Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Bearing Witness"

Post coming...stay tuned. Need to barf. hour or so later.

Okay I feel better now. Just some post-famine yuckies...see Famine posts below. Anyway I woke up today thinking about a project I was planning a few years back

"Witness for Peace, and Sanity"

Basically it was, and may still be a silent witness in front of the Gandhi statue at Union Square for Sanity, and Peace. Pleading for peace everybody does...well most commies anyway. I figured what might be more important is witnessing for Sanity.

Peace would naturally follow Sanity.

At least we all hope so. Anyway I prepared stuff for this contacted the authorities as to the regulations for all this noise, and even set a tentative date.

Then nothing.

I went into one of my cyclic profound depressions with an serious anxiety chaser. My Heaven's a few years went by. That, and the world went, and got even worse. So bad that such a "Witness" really no longer made any sense.

No sense because things are far more deadly, and evil in the world, and here in our republic the police have taken to shooting people dead for just standing around. Well okay it's mostly just un-armed Black people they kill.

However lately they've expanded to everybody.

They either kill you or beat the crap out of you for the hell of it. You may have seen the YouTube video of a bad guy crashing his car during a police chase. The car did a triple flip, and threw the guy out onto the side of the road.

He looked dead. Certainly he was no threat.

Yet the heat ran to him not to help, but to beat him with insane fury. The guy was just thrown from a crashing car was laying inert yet five cop with batons beat him savagely.

No charges against the cops because the video of them tearing a wounded man to pieces...yeah a bad guy, but still.  The video was judged in-admissible.

Well that was handy.

So given this the many unjustified executions on the streets, and all the utterly insane murderous action out in the world. I said "...Fuck it...I ain't going out there they'll fucking kill me for breathing."

However I may do it anyway.

I've put it to some friends, and they also said I'd be killed. That or be beaten, and maimed. Yeah...maybe,...yeah maybe. Still I'm seriously considering it. ...again. I called some old comrades in broadcasting, and put it to them if they'd send someone to cover all this.


They also said as one put it, "...Sid are you 'trying' to commit suicide?" Wow! How times have changed. I mean a little one person show can now get you the death penalty.

So picture me with my plastic banner  made at the local copy shop. A sign a banner pleading for "World Sanity".

Me standing there in front of Gandhi's statue with his virtue, and sins all over him. My banner flapping in the  brisk fall wind calling for a World that's just a tad more Sane. That, and a few pals including a Catholic Deacon a safe distance away to take photos, and videos of the cops as they murder me.

Good grief.

On the other hand given how things are. There's a chance no one pays any attention. I do my little silence. I give out no leaflets...the litter fine is $2000. Also I need no insurance since there's only one

I do it.

I live, and we all go to China Town for dumplings then peacefully home...alive.

More on this thrilling adventure later.

Stay Tuned.

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