Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Bob the Bunny on Mars"

"Bob the Bunny" (tm) is on Mars at the moment. Here above are a few shots he's sent back to show he's okay, and didn't get streched into a billion mile long sting in that Black Hole.

Eh, no he didn't find that Giant Yellow Bunny that has that Contract from the Buddhist Mafia on him out there.

However NASA, and the ESA are still looking.

Btw you may notice that Bob doesn't need a space suit. It turns out that Rabbits Chickens, and some varieties of Rodents are just fine in the thin atmosphere of the Red Planet.

...who knew?!

Anyway as you can see our Hero is visiting the somewhat secret Mars Base built by the also not so secret World Government. The place has been up there for decades, and keeps expanding. Right now it's about the size of Delaware.

It's mostly underground because of the large dust storms, and radiation. The ZOG or World Union of Industrial States is building the place for the One Percent.

Well them their pets slaves, and assorted cyborgs.

As for the rest of us,....we're fucked.


See the planetary environmental tipping point was reached back in the mid-1940's. It's just propaganda to sooth the masses to say we still have 50/100 years to fix everything.

In fact the One Percent will be leaving barely in the nick of time...say in about 18 months to two years. There just isn't room for anyone else. 

Com'on jam 7 Billion folks into an enclosed ecology barely the size of Delaware..um, and maybe Rhode Island too if there's time to finish the extensions.

So Mars is the Trillionair's life boat...period.

Lucky for Bob the Bunny he doesn't need any of this noise. As Rabbits can live on Mars without life-support so they can live on an ecologically ruined Earth just as well.

Anyway Bob just needed to get out of town for a while, and he figured Mar was as good a place as any. He made a few calls, and got a seat on the folded space shuttle...eh black holes..instant travel to anywhere..etc., etc., blah, blah.

Bob sez they make an excellent martini at the Mars Port lounge.

Stay Tuned.

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