Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"This Just In",...Gals can be Drafted.

You ladies want careful what you wish for. The Senate with Conservative opposition sez that women must register for the Military Draft on turning 18 years old.

The odd part is Conservatives being against it.

When I was a kid them maniacs were all for us getting drafted, and sent to the Vietnam War. Where we'd be killed for fucking nothing...not even bleeping oil. 

Anyway times change, and the Liberals just sold you gals down the river. The draft can be re-activated on Presidential order. Nearly was just after 9/11. Heck even I tried to volunteer as you recall.

Hey we'd been attacked big time in our Homeland...that changes things. Lucky for me they didn't want my even then aged butt,...again. If they had I would have like so many others been sent to fight a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. 

So if the shit hits the fan...say a violent show-down with our dear pals the Chinese. Expect your daughters or grand daughters to get sucked into the meat grinder along with your grandsons nephews or sons.

The 21st century's a bitch ain't it.

Stay tuned.


  1. A major war is quite likely, especially if Killary gets into office. Both she and the Trumpenfuhrer are thoroughly evil, but she's the one with a long history of consistently supporting military aggression. As for Mein Trumpf, who knows what he'll do, other than try to deport millions of people (and won't *that* be a pleasant process?). But so far he's made fairly conciliatory noises about Russia.

    If we're stupid enough to get into a hot war with another major power - viz., Russia or China - we'll get our ass handed to us. We will lose outright. Our global power projection is based on carrier groups, which are obsolete. A couple of cruise missiles can easily take out an aircraft carrier. Ships have no defense against them. Our Navy is useful only for pounding lesser nations into submission; against a serious adversary, it's toast.

    A year or two ago, a US warship was nosing around the Black Sea, probably in connection with what was going on in Ukraine. This ship was stuffed to the gunwales with all the latest in hi-tech communications gear. A Russian jet flew over; just by flipping a switch, the pilot of that plane jammed all the super-duper communications gear on the ship. They have the tech to do this.

    Our latest F-35 fighter jet has sucked up something like a trillion dollars over the years of its development, and is still not ready to be deployed. And you know what? It's a dog. It flies like a drunken pterodactyl, and fails to perform adequately any of its other many tasks. It's not competitive with other, cheaper planes fielded by other militaries. Its only successful raid has been that on the US Treasury.

    If we get into a serious was, we'll lose. When it becomes clear to all that the US is a paper tiger, our global dominion will be over and our economy will go down the shitter. Welcome to the future!


  2. Btw I read on a military fan page that the 60 year old Russian Mig 21 can bring down our trillion dollar F-35. Rich air fans buy surplus eastern European Mig 21's for $600K per unit.

    Hum, investment of $600k to bring down a $Zillion+ dollar U.S. F-35? Rubles well spent. We're done for.