Sunday, June 12, 2016


Because of the Court ruling on time travel that oil company had to send their Bronto back into the past where they got her. ...too bad most kids including me at the time really loved her. In fact that's me there second from the left. It was a real surprise to the family when I grew up to be a Black guy...a Queer one at that.


Live Dinos at the old 1964 World's Fair. Sadly they had to be sent back to the Jurassic after the Supreme Court decision on the commercialization of time travel put the nix on all that stuff.

The big surprise was how tame the Dino's turned out to be. In the two years they were at the Fair they only ate maybe 30 or forty people.

Though the Court put the Kibosh on Dino trade.  There's still Black Market Raptors to be had if you got the cash. The late Michael Jackson is rumored to have had ten of them roaming his estate.

(...of course these things are form parallel earths so don't disrupt 'our' for folks in the others...sue us.)

Stay Tuned.

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