Monday, August 31, 2015

"Red Skies"

I dunno I was just in the mood for some WW2 Red Air Force Luftwaffe Eastern Front mayhem. I was born just after all this went down so it's a living memory not ancient history.

As ya know I get this way sometimes. As to why Hitler went East when he had all, but won the damned War is a mystery.

Well not really the Evil murdering bastard was nuts. Fuck'n lucky for us.


Stay Tuned.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Ya know I always liked Ensign Roe from the "S.T.N.G." series. Aw gee, what a gal she was. Ensign Roe was Captains Picard's "...thorn in the side" in that she didn't take shit, and she sure didn't believe in all the Federation "Space the White Mans Burden" crap! She grew up in a "Palestinian" style refugee colony world in the butt-end of nowhere. So she definitely 'knew' what time it was.

Apparently her home world was over-run, and her people enslaved by some evil bastards from a bad part of the galactic arm. The Feds won't do shit to help them other than a bit of food, and a few blankets. The Federation, and these Galactic Bastards do business so,..tuff shit for Roe's people.

Sound  familiar?

Anyhow I wish I knew ol' Ensign Roe, we'd have seen eye to eye. She knew the galaxy was a tuff 'hood, and the Feds were just as full of shit as the rest of 'em. No wonder they got rid of her character. Ensign Roe kept pointing out how full'a crap the so-called "good" guys were.

Her very existence in the series called into question the then 30+ years of pro-Federation propaganda in science fiction fandom.

Same with Worf's wife,..what's her name. You remember her,..Worf's son's Mother. "K'Ehleyr" that's her name! She was another real smart lady. She had no patients whatsoever for all that bloody murderous, and frankly stupid Klingon "Honor" bullshit.

Drove Worf crazy!

She also gave the finger to that high, and mighty Federation static. No wonder they killed her off too!

I'd love to see a series with "Roe" as Captain of the "U.S.S. Malcolm X" with "K'Ehleyr" as Number One. Also those seriously deranged, and fun Klingon Durazz sister's. They could be their ongoing "enemies/allies."

 Now this I would sit down to watch!

This could be the "new" series set in a "Post-Collapse" Post-Federation Dark Age Universe. All that Earth/Vulcan, "Prime Directive"'s wrong to take out Nazi worlds bullshit finally comes apart like the old Soviet Empire.

It's replaced by something more interesting. A more intervention oriented "Anarchist Free Association of Worlds".

Sure they'll leave most folks alone, but on the other hand if they come across some "Slaver" world they'd just take'em them Down!


"Peoples Captain Roe" in the 'center seat' of the "U.S.S. Malcolm X" leading a  seriously armed, and gleeful fleet of "Nebula" class dreadnoughts from the Free Independent Frontier Systems. Closes on the Home World of some bunch'a Space Nazi Bleeps that thinks it "okay" to exterminate, and or enslave any species in their path.

Captain Roe contacts, and address's this dump's "High Council", and sez,  "...Surrender or Die."

Whadda gal!

Well the Space Nazis decides to take on the U.S.S. Malcolm X, and the Anarchist Fleet,...big mistake. I leaves the rest to your imaginations. Hint,..think "Wolf 359" in reverse. Pure anti-fascist Space Opera fun!

Stay Tuned.

( I wrote this 10 years ago so it's a bit faded, but still fun.)

"Well that was Quick"

It was July 4th two hours ago, and now September is in our faces. With it comes "Labor Day" the "official" end of Summer. Granted summer doesn't really end till September 21st, but ya see what I'm saying.

When you're young a year seems like ten years now it's about a half hour. You watch it'll be Christmas in two weeks.

Don't know how many more of the above I'll be seeing. Yeah it's getting on that time. Another old pal is critical, and one was lost in June. 

Aw well. 

Been a hell of a ride. 'Been looking at that "Bucket List". Well I was in a police raid of a Gay Bar as a kid. I had lunch a number of times on the ledge of the 86th floor of the Empire State Building back when I was a transmitter engineer.

I dangled my feet over the edge while eating "Arbie's" pastrami.

Went to a Nude beach with pals for a few summers. Was in a riot, and had a car explode in near me.  The fire ball went on forever! Been to any number of "Be-In" events. Ask ya hippy grandma what that is.

Had a bullet just miss my head on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn during the 1990's Crack Wars. It's true what George Washington said about that. Not the Crack wars...bullets.

"Fired musket rounds have the Deep Hum of Angry Wasps."

It did.

I had amazing sex on the outside balcony of a skyscraper in mid-town as a youth. This while a full summer moon rose over the Chrysler Building behind us.  There were the green streaks of meteors as well. A night to remember indeed.

I nearly drowned as a lad.

