Friday, February 27, 2015

"Love Peace, & Magic will Prevail"

"Winter Soldiers"


When I'm out in the world everybody seems to be shoving their face into some sort of device. Often I'm the only one in sight not addicted. People would be giving me funny looks...if they weren't face down in one of them 'things'.

 It was a slow gradual seduction, but it's iron clad now. I don't know if it was Satan or the Space Aliens, but it's a job well done. No addiction since "China White" hit the streets in the 80's seems as set in stone as this.

Being mostly broke in my old age I though myself safe..immune if you will from this plague. Ah, but the Space Alien Satanists have thought of everything. Low cost "Budget" devices have hit the shops. Now the oppress'n the underclass have joined the hordes of techno slaves.

There are only a few of us still free...

Beware the day the Master Button is pushed, and all will follow the will of the Masters of Hades...or the Phone Company or whoever is behind this fiendish plot!

Deprogram yourselves while there's still time!

Never Ever Never!

Read from anything that needs batteries or needs to be plugged in.

Beware! Beware!

Watch the the skies before it's too late!!! the Nick Bantock series of books. ...see above & top of this post. Eh..the non-electric versions of course.

Swell stuff that!

Stay Tuned.

"Paper Worlds"

It would be so easy for ISIS or their American supporters to destroy my art. Since nearly all of it is on paper recording tape, or CD discs, and hard drives.

Still I as all artists continue to make things that both please, and piss folks's our job.

Stay Tuned.

" trace"

 "It's tragic to see this destruction," William Webber, from the UK-based Art Loss Register, told CNN. "Each time you see this you think it can't happen again, but it does. 

Now other Greco-Roman treasures are at risk around Mosul in Iraq, as well as other artifacts in Palmyra and Raqqa in Syria."

The image shows men taking sledgehammers to statues, and hammers and drills to the treasures. Qais Hussain Rashid, director general of Iraqi museums at the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, said Friday on Iraqiya TV he believed most of the artifacts shown in the ISIS video were real -- including a famed, millennia-old winged bull that's seen being defaced with a drill.

"Mosul Museum has 173 original pieces, and there were preparations to reopen the Mosul Museum before ISIS invaded the city on June 2014," Rashid said. He added that Mosul has more than 1,700 historical sites that are potentially at risk.

An unnamed militant offers the following explanation: "These antiquities and idols behind me were from people in past centuries and were worshiped instead of God.

"When God Almighty orders to us destroy these statues, idols and antiquities, we must do it, even if they're worth billions of dollars."

"The most effective way to destroy a People is to destroy their Art." ...then there is no trace.

ISIS if nothing else is making History. 

It's relatively rare for a movement to come together so quickly with such nihilistic intent...even if they don't know it. They should be closely studied. 

When they're brought down the surviving true believers need to be carefully interviewed in whatever max prison~insane asylum they're being treated in. A great deal about the Human group mind, and our tendency towards chaos could be learned.

I don't think this was properly done with the Nazis or the other "Year Zero" movements than have come since.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Stav Strashko"

"Paper World"

"Always winter, and never Christmas". C.S.Lewis came up with that...I think somewhere in the "Narnia" books. Google them both. Though I prefer cold to hot still it can be a problem. Especially if you're depressed anxious, and generally nuts. Which I more or less am...especially lately.

As therapy I've been cutting out some of those paper dolls I've been posting on my Facebook page. It's very pleasing to work on, and lends itself to experimentation. That, and I made a paper theater for them to play in. It was all more fun that I had thought.
You should really have a go at it too.

 It's like meditation in a way, and when you're through you have this really neat cute doll or toy to have around.
See above for some of the stuff I've been doing.
Anyway here we all are alive, and working on stuff.

So far so good.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Portable Winter"

You should mostly be used to the somewhat nutty things I get up to by now. As ya knows I save snow. I have a modest collection from the last fours years or so.I put them in Tupperware containers for the fun of it.

In the middle of heatwaves I take them out to breath in the winter/snowy aroma.
Also it's fun to touch, and play with when it's 89f, and humid outside.

Anyway when it snowed a few inches the other morning I scooped some up for the "Vault of Snow". Gee I had to this lot was just so fluffy, and crystalline.

I also took snaps of a Lapland figure standing in this tiny piece of Winter 2015. Well one of my little G.I. Joe figures too.

Stay Tuned.

"Bob the Bunny",...War

Bob just gave me some shots of him, and his dear pal G.I. Joe in Afghanistan back in 2004. It was a backwater War at the time, but hot enough for our heroes.

Here we see Bob. Corespondent for the "Fictional Characters News Service" trying to find out what the bleep was happening on the ground in that half forgotten weird war.

As you can see G.I. Joe saved Bobs fluffy tail a few times when the shit came down. They're Bud's for life as only Combat can cement friendships.

Bob doesn't talk about the War much. He just sez, "...I wrote my copy, and emailed it in. That's all I have to say."

"PTSD" affects everyone that's ever seen combat be they human or fictional beings. It's rough, and takes years of kindness, and patients to heal.
Still I grieve for my friend when I hear him calling out, and weeping at night.

War sucks for everybody. Fluffy hand puppet or 18 year old recruit.


 In many ways this is the most serious "Bob" episode I've ever done...

It was part of the topic of my meeting with my shrink a few days ago. It covered my feelings about violence cruelty loneliness being used up no idea what to do now..all that. Also loyalty to, and from friends. Such as Bob, and G.i. Joe in this war episode. 

The image of Bob as a weary war corespondent below matches my weariness of years of on air life or life in general. 

For me this was more an auto-bio piece than anything else.

The above image of "Bob" is when I am now. Bob's look is my look. Bob's weariness is also mine his loss is mine. The way abuse victims act out the crimes against them with dolls. I seem to have unconsciously copied.

Stay Tuned.