Friday, September 30, 2016

"Nearly 100 Children Were Killed"

As the result of the most intense battles in the nearly six-year Syrian conflict, "at least 96 children have been killed and 223 have been injured in eastern Aleppo since Friday," according to a statement from UNICEF.

“The children of Aleppo are trapped in a living nightmare,” said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth in a statement. “There are no words left to describe the suffering they are experiencing.”

UNICEF describes the remaining health care system in eastern Aleppo, as "crumbling," with roughly 30 doctors left, barely any equipment or emergency medicine, and a rising number of trauma cases. Additionally, "a doctor on the ground told UNICEF that children with low chances of survival are too often left to die due to limited capacity and supplies."

Forsyth noted, “Nothing can justify such assaults on children and such total disregard for human life. The suffering – and the shock among children – is definitely the worst we have seen."

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has called the air bombardment in Aleppo, a "massacre" and stated European governments were considering their response, reports Reuters. As for how Washington will respond, U.S. officials told Reuters "they are considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault, including military options, although they have described the range of possible responses as limited and say risky measures like air strikes on Syrian targets or sending U.S. jets to escort aid are unlikely."

In other words we're not going to do shit. Geo-Political circumstances ya understand. I usually have a long sermon for stuff like this, but not anymore.

The choir is already converted.

These days I just read, and watch as the world kills itself as fast as it can be arraigned. I've retreated into fantasy. That, and building scale models. Which is pointless since they'll all be shoved into a dumpster when I kick the bucket.

That along with my lifetime of arts crap.

I see no real end to all that's going down. This all this is just more of the post "2nd Hundred Years War" chaos. You know all that mayhem from roughly 1898 to 2001. Well that or whatever dates they finally agree on.

On my personal up-side. All of my senior citizen problems are for now settled...sort of. I just got some static in the mail from Medicare as to how they're going to cut stuff...if I don't convince them..., again, ...that I'm really old sick nuts, and newly poor.

They always fuck with your case hoping you'll just go away or die.

Unlike the Children of this world's killing fields I'm still here. Being fucked over in the United States of American is Paradise compared to so much to the rest of this planetary shit house.

So I shouldn't complain.

I do, and I will, but I know I should just shut up. I have medical attention I can vote I have a bleeping roof air conditioning cable a high speed connection toys fresh water food, and a front row seat to the collapse of all of Western Culture

Hey compared to some poor dumb bastard in some refugee camp or tribal war or famine region I'm a zillionaire...albeit a pissed off one.

Look I did a sermon anyway...ha!

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Something is Coming"

I'm having more strange surreal dreams. This batch actually beyond description. Something is coming. Something is in the collective unconscious mind out there.

No I don't know what, but it's there.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, September 26, 2016

"Life, and Times"

These are from my notes written during my year of being "Houseless".

"Time passes strangely. A minute is a year a week a second."

"My previous life has become an echo of an echo."

"I wander the frontier of an unknown country".

I had once planned to do a one person play about my time of living outside. My Houseless year of near a decade ago. My going out into the streets alcoves, and parks.

However after I got back in. In a secure home behind my own door with my own key. I found I just wanted to forget it. All of it. Who would want to pay money, and sit through such a thing...I sure wouldn't. Not just then at least.

I needed time.

Just as survivors of war need time. In fact when my brother found out ,...I told no one what had happened. After hearing of my experiences my brother John a decorated soldier told me that I was a "Veteran" now.

In that I'd spent a year in constant danger of losing my life or sanity as he had.


This past decade has been more than interesting for me. So many great lessons learned. The Houseless year. The forced retirement from my career. My Great Famine of 2016. The loss of family, and so many friends.

Much lost, but so much more gained.

A play a book or just an essay.

I will soon do one of the above about my life, and times.

Stay tuned.

"Social Chaos Shelter"

In the old days we'd have Civil Defense protection during times of danger, and confusion. Now it seems we're on our own with a chaotic political system, and random death on the streets.

If there were such Shelters I'd be there right now.

When I was a child in the 1950's "CD" Shelters were a common sight. Both left-over WW2 shelters, and the then newer fallout ones. Perhaps they should re-install these handy things.

They are most certainly needed.

If you see that you're about to be shot or beaten by Cops Gang-Bangers or raped by maniacs you could flee to these safe places! They are needed now as never before because we are in fact in a state of Social Chaos!

"Social Chaos Shelters" must be built, and stocked with stuff to chill us out. Cute android cats musical instruments root bear candy teddy bears medical personnel , and Militia troops with heavy hardware to vaporize the cops criminals, and assorted maniacs that chased us in there to begin with.

Eh, high speed connection assorted calming medications, and cable go without saying.

Stay Tuned.

"A Dream"

I had another surreal dream last night. These times seem to engender them.

The seas had risen. Then froze. Polar bears swam, and played in the ice bound city streets. The stars were bright the moon was close so close.

I swam with Polar Bears.

I swam with these bears, and their cubs. This beneath the drowned streets. I saw cars parked where they were left,...buses. All under a new frozen sea.

I sat on an ice flow, and watched as a giant moon rose above skyscrapers that jutted above this new Arctic sea.

All this on a now slowly healing Earth.

Stay Tuned.

"Being Black Right now"

Well like I said elsewhere. Here I speak a truth that's for now still unspeakable. I may not get invited to the "New Afrika Bar-B-Q" after this.

Blacks kill more blacks than anybody else in this the way I'm a Colored person. Have been for some time now. Anyway in Chicago 1000+ blacks have been killed this year,...yes mostly by other blacks.

Multiply that by all of the rest of the country just for this year, and it becomes a ponderous number.

We'd be looking at the body count of a small war.

Count all the violent deaths of blacks by blacks from the last ten years, it starts to approach American casualties from the first few years of WW2. You hear that...WW2.

We slaughter each other.

Our lives do not, and for near a century haven't, and don't matter to each other. There's all sorts of reasons for that. Tons of reasons most of them even true. We're sort of unique in behavior for an ethnic minority in the world...but then our treatment here was also a tad unique...even for an enslaved people.

Not only are we despised...but we profoundly despise ourselves. Hair straightener or skin lightener anybody?

The awful thing. The so-so-so sad thing about it is we all...that's all of America accepts this as just how it is. I can tell you as a Negro or Black or Hip Hop Niggah or Afro or African American or African...all of the before are the various names we've given know we're fucked since we don't even know what to call ourselves...that unique treatment again.

Right I can tell you our internal genocide is never spoken about...unless someone we know is butchered...even then the 'why' never really comes up. So it's a custom accepted by us all,...for now. Like Lynching was.

So what is to be done?

"Gandhi said there are 1000's of doors that lead out of hell, only have to pick one."

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"I'm All Packed, and Waiting!",...Love Sidney

It is my most sincere Hope that Peter Pan will get this message via sub-space in 1959. That he'll get to my prison...aka "Home" in that time period, and rescue me from the next near 60 years of hell, and assorted annoying bullshit called "Life". (There's 1959 me below.)

"Yes I know all about the World of Men with their Greed Wars Cruelty, and Madness. You exterminate whole peoples you murder babies children you poison the land the seas the skies. Yes I know your world well. Which is why I rescue as many of your little ones as I can"

Stay Tuned.

"Hiroshima Barbie"

Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Cell Phone Addiction"

I noticed this addiction slowly coming over so many over the years. Being older I only use the telephone to talk to people. Others seem to have their whole lives rapped up in them...strange.

On the other hand by the standards of young people I guess I'm strange in that I've never texted anyone or anything in my life played a computer game...other than Pong 40 years ago, and don't have a smart phone.

I recall when I bought my current phone the young sales person was stunned that I didn't want any of that digital crap that seems to come with them. I said, "...I want a telephone...that's all...I just want to talk to my still living friends my doctor, and my bank."

The kid was mystified.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yeah looks like Utah or the Southwest generally. however it's Mars,...bleeping Mars. The first time the internet hit the Billion viewing mark for the first Mars rover sending back live images. This in 1996 I think.

Live images from Mars.

Just imagine. My Lord. Makes the skin tingle. At least it did then Today who cares. The multiverse has lost it's intrigue. Which celeb is banging which has more than taken it's place.

However for those of us still around that recall from personal experience staying up at night to see the first Satellites pass over. Well for us this remains a wonder.

A true, and real wonder.

You could tell what those faint lights were because they were the only things moving with any speed up there. Above rock yes, but rocks on another world that you can see along with the rest of that planet at the touch of a key. One key stroke,...and Mars.

A Miracle. least for some.

I imagine as those born before the first aircraft kept their wonder at seeing 'anything' man made in the sky. As for youngsters today,...well.

I can't imagine what they would find to be a wonder. I mean what with they're only having to go to the NASA channels.

Simply go there, and see live broadcasts from the Space Station or live images from Mars or perhaps one of the other planets. The truly Miraculous made mundane. However some of us are still in rapt wonder at all creation around us.

Nothing against the youngsters. they'll find their way, and their unique Miracles.

Stay Tuned.

"Pod-Casting",...once more!

Just a heads up. I'll be starting up my Pod-casts soon once more. I spent the evening after hearing of *Eric's loss working on it. His passing inspired me to get back on Mic.

Basically I'm taking the pod-page out of mothballs where it's been since June or so. I think it's the right thing to do. Eric nudged me more than once to re-start the page.

*(...see posts below.)

With his inspiration I've been downloading new programs setting up new passwords all that fun stuff. Of course there's a hitch. I have to call my cable guys over. My TV went dead so I need a new box.

Also my connection goes down every 10 or 15 minutes so I may need a new router modem the works. From experience this will take a few daze...swell.

Anyway I'm ready on this end.

The link is on the lower right or just go here:

Anyway see you soon.

Mean time....

Okay you convinced me. I'll get a Cat instead.

Stay tuned.

"Our beloved Emerald City",...part of it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

"Eric Keith Williams~9/15/16"

Eric Williams was a Journalist Broadcaster Father Artist, and Heartful Friend to me for 30 years. We're born we learn we love we teach we laugh we die. All as it Should be.

                                            Stay Tuned.
"So long Eric"

Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Time Goes By"

This very well may be me in one of my brief earlier lives. I say "brief" because I don't think I lived into old age in any of the others. This may be the first time for that.

Which is why everything now is such a surprise.

Well here I am at the very start of this time around. I recall so well how so much seemed familiar. I was so sure I'd seen certain things before. This I suppose because in the early 1950's so much of 19th century even traces of 18th century New York was still apparent.

Life after life.

This can't be proven scientifically. It's all so subjective. I hope it stays that way. We need the mysterious. Things that are not quite there yet there.

Like touching an Angel's wings.

It's said that they are just this side of solid. Like running your hands through warm air. There, but not quite.

As it should be.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"I Wonder..."


A brief though hard rain blew through town late this afternoon. Winds tossed the trees back, and forth. Leaves filled the air. All that Wizard of OZ stuff on steroids.

Later that evening I went out for a walk on the Parkway. Eastern Parkway in fact. This street began as a deer trail. Then in colonial times a horse track for 200 years or so.

When they put in the subway lines in the late 19th early 20th centuries it became a four lane highway. With parkland on either side. Here is where I played as a child.

Time, and circumstance have brought me back to where I began.

So many changes. I recall all the Whites fleeing to their 'Burbs when Coloreds, and Hispanics started to come in. Now their grandchildren are here. Back from their strange exile in the land of Bar-B-Q pits, and segregated pools.

They're welcome as all are here.

Walking tonight along the Parkway I heard the symphony of languages that so marks this Emerald City. Haitian creole French Russian varieties of Spanish Romanian Mandarin various sorts of English,...I think I even heard a few bars of Standard English in the Symphony's  adagio.

I couldn't live anywhere else.

I sensed autumn. Just a very slight aroma. The fall scent was in the air after the storm. It was warm, and humid yes, but the breeze had an edge of coolness about. In the same way you sense spring in very late winter...a cold breeze yet with a faint warm edge.

The Sun, and Moon have chased each other through the seasons. We have lived another summer, and now prepare for short days cold nights, and the turning of the leaves.

A Wonder.

Stay tuned.

"Psalm of the Earth Born Angel"

"Dancing in my Dreams"

"Wonder Woman", She walks Among Us.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Union Square #1"

  1. Yesterday I was in the 14th Street Union Square area on Senior Citizen business. I shoved my social phobias overboard, and just bit the bullet, and went out.
  2. A word to the wise on that.
  3. .
  4. ..Never...I mean never do your business with these rascals on the phone online, and most certainly never ever by mail if you can avoid it. Go in person armed with all the documents files records maps body fluid samples, and 5th grade hall passes you can find.

  5. I got more done face to face with these folks in a week than all that online , and snail mail action of the previous six months.

  6. Go to whatever department is screwing you over, and sit there till they pull guns on you. Eventually someone will see you if just to get rid of you. Also have the business cards of the assorted do gooder agencies that have been helping you...lawyers cards really help here.
  7. They will appreciate all your paper work. They really really for real love paper work that's complete to the tenth decimal place...which is what I had.

  8. They will see you as a kindred spirit, and help you out.

  9. Well okay I was seriously lucky to get some heartful human beings for my case, and everything was settled in 15 minutes. ...for real! This after a 'Four, and a Half Hour' wait.

  10. The system collapsed in the middle of everything.

  11. Still I met a bunch of neat people also trying to unravel disasters not of their making. I helped a homeless comrade fill out his forms...he couldn't read much. A neat guy. I also gave him some info that could help.

  12. A Russian guy that worked there as a computer tech...he was with the bunch trying to fix the big crash. Turned out when he was a kid he fought in Afghanistan. We talked about that, and agreed that politicians, and generals were the same no matter which country you're in.

  13. Basically they eat bleep.

  14. Anyway after getting out'a there I took some late afternoon shots of the local hood.

         ( The above is from my Facebook page.)

                                                           Stay Tuned.