Thursday, August 20, 2015

"And So Passes an Era"

"Dragonfly" my Queer blog which has lived since 2006 under one title or another has been finally found, and obliterated by Tumblr. I hid it several years now for friends only. Beyond the reach of search engines. 

Though recently someone found me by accident, and apparently told others because I was getting hits from a large number I didn't know.  

So I knew it was just a matter of time till Tumblr would strike.

...three days.

They are ever vigilant.

Yes I am saddened. It 'is' like standing amongst the charred ruins of a library burned to the ground by a crazed ignorant mob. Such are our times.

"Dragonfly" had been the title of all my Queer works since 1975. Sort of a "Leaves of Grass" thing'

First as hand made inked mimeo folded pamphlets to offset 'Zines, and then Small Books. After that radio programs, and finally with the new century online as variously titled blogs.

I have few personal examples of 35 years of work. These have been rough seas, and much has gone over-board. Fortunately some of the early to middle period materials survive overseas with a trusted friend, and a few usb sticks with other comrades. 

So historians of the post-Stonewall Era if interested esp. in "Dinoysian"  matters may be able to piece a few things together. Actually some think I'm already dead. Hence the high price of my older Small Books.

'Fooled them huh? 

I do not know if I'll start another version of "Dragonfly" I could. Just buy a domain name, and site as I did for my eventual Pod-casts. However I'm tired...very tired, and have done my bit.

A pal called today ,and said I should get busy with another title right away. 

Gee I dunno. So few read it, and at this point it was just for my own fun. Also my Queer pals in the arts are all gone now. Nobody to play with.

Perhaps time to retire.

        This was the very 'last' image posted on the former "Dragonfly"                                              Terrifying no?

Stay Tuned.


  1. Tumblr eats donkey dicks. They rapturously suck the ass of long-dead mastodons.

    If I were in NYC I'd come & play, but there's this continent in the way. I might email a pic you probably haven't seen, so do check your inbox.

    I think we should go back to zines & such. Digitech is just a passing fad, you know.

    Lovely painting, BTW.


  2. Thanks dear comrade. Point taken yeah digital however immediate, and fast is doomed. Back to printing small editions which btw i just did on my printer. Some pages of my middle work, and such.

    In an edition of five.

    Done on rag paper in black, and white. I read that color inks are going to fade in a few decades like color film from the 1970's is now doing turning a faded pink. Not good.

    I may buy a domain, and site so "Dragonfly" can live without danger of attack for the fun of it, but no rush. maybe this winter...I do my best work in the colder months always did. In summer I just sleep. Even more so now being an official old guy.

    Will check my box.

    Btw send all mail to

    That's the address I always look at. the others only every few months.

    Yeah it is a beautiful work. Just the sort of thing to drive the mob to burn, and smash. So we must protect it, and it's's a sacred duty.


  3. Again, I agree with you completely Z. Fuck the bastards. Anyway, we are approaching the end of what we call this "civilization". Like all others before it, it has commit suicide. Read "Mind at the End of its Tether" by H. G. Wells. Even Orwell in his last interview with the BBC said "they will eliminate the orgasm" among other nice things the collective assholes do who quaintly claim to have only our best interests at heart. Yeah... sure!
    By the way Uncle, there are digital printers made by Epson that use archival pigments which should last for at least a few centuries if printed on archival paper.

  4. "...there are digital printers made by Epson that use archival pigments which should last for at least a few centuries if printed on archival paper."

    Thank you my friend. I will look into this for future editions of my work.