Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Paper World"

"Always winter, and never Christmas". C.S.Lewis came up with that...I think somewhere in the "Narnia" books. Google them both. Though I prefer cold to hot still it can be a problem. Especially if you're depressed anxious, and generally nuts. Which I more or less am...especially lately.

As therapy I've been cutting out some of those paper dolls I've been posting on my Facebook page. It's very pleasing to work on, and lends itself to experimentation. That, and I made a paper theater for them to play in. It was all more fun that I had thought.
You should really have a go at it too.

 It's like meditation in a way, and when you're through you have this really neat cute doll or toy to have around.
See above for some of the stuff I've been doing.
Anyway here we all are alive, and working on stuff.

So far so good.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey, I wanna do that! Sweet little theatre. The characters in mine will enact delightfully perverse pornographic fantasies.


  2. I forgot to mention, that phrase "Always winter, and never Christmas" comes from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." It's the condition imposed on Narnia for a hundred years by the White Witch, Jadis.

    I like children's fantasy lit, but it's missing an important element. It should include cross-dressing sissy boys like Stav as sympathetic characters. It's up to us to correct this situation by creating a rich tradition of alternative adventure fantasies - something like R.L. Stevenson or C. Nesbit, but with queer kids. The web's a perfect venue for it, too.