I remember being knocked down by a Huge Wave, and being dragged out to sea. I saw bubbles grains of sand seaweed, and that would have been the last thing I saw.

However I wasn't getting out of this "veil of tears" that easy. "Cause after the sand, and sea weed came this bleeping big hairy arm with an equally big hand attached to it.

There was one of them Army wrist watches on that arm which grabbed me, and hauled my little butt back to the beach. I think I was too freaked out to cry.

All I remember is being picked up hauled back up, and I think passed on to my Mom. There was all this noise yelling I think Mom I guess. I don't remember anything about the man that saved me.

Other than his big hairy arm, and his watch.

Mind you I've nearly bought it any number of times since. However that one stays with me. I'm here today to whine, and complain because of some neat guy with big hairy arms.

Ain't life something.

As for that "Bucket List"...the British Museum Paris Disney World, and Santa's Work Shop are on it for sure. Other stuff too, but ya know.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Story of "O"

This country would be better off certainly more Just, and sane if it were smaller. Say seven or eight states. Yeah that makes sense. New England, and a few others...maybe up to Pennsylvania.

....that sounds right.

The rest of them "Murakans"can praise jeebus burn books beat'n starve their children, and shoot each other as they do so well, and often. 

Meanwhile we'll just collect maple syrup have community feasts sing songs plays, and write bad poetry.

I like it.

Oh,...the Vermont New York, and Maine Air National Guard keep all their Phantoms, and F-16's along with that stash of nukes the feds hide in New Hampshire.

....just in case.

Stay Tuned.

"Heaven, it ain't like you think"

 (Here's an old 'old' one,...but I likes it.)

John Donne, Enrico Fermi, and George Herriman, he invented Krazy Kat, were in a bar in one of Heaven's rougher neighborhood's. Ya know, that scary part near "Hell's Gate".

The guys was shoot'n the breeze, and getting sloshed.

Jesus was behind the bar mixing drinks, and Bessie Smith was on stage singing some of her new stuff. Mozart was playing backup on base, and electric fiddle, with Bob Marley on keyboards.
Harriet Beecher Stowe was passed out in front of the cigarette machine. An unlit Chesterfield sticking out of the side of her mouth, and an empty bottle of Wild Turkey at her feet.

Sad. Heaven is really hard for some people.

Just then Queen Elizabeth the First, a very young, and attractive Eleanor Roosevelt a stoned Marilyn Monroe, and Emma Goldman wanders in.
Well ol' George invites the gals over for a few, and they has a merry old time together. Hey it's Heaven right?

As usual Donne eventually sez something stupid, and anti-Semitic, Emma leaps across the table rips off his wig, and punches him in the nose.
Enrico swings at her with a beer bottle the Queen bashes 'him' with her rod'n scepter!

'...fore ya knows it they's all rolling around on the floor beat'n the crap out'a each other.
Meanwhile dear Marilyn is passed out in the ladies crapper.

Jesus who was on the phone with his nosy Mother again didn't notice, and the folks on stage had seen it all before. What the heck they'd already been paid.

Anyway in walks Zeus, and Yahweh....


( UPDATE...)

Heaven,...if there is one. Heaven at least human Heaven is pretty much like here. I mean there's a few differences. Like you can study or lay about or work...your choice, and there's no money taxes war or fear. 

Those are the main differences. 

Um well yeah you learn all the secrets like who did the Kennedy hits what are them saucer guy aliens all about what's the real difference between Coke, and Pepsi, and if you're really interested the "Meaning of Life the Universe, and Everything". 

Surprising how few give a rat's ass about that one.

 Stay Tuned.

"Smokless Cordite"

 (The Spring Field 1851 type Musket as used before, and during the American Civil War. This before repeaters became common.)

(As it happens this is your Dear Comrade Uncle's fav Shooting Iron.)


One of the down sides of being a shut in that sleeps all the time is that you mind miss stuff. A UFO landing on the White House lawn World Peace being declared or horrors like what happened at WBDJ-TV this afternoon.

Truly we live in an Age of Terror.

I actually am hesitant to leave my home for fear I'll be shot dead by a policeman for no reason. Well there's other stuff too like snakes gang banger maniacs reptilians disguised as hot dog vendors, and of course direct hits by kitchen sinks or grand pianos falling out of the apparent blue, and innocent sky.

Death behind the microphone. 

Having spent more than half my life in that Biz I've seen my share of violent events in, and around the studios. Violent assaults sexual harassment suicide attempts. I'll draw a curtain over the specifics for the sake of the privacy of the persons involved.

Like at the ill-fated TV station acts of violence intimidation, and a general toxic atmosphere are not unusual in the work places of today. Mercifully they don't always erupt into murder. 

However,...yeah here it comes, with all the guns out there from school yards to board rooms it's no surprise that when the shit truly hits the fan some one or ones get shot dead.

Gun Control?

Nice idea, but no, the "Free Lunch",...Never gonna happen. 

Not in this country with the history, and traditions we have around various fire arms. Heck I'm a fan of "Black powder, and ball" muskets. Fascinated by them. I could engage in a detailed, and jolly conversation with any Tea Party gun nut you choose. 

That being what it is. 

That 'even' a mild-mannered Queer pacifist repressed cross-dresser Angel comic book artist doll collector would well enjoy romping through the north woods musket in hand. Given 'that'. I fear that we are just stuck with this thing.

Rational 'Regulation' is the only way out of this. Fortunately the majority of gun owners agree. Sadly the NRA, and the assorted Nazi survivalist, and the Tea Party don't.

These guys are the "Rat that Roared"

They have power far beyond their numbers. This partly because of the money that supports them in their holy work. that, and the religious fervor these folks feel about "Guns'n Jesus".

It's a long story.

That's where we are, and have been for decades politically, and centuries culturally.

If anybody has any ideas about this I'm listening.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"It's a Bust!"

Statues of the whistle blowers Snowden, Manning, and Assange were erected in Berlin last Friday. The sculptor Davide Dormino said, "...they gave their freedom so we could know the truth."

The subjects stand on chairs. There is one empty for whoever of the public wishes take their place among the three, and testify to the truth. 

Last winter in a New York City park a bust of Edward Snowden was erected. However in just a few hours, once discovered, it was hauled down. The police apparently have arrested the statue since they have refused to return it to the artist.

You can't be too careful about unofficial art trespassing on government property.

This country is so totally, and completely fucked up, and getting worse. 

"Those that trade their freedom for security will get neither."

Benjamin Franklin.

He btw unlike his other founding fathers didn't own Slaves, and in fact was a member of the Boston Anti-Slavery Society. I say put that guy back on the half dollar coin...not that it's worth anything anymore, but it's the thought that counts.

Stay Tuned.

"They're on a Roll"

The Islamic State group released propaganda images Tuesday that show militants laying explosives in and then blowing up the 2,000-year-old temple of Baalshamin in Syria's ancient caravan city of Palmyra.

The images, posted on social media by supporters of the group, showed militants carrying barrels of explosives, and laying them inside the temple. Other smaller wired cans lay around the temple walls and columns.

Then an image shows a grey plume of smoke rising above the temple from a distance, and then an image of the temple reduced to a pile of rocks. One caption read: "The complete destruction of the pagan Baalshamin temple."   BEIRUT (AP)


Well "pop goes the damned weasel",...again. Comrades I hardly know what to say anymore that I haven't already blabbed to you or you haven't said or thought ya self.

This is vile shit.

Vile shit, and all these guys need to die in the worse way. I mean that literally. The 'worse' possible way. I'm thinking barrels of assorted corrosive acids pliers blow torches dental tools piano wire assorted carving instruments...well you gets the idea.

Never piss off a pacifist. 

Of course I mean all that in a nice way.

Actually I look forward to watching their trials at the Hague on C-Span. Not that there would be any remorse. I'm sure they'd just be in the glass booth with their eyes bugging out spouting all that Islamo "kill da Infidel" stuff. 

They'd be looking forward to being hanged too.

For one they'd get to rape them seventy two 12 year old virgins in heaven, and be examples for the next generation of wacko's. It's win-win for them.

So yeah torture them slowly...oh so very slowly over the period of years. This all done at various well funded Black Sites. 

These demented fucks said they wanted to "change" America when they hit the Twin Towers.

Well,...they have.

Stay Tuned. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Peace in Our Lifetime"

As I always said if we're going to have that Revolution we been dreaming of. Like that Free Tuition with a side of Free Lunch we been talking about. If this action is ever going down we have to change the format of the Peoples Struggle.

That business of fiery barricades crimson banners, and zillions of plutocrats chained together at the bottom of the Atlantic Trench,...which we all agreed would be a good start.

All that fun stuff needs to be shredded or at least sent back to committee.

See this time we'll scam them with blissful kindness forgiveness, and unconditional love. Okay okay I know. Yeah yeah,...we don't even do that for each other. 

'But hear me out comrades.

This goody goody "Kindness" crap might work. Hallmark is a trillion buck industry for a reason ya know. The stupid self-destructive proles, 'and' their owners are suckers for all that wet sweet stuff.

Money talks.

Like I sez the "Cute Market" is a winner every time because the rubes can't get enough of it. Now what I see is the Rebolushun finally getting smart, and beating the Capitalists at their own games like our comrades the Chinese did.

So when the beer drinking voting against their own interests dummies hear phrases like "Dialectical necessity" they'll get all soft squishy, and stumble into our tent. Hoards of them like six year old kids or 30 year old Queers going to a "Hello Kitty" convention.


Nice kitty,...that's the Spirit!

You can draw more stupid rubes with the promise of cotton candy than you can with coded appeals to their wish to attend late night lynchings. We'll start with "Heroes of the Revolution" plush toys.

An Emma Goldman doll that smiles, and when you hug it tells you who gave you Work Place Safety Laws, and 'who' took them away.  A Eugene V. Debs doll that reminds these morons where their Eight Hour Work Day and Paid Vacation that they 'no longer' have originally came from.

A sweet Eleanor Roosevelt plushie that reminds the NASCAR gun toting hillbillies where their Electricity, and Flush Toilets came from. wasn't the Republicans.

Ya see where I'm going with this.

Of course mind control TV programs assorted stealth pop figures singing sweet'n cute coded songs about who's really fucking the economy over. Another ain't the Poor.

Well that's all for now.

More as the Peoples Cabal for the Free Lunch works a bit more on this plan for Peace, and Happiness in our Lifetime.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 24, 2015


"Broadcasting from Home"

I just loves that old "Clash" hit. "Hitsville UK". "Mic, and Boom in Your Living Room" in deed. My dear old pal from my radio daze Simon Loekle has set up a studio in his study.

Looks swell!

With the new low cost tech most "on air" folks are working from home. You can edit, and produce anything that once needed a serious recording or radio studio at home now.

I noticed this a few years back when as a radio engineer fewer, and fewer on my shift actually came all the way to the radio studio. They recorded at home, and emailed it in.

It was an end of a B'cast era on the one hand, but easier for us behind the board. We didn't have to deal with those incompetent self centered jerks in person anymore.

Of course I mean that in a nice way. 

Yes comrades my Pod-casting daze are sort of at hand. Yeah yeah I've put it off all summer...sue me. It was too damned hot, and this jazz takes time. First I had to decide I really wanted to do it. Then buy a site, and domain name.

*Which I did...

Also as you can see I finally got off my tired aged butt, and went downtown, and got a nice little Pod-casting rig. It was both cheap, and cute. "Cheap" being the more serious consideration.

I think I said we go on Septemberish. 

Being officially an "Old Guy" now I have stuff to do in that month. Like getting my Social Security pittance, and half fare transit card, and Senior theater, and movie card.

In the middle of all that I'll be going online to Pod-cast about all the crap they make you go through to get the stuff you already paid for by working ya ass off for 40 years!

Aw gee ain't she a beauty?!  I can't wait to go on, and play the "Fuck You" song by an obscure 1970's punk group who are all 50 year old insurance salesmen now.

Anyway I was just tickled by Simon's performing at home live!

You can hear him at 6/9:am NYC time at

That or go to what's left of that, and look up Simon's show in the archives "As I Please". It's neat if dig English Lit, and Jazz!

*(...after seeing how simple it was to get a domain, and site page. All it takes is money. I intend likely towards winter to set up another Queer page.)

(This after my last one was nuked by them bleep-holes at Tumblr. Maybe I'll hold a contest among the five folks that read this blog for the new title.)

Stay tuned.


 WESTON-SUPER-MARE, England — Rain pelted down for much of Sunday afternoon on this drooping beachside resort town where “Dismaland,” the gloomy anti-Disneyland created by the artist Banksy, opened this weekend.

Shortly after the website for “Dismaland” went up on Thursday, the ticketing function abruptly crashed, prompting online speculation that the ticketing issues were part of Banksy’s doom-and-gloom concept.

The exhibition was out of the ordinary for Banksy, who is mostly known for graffiti works that pop up in unexpected urban locales.

The exhibition includes new and old artwork by Banksy, including a pool with mobile boats full of figurine immigrants in what apparently is the English Channel, and a mural-style work in the his signature silhouette style, which shows a fat cat in a suit gorging himself while a gaunt woman with children stands across from him. One installation on the site — billed as only for children — features a trampoline and a stand offering small loans with interest rates of several thousand percent. (NYT)


At last! An amusement park for the likes of me, and other realists or if you will chronic anxiety ridden depressives. A place to enjoy the world as it actually is rather than the horse bleep we usually get.

Traditional family amusement parks have nothing to do with the grimy rusted over priced broken crap of the real world.

When you come home from "Dismaland" you'll feel refreshed, and vindicated. As opposed to that let down grim feeling you get from all them false bright happy places with their sugar coated lies.

Comrades there should be a "Dismaland" in every city in this betrayed wretched busted Republic!

"Wonder World!"