tribal boys did come out, and were welcomed most warmly...ahem extremely warmly in some cases."

"This long before they were forced into chaperoned hiding to protect their virgin-hood by those same wackka-doodle angry man hating alleged Dykes, and their male feminist pets."

"...and so began the division of the tribe."

"One part for the males, and another more valued for the females. The era of when we were brother, and sister was over. The era of "We're more oppressed than you so shut up" had begun. From this slowly came the strange time of the "Straight Gays, and the Straight Dykes".

The time of the acting like looking like the people that hated us beat us arrested us, and killed us had begun. Much like the Natives that gave up their history, and the Blacks that dropped their cultures."

"Oh my dear children these are strange, and sad days for the tribe."

"For we...far too many have become dreaded "Stroller Pushers".

"No offense to our dear pale boys whom we love as our own, but my children we have become Honorary White." 

"June which once was Celebrated as our Festival of Revolt is now a time of Shame."

The stage Lights dim the stars above flicker, and go out. The Shaman drops his pipe, which breaks, and he covers his eyes with pain.

The fire slowly fades out.

Only the sound of the pre-recorded crickets remains till they too fall silent.

Stay Tuned.

(*...It's a bit cool acting a Native part. I'm Black/Native on my Dad's side. My Native pals give me a hard time, and laff, but fuck it.)