Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Queer Marriage"

Ya know back in the early 1970's us Gay Radicals were also 'against' Gay Marriage. We wanted to be on our own with our own culture, and traditions. Ending up as oblivious stroller pushers was not on the menu.

However the AIDS Pandemic wiped out a whole generation of us, and those left didn't want to overthrow anything. They wanted, and succeeded in joining mainstream society. The radicals were gone, and they the newer generations of gays were on their own so they joined the larger society.

Btw the culture, and tradition of pre-mainstream Gay Culture are all, but gone now. When my generation dies it will be over. Traditions that go back centuries even millennia will be forgotten...except to a few cultural anthropologists.

Yes we have an ancient complex History...every group does.

So no. Gay Marriage was never in our so-called Gay Agenda that straight folks despise so much. Indeed it was their culture that finally accepted gays when we stopped trying to overthrow the male dominated world...we've now joined it.

The younger straight generation don't think twice about the whole gay thing. All this anti-gay stuff is just a holdover from back in the day. When older straights pass away their fears will pass with them. Just as my culture will pass with me.

We're both extinct.


  1. Our art will live longer!


  2. Yes. It will live for millennia to come.