Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Aftermath of the Famine of 2016"

Woke up this morning all fuzzy, and nuts. Sort of like when I used to be abducted by them Grey space alien bastards when I was a young kid. Never did find out what the hell they wanted with me.


Today I will have Pizza. I dreamed of this common artery clogger during the recent famine I lived in. No not fruit veggies or health broth or such,...but a heaping loaded bleeping pizza with all the greasy trimmings.

Yep that's todays goal.

Um,....maybe not. Eating heavy greasy crap after long fasting or hunger will just make you sick. Trust me on this one,....just been there.

I read up on how to treat long term malnutrition. Seems it takes months. Btw as I mentioned below no one in my public life knows this happened. I came out here on this page.

I thought of putting stuff on my Facebook site, but figured that would cause of riot of thanks. I love you too, but...ya know.

Well okay I did go to the Holy Apostles Church. They knew, and knew what to do...bless they're sweet tasty hearts.

This event was much like my adventures when I was Houseless near ten years ago, times flies. This was sort of worse because everything looked normal...just no food.

I had my house my toys all that, but was going strange. So very strange. During this I read "900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad". This by Harrison Salisbury. Though I had to sell almost all my books during those too interesting six months. I kept a few...this was one.

I recommend it.

Regular everyday people caught up in a medieval style Siege. Albeit with mid-20th century weapons at play. It still came down to classic siege behavior.

Basically things break down, and you do what you must. You do things you never imagined yourself as being part of. Stuff you saw in documentaries suddenly have you in if not a staring role certainly as an extra.

I see myself now in one of those grainy black, and white film clips. I'm in the background trudging along with the other proles through the mud. I say this, and am amazed. I was there...actually there.

So I ended up in a Soup kitchen along with other stunned members of those in their golden retirement years,...surprise comrades, and here's your bread, and bowl of stew.

Which btw tasted great.

However at that point the glue that binds books or shoe leather would have tasted great. As the professors of Literature found out as the Siege of Leningrad progressed.

Unlike Leningrad there was food all around me.

I began to notice how fat everybody,...I mean everybody was. I was tempted to grab leftovers on park picnic tables. Yeah I was. However my sense of personal dignity held me back.

This other than selling my stuff is why I couldn't cross that line into begging for food or coins to get food. 'Dignity'. It's a lot gang. Hold onto yours.

I my whole life have given money, and food to the too many hungry on the streets of this Emerald City.

Now I was on the receiving end.

Well nearly was. Selling one's stuff has been somewhat de-poverty-ized what with eBay, and all. Everybody it seems trades or sells their things. So I could fool myself that this wasn't actually begging, was, but still.

Well I live in the aftermath now.

The aftermath of my "Great Famine of 2016". What do I make of these six months of hunger in the fattest country on earth. Btw since college I was a husky big guy. Well that has trimmed down somewhat.

I had run out of holes in my belt.

What I wear was flapping in the wind .I could see my nuts when I showered. "Hello boys,'s been a while!" That, and my ribs were just starting to show,...fuck!

I eat differently now,...other than my pizza fantasy I mention above. Mostly fruit, and veggies...some chicken, but ya know. So I'll likely not get sloppy, and tubby again.

When people see me they say, "...have you been on a diet?" I just say "...yeah", and leave it at that.

I'm tired....more later.

Stay Tuned.

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