Friday, February 27, 2015

" trace"

 "It's tragic to see this destruction," William Webber, from the UK-based Art Loss Register, told CNN. "Each time you see this you think it can't happen again, but it does. 

Now other Greco-Roman treasures are at risk around Mosul in Iraq, as well as other artifacts in Palmyra and Raqqa in Syria."

The image shows men taking sledgehammers to statues, and hammers and drills to the treasures. Qais Hussain Rashid, director general of Iraqi museums at the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, said Friday on Iraqiya TV he believed most of the artifacts shown in the ISIS video were real -- including a famed, millennia-old winged bull that's seen being defaced with a drill.

"Mosul Museum has 173 original pieces, and there were preparations to reopen the Mosul Museum before ISIS invaded the city on June 2014," Rashid said. He added that Mosul has more than 1,700 historical sites that are potentially at risk.

An unnamed militant offers the following explanation: "These antiquities and idols behind me were from people in past centuries and were worshiped instead of God.

"When God Almighty orders to us destroy these statues, idols and antiquities, we must do it, even if they're worth billions of dollars."

"The most effective way to destroy a People is to destroy their Art." ...then there is no trace.

ISIS if nothing else is making History. 

It's relatively rare for a movement to come together so quickly with such nihilistic intent...even if they don't know it. They should be closely studied. 

When they're brought down the surviving true believers need to be carefully interviewed in whatever max prison~insane asylum they're being treated in. A great deal about the Human group mind, and our tendency towards chaos could be learned.

I don't think this was properly done with the Nazis or the other "Year Zero" movements than have come since.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. This is too disgusting for words.

    Just remember, if these people or those like minded get the upper hand, all the treasures of the Vatican and the Louvre are just waiting there to be destroyed, and all the other museums, cathedrals and palaces in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Think it can't happen? It has before.