Monday, September 26, 2016

"Being Black Right now"

Well like I said elsewhere. Here I speak a truth that's for now still unspeakable. I may not get invited to the "New Afrika Bar-B-Q" after this.

Blacks kill more blacks than anybody else in this the way I'm a Colored person. Have been for some time now. Anyway in Chicago 1000+ blacks have been killed this year,...yes mostly by other blacks.

Multiply that by all of the rest of the country just for this year, and it becomes a ponderous number.

We'd be looking at the body count of a small war.

Count all the violent deaths of blacks by blacks from the last ten years, it starts to approach American casualties from the first few years of WW2. You hear that...WW2.

We slaughter each other.

Our lives do not, and for near a century haven't, and don't matter to each other. There's all sorts of reasons for that. Tons of reasons most of them even true. We're sort of unique in behavior for an ethnic minority in the world...but then our treatment here was also a tad unique...even for an enslaved people.

Not only are we despised...but we profoundly despise ourselves. Hair straightener or skin lightener anybody?

The awful thing. The so-so-so sad thing about it is we all...that's all of America accepts this as just how it is. I can tell you as a Negro or Black or Hip Hop Niggah or Afro or African American or African...all of the before are the various names we've given know we're fucked since we don't even know what to call ourselves...that unique treatment again.

Right I can tell you our internal genocide is never spoken about...unless someone we know is butchered...even then the 'why' never really comes up. So it's a custom accepted by us all,...for now. Like Lynching was.

So what is to be done?

"Gandhi said there are 1000's of doors that lead out of hell, only have to pick one."

Stay Tuned.

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