Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Dinner at Eight"

I have a story about Malnutrition...yeah for real adventures on the edge of actual starvation. I'm still recovering ya know. Which is why I'm so bleeping weak, and confused.

I kept it secret like I kept being Houseless near 10 years back. I had a bit of a problem with Social services they accidently cut off my food supplement, and wouldn't turn it back on till I got a pro-bono lawyer to force them to.

Seems it will take some months to recover. I thought just having a few good meals would do dice. Symptoms continue. Pains headaches nausea the runs vertigo confusion weakness.

Swell huh.

Since march I've been selling my belongings books mostly to eat. I let go of all my equipment from decades in the radio biz as pennies on the dollar...just fucking neat. I found that shops rip you off so I sold most of my books on the street outside of train stations.

Humiliating at first, but it was that or starve.

Turns out I was in the early stages of starvation...amazing that. 200,000+ folks suffer with this jazz in this richest of all nations. Mostly kids, and old folks. The rest don't know or care.

Well a few care.

You saw the pictures below in other posts from the Holy Apostles Church. They pointed me in the right direction for legal help. Why didn't I seek help when all this started months ago?

Because I'm fucking nuts okay?

Depression PTSD the works. I prefer to deal with shit on my own like when I told no one when I lost my house years ago. Gimme a break okay.

Anyway them lawyer gals were pissed as hell when they found out what I've been going through. Apparently this is pretty bad shit for even the Department of Old Farts so they're making a point of kicking butt.

Gee thank gals,...lunch is on me.

More later. I need to take a nap. Yeah like I sez below I need them these daze. What the heck.

Stay tuned.


  1. Sidney..! I'm horrified. I mean it's great that you finally got these kick-ass lawyer gals on your side, but that you had to go through this at all is just ghastly. My God what this country has sunk to - a degraded Dickensian polity by the rich, of the rich and for the rich. A curse on Malthus and his intellectual demon spawn.

    Peace and blessings, and may you enjoy three square yummy meals in the comfort of your properly air-conditioned domicile every day!


  2. From your mostly now eating Uncle.

    Oh Bless your medium rare heart! I mean thanks comrade.

    Sorry you looked like lunch for a second there.

    Anyway it was as we used to say , "...A Trip!"

    Amazing the shit that happens when you're just trying to go along minding ya own damned business. Still being a performer this is just more deranged horrifying material for the act. This is what all creative folks crave.


    Though in my case I've had enuff for just now. like with all my adventures I kept a journal during this ride. Unlike my posts on the subject it ain't remotely funny.

    However like all of my adventures it was a great lesson. We get these one way or another. Going to war losing dearest loved ones poverty madness...we get these. The matter is what we do with them. You can hold them inside become mean bitter or cruel or like I try to,..."Put that shit in the Act!"

    The proles will love it.

    Throw in some gags ironies some agitprop, and ya has a winner. Though personally I would have much preferred to continue with my boring almost middle class life of Chinese take out, and porn.

    However as any unpublished writer will tell you, "Life had Other Plans."

    The Bitch